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Roma '09 Opening Ceremony Video - Very Classy!

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Oy! Another flying boat. So let's see...we've seen that in Doha '06, Melbourne '06 (OK, so, it's a tram), Roma '09 and now Vancouver '10. I think it's time to retire that "flying boat" idea now.

But overall, very nice. Or at least the way the clip was edited. (OTO: this was done in a venue OTHER than the main one, and you did NOT object???? :blink: )

OK, found a few clips. I mean one can thread them all together in the proper order if one is patient enough. (There are 20 segments in all.) Overall, quite ambitious and a few good ideas. The setting (Foro Italico) is quite unique. However the TV coverage does not keep to one POV so it would be easy to follow the show visually. The camera angles are all over the place...so you, as the viewer, has no point of reference of what is coming in where...how does it relate to what's happening on the main stage, the main narrative, what went before...what's going on next, etc.

I think it's really hard to televise these "surround-theater" events where the developments in the narrative are happening all around you vs. the traditional arena configuration where you just focus on the infield.

Here's clip #8 for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsQX_1-evO4&annotation_id=annotation_133326&feature=iv

Of course, most of the proceedings are in Italian. The floating ballerinas...soooooo Melbourne '06. Aside from the statues, lots of writhing, nearly naked, beautiful bodies but notice no hairy bodies (not even on the women :lol: ), no fatties, no chubbies and NO tattoos. Is this possible?

Can't wait for the Opening Ceremony of Baku '23 - the Dwarf-Throwing Federation World Championships. :lol::lol:

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