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B.C. earns $3.2 million selling Olympic leftovers

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B.C. earns $3.2 million selling Olympic leftovers

By: The Canadian Press

Date: Friday May. 7, 2010 2:57 PM PT

The B.C. government has earned more than $3.2 million by selling leftovers from the 2010 Olympics ranging from computers to fake snow.

The goods include almost 3,000 desktop computers and laptops, more than 2,700 televisions and over 18,000 pieces of furniture from couches and chairs to coffee tables, desks and folding plastic tables.

People have also bought 200 coffee makers, 600 lamps, 700 mirrors and 3,000 items of clothing.

Some of the more unusual items include artificial snow, fence wrappings and prop snowboards used at the Games' closing ceremonies.

The government has been offering the items at a warehouse in Delta, but it's now selling the goods at other warehouses in Surrey, Victoria and Prince George, with new items being added every day, including Olympic Games torches.

Items are also available for sale online through the BC Auction website.

Article: CTV BC: B.C. earns $3.2 million selling Olympic leftovers

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