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BC Place Stadium - The roof WILL finally collapse

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For a small fraction of Vancouver's cost, the Singaporeans sure put on an amazing show that trumps ours in some ways...the arrival of the flame and lighting of the cauldron was especially amazing. Vancouver's show was just far too theatrical, and lacked that epicness that everyone could appreciate. Not everyone is a fan nor can they understand the artsy interpretation that Vancouver had, which I think is why Vancouver's Opening was something you either liked or didn't like.

Speak for yourself, I thought Vancouver's OC was definitely epic. Except for the slam poet, Vancouver's OC showcased the vast natural environment of Canada beautifully with awesome projection work. There wasn't anything that was hard to get because it was simple, modern, and inspiring. I watched it with a lot of locals here in Taiwan and they were all 'wowed'. Even the national anthem, many were surprised that a national anthem could be arranged into a beautiful and contemporary contrasting to a lot of Asian national anthems that were derived from militaristic themes.

Don't be too hard on Vancouver, the OC was a great spectacle!

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From CTV BC:

New BC Place roof can't close in rain

By: Darcy Wintonyk, ctvbc.ca

Date: Monday Nov. 1, 2010 4:51 PM PT

The new, $500-million retractable roof at BC Place stadium won't be able to close when it's raining or there are high winds.

Officials say the retractable roof, which seemed an ideal fit for the West Coast's rainy and quick-changing weather, shouldn't be closed while it's raining because of possible issues with water pooling.

As the roof closes, the fabric creates folds that will become gathered in the centre of the stadium. Officials say the weight the water would create in the folds could potentially create a tear in the roof.

"You can't have those folds collect water, especially with the size of the roof," BC Place Stadium General Manager Howard Crosley told reporters at a press conference Monday.

Crosley said the problem won't affect fans, whose seats will be permanently protected by the outside portion of the stadium at all times... (continued)

Full article: CTV BC: New BC Place roof can't close in rain

Sounds like we're getting the west coast version of Montreal's Big Owe.

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From a non native speaking english GB member, this article and its title are pretty clear...

The roof can be totally opened or totally closed, but not live during a sport event if it is raining !

So, they said, if there is a risk of rain for one event when the roof should be opened, thay have the opporunity to clode it before the event !

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