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Contest Extended!

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Attention! Attention! The Gamesbids.com 2020 Summer Olympics competition has now been officially extended by 1 week.

To be fair, I've pretty much done mere charts and maps for my bid. :P

As such the final submission date will be Sunday May 9th, at approximately midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Any late submissions may or not be considered as valid entries to to the fact that they were not submitted on time.

I will try (if I can be bothered) to message all competitors.

If anyone wishes to help in the IOC report please feel free to contact me.

There will be one week before the IOC report is released.

As to where you can submit, I will only accept pdf files (within reasonable size) onto my email address lorddavid04@hotmail.com

Should you wish to present it online, feel free to upload to your website or file sharing site or deviantart if you wish. On second though, yes, put an online copy of your own, saves me from having to upload them myself.

Well, that's all for now, for those of you that are like me and have done absolute crap for the last 3 weeks, then get cracking! :D

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@ LORD and to all my friends here on GB

I have to appologize myself for the fact that I am now informing you too late, about my withdrawal.

I have a good reason for it.

Now I have applied for my accreditation at the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Olso/Norway this year

And my accreditation is accepted by the TRT. I've got my approval today (as it was the deadline date for approvals)

So I am prepering for Oslo now and will go in these two weeks by train from Brussels to Köln.

From Köln to Hamburg (to visit a friend)

And from Hamburg/Germany to Frederikshaven to take the boat to Oslo

In the meantime I have worked fery hard to promote our Turkish Entry this year via internet.

Whole my Bidbook Project for GB 2020 overlapped this other work of mine.

I can give you a few links for those who want to follow my blog news in Turkish and hopefully in English too.

For those who cannot understand the Turkish texts that I will write, can have a look at the photos and videos I will make there.

Wish me a lot of good luck.. I wish you guys a lot of good luck too with this comp. As you know I am open for every sort of competion here on Gamesbids. I hope that I can take part for 2024 or 2028 .. because the half of my bidbook is actually finished.

Best regards

and thank you with the bottom of my heart.

* http://www.eurovisiondream.com ==> My eurovisionclubs' official site

* http://www.eurovisionfamily.tv/user/fatix/blog/main ==> MY personal blog at ESC.TV

* http://wowturkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=97260 ==> My view on rehearsals at a turkish forum

* http://www.youtube.com/user/EurovisionDream ==> our official fan-youtube page

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I'll see if I still have the time to make a bid for Phoenix 2020. I have a venue plan in place, but it's the other parts of the bid that could be time consuming. I'm hella busy this weekend, but perhaps next week and weekend might open up to some bidding shenanigans.

And if I can't get a bid done, I'm blame it on the fact that hundreds of athletes from Latin America were arrested trying to get to their events at the Phoenix Olympics. :P

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With Atlanta's Bid Book completed and the extended deadline, we here at teh Bid Committee are very excited to announce that the world superstar Beyonce is joining our team and supporting our bid for 2020. At a special event today, she was unveiled as our latest backer.


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You have less than 24 hours to submit your bid book to lorddavid04@hotmail.com. Please, host it yourself afterwords, I will not be doing such things, with the exception of my own, which on Deviantart should show the date of submission. Thank you.

All righty then, I think I'll need some of Sunday to finish this completely, and yes completely, so I have decided to extend this by an additional day, so end of Sunday this will end! Oh I've only received one of the bid books so far! :D

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Huh? Sure, as long as you submit it! I only got 1 book so far, and I'm still finishing mine! make sure it's pdf! You can host your bid book later.

I'm not sure If I'll continue, I just got half of the book cause I have been very busy, so I'll probably decline from contest.

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