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2015 FINA World Aquatics Championships

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Michael Phelps has rejoined the U.S. drug testing program, the strongest signal yet that he's planning a comeback for the Rio Olympics.

Phelps told The Associated Press on Thursday that "nothing is set in stone" though clearly he has enjoyed getting back into shape he's down about 15 pounds and working out with his former team at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

"If I decide to keep going and swim again, then I'll compete," Phelps told the AP in an exclusive telephone interview from Minneapolis, where he is attending an Arena Grand Prix meet this weekend.

"If I don't," he added, letting out a big laugh, "I guess I'll re-retire. Just don't compare me to Brett Favre."

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said Phelps was among the athletes who underwent doping tests in the third quarter, the period ending Sept. 30. He was tested twice.

His former coach and close friend, Bob Bowman, said Phelps actually re-entered the program near the end of the second quarter, but he wasn't tested and therefore wasn't listed that time in USADA's quarterly report. He would be eligible to compete again in March, according to Bowman.

Each week, Phelps said, he's working out a couple of days in the pool, a couple of days in the weight room, and one or two days on his core training.

"I just think he's in a place where he's feeling good about swimming," Bowman said. "If he chooses to compete, he's got some time. I like having the ability to do it. To be perfectly honest, he's not anywhere near being able to compete in a meet or anything like that. We're just getting started on improving his fitness. We'll see where that goes."

By subjecting himself to drug testing, Phelps has given himself plenty of time to go through an entire season before the next major meet, the 2015 world championships in Russia, an important steppingstone to the Rio Games the following summer.

FINA, the world governing body for swimming, requires an athlete to be tested for at least nine months before taking part in sanctioned events.




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Russia: swimming body at risk after doping cases

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia is at risk of being suspended from international swimming competition following a series of positive doping tests, the country's sports minister said Monday.

Last month, world record-holder Yuliya Efimova was banned for 16 months after testing positive for a banned steroid. Two other Russians are serving suspensions after failing drug tests and at least five were banned last year, mostly for domestic violations.

The cases come as Russia prepares to host next year's world swimming championships in Kazan.

"The number of breaches of anti-doping rules in the international arena is on the brink," Mutko told Russian media. "One or two more breaches and the federation could be suspended altogether."

Mutko said the Russian Swimming Federation is one of "several" Russian sports bodies at risk of suspension over doping scandals. He did not name any others.

According to the statutes of swimming's world governing body FINA, a member federation receives a two-year ban if four of its competitors in the same discipline commit doping offenses within 12 months, with certain exemptions.

FINA executive director Cornel Marculescu told The Associated Press that Russia is not currently in that category.

"I will not further comment on this possibility," he said.

Marculescu said that he and FINA remained "fully confident" in Russia's ability to host the world championships.

"The facilities are amazing and FINA is receiving a great support from the authorities of the Russian Federation and of the Republic of Tatarstan," he said, referring to the Russian region where Kazan is located.

"The personal commitment of Mr. Mutko, Russian Minister of Sport, and of Mr. (Rustam) Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan, are strong guarantees that FINA's major event will be a success."

The world championships will be held at venues from last year's World University Games, including the Kazan Arena, which will also serve as one of the stadiums for the 2018 World Cup.

Efimova will be eligible to complete in Kazan because her ban for testing positive for the steroid DHEA expires next Feb. 28.

Two Russian swimmers are currently awaiting verdicts in their own doping cases in international competition.

Sergei Makov tested positive for the banned muscle-building substance ostarine at a World Cup event in Moscow in October. Vitalii Melnikov tested positive for the blood-boosting hormone EPO at last year's European short course championships in December.



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Phelps out of 2015 Worlds

USA Swimming Announces Discipline for Michael Phelps

USA Swimming announced today that, due to a violation of the organization’s Code of Conduct, Michael Phelps (Baltimore, Md.) will be suspended from USA Swimming-sanctioned competition for six months, withdraw from the 2015 FINA World Championships Team and forfeit his funding from the NGB for six months.

Phelps’ discipline is set forth under Section 304.3.19 of the 2014 Rule Book, which states “Any other material and intentional act, conduct or omission not provided for above, which is detrimental to the image or reputation of USA Swimming, a LSC or the sport of swimming.”

As a result, USA Swimming has taken the following actions:

  • Six-Month Suspension from Competition. Phelps will be permitted to train with his member club, but shall be ineligible to participate in USA Swimming-sanctioned competitions through April 6, 2015.
  • Withdrawal from the 2015 World Championship Team. Phelps and USA Swimming each agree that Phelps will not represent the United States at the 2015 FINA World Swimming Championships in Kazan, Russia, from August 2-9.
  • Forfeiture of USA Swimming's Monthly Stipend. The monthly payments from USA Swimming will be halted during the six-month suspension period.

“Membership in USA Swimming, and particularly at the National Team level, includes a clear obligation to adhere to our Code of Conduct. Should an infraction occur, it is our responsibility to take appropriate action based on the individual case. Michael’s conduct was serious and required significant consequences,” USA Swimming Executive Director Chuck Wielgus said. “Michael has publicly acknowledged the impact of his decisions, his accountability especially due to his stature in the sport and the steps necessary for self-improvement. We endorse and are here to fully support his personal development actions.”

The measures were approved by the USA Swimming Executive Committee and take effect immediately.


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FINA Officially adds mixed relays


Starting off the 2015 year FINA has just completed the schedule for the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, Russia with the addition of mixed relays, a factor that was left out of the equation in early August when the first schedule was released.

The two relays that have been added are the mixed 4x100m medley relay and the mixed 4x100m freestyle relay. The medley relay falls on the fourth day of competition with the freestyle relay being contested on the seventh.

Both events will be the final events of the day in the finals session, giving the athletes a continued opportunity to focus on their individual events.

The events do not come without controversy as it was clear at the short course world championships in Doha, Qatar that some of the big players were skipping out on the mixed relays giving a taste of how different countries are approaching these events.

In Doha the American team and the Brazilian teams proved to be using their stars. American swimming has always put a lot of pride into their relays so there is no surprise there, however there were distinct absences from some of the world’s best swimmers. It seemed as though many athletes from South Africa and Japan chose against competing on the relays, lowering the overall competitive atmosphere of the field.

With the way the scheduling was done however, that might change as it could give room for some of the bigger names to compete on the relays.

Day 4 – Wed. August 5th

  • M 100 Freestyle
  • W 50m Backstroke
  • M 200m Fly
  • W 200m Freestyle
  • M 50m Breaststroke
  • W 200m Fly
  • M 200m IM
  • M 800m Free
  • Mixed 4x100m Medley Relay

With the way the scheduling goes there could be a few swimmers who opt out of the relays to focus on other events. The women’s 100m freestyle semifinal is the next day along with the men’s 100m freestyle final and the 4x200m freestyle relay. There’s no doubt that some athletes could decide not to swim the mixed relay in order to focus on a very heavy day five.

The men’s 100m freestyle will be packed with potential relay swimmers. Guys like Nathan Adrian, Ryan Lochte, Cesar Cielo, Cameron McEvoy, and James Magnussen all have the potential to be on their country’s relay. Those athletes will be prime candidates for the relay.

Lochte will also be swimming the 200m IM final on the same day, giving him the potential for three events on day four. He’ll have the , 4x200m freestyle relay, and possibly the 100 free final if he makes it on day five.

As for the women’s 200m freestyle there will be some sprinters involved that could be on the relay. Sarah Sjostrom will most likely swim the 200m freestyle and also boasts a very quick 100. Missy Franklin is in the same category, although she or Bootsma could swim the backstroke. Bootsma has the 50m backstroke.

Both Laszlo Cseh and Chad Le Clos will likely have the 200m IM 200m fly combo and the potential to compete on their country’s relays.

Day 7 – Sat. August 8th

  • W 50m Fly
  • M 50m Free
  • W 200m Back
  • W 50m Br
  • M 100m Fly
  • W 50m Free
  • M 50m Back
  • W 800m Free
  • Mixed 4x100m Free Relay

With plenty of sprint events falling on the Saturday, there’s potential for swimmers to swim multiple events including the relay. Fly-free swimmers like Sjostrom and Ottesen could be favorites to contend in the 50m fly, 50m free, and the mixed relay.

Matt Grevers could also add the relay to his schedule. He’ll swim the 50m backstroke on the same day and already has prior experience as a member of a mixed relay. He won’t be the only American who isn’t 100% fresh as Anthony Ervin and Nathan Adrian both swim the 50m freestyle and could potentially grab a spot on the relay.

Hardy has the 50m breaststroke and could swim the breaststroke portion of the medley relay. Add in Tom Shields swimming the 100m fly and there are quite a few swimmers who already have events on day seven.

A ton of athletes could be seen in these relays considering most of them would be sprinters, and on the morning of day eight the only individual events are 400s. They’ll have approximately 24 hours rest unless they swim on the prelims of the non-mixed medley relay if they do choose to swim the mixed event.

With the mixed relays being added to the World Championship line-up for the first time, only time will tell how many big guns will choose to swim these relays and just how competitive they will be.

For a look at the full schedule click here.


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Did Igor Krutoy directed the opening? because it looked similar to the style he uses on his ceremonies although the stage size was smaller (very long countdown sequence, almost all the segments have a guy/lady singing a composition at the end of it composed by him, lots of props....) He also did the opening of the 2013 Universiade.

Russians always put a good show. I have no doubt the opening of the 2018 WC will be very good (even if they don't have much freedom due to the fact they must have the soccer field in good conditions)

PS: If Almaty had become the host of the 2022 games, I'm pretty sure they would had picked Krutoy to make their ceremonies just like in the Winter Asiad in 2011.

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Reading through this thread, there is a lot of talk about USA hosting a worlds.

When Melbourne hosted in 2007, they used the Rod Laver arena (Aus open tennis venue) to host the swimming in a temp pool. It has a retractable roof.

The Arthur Ashe stadium (US open tennis venue) is getting a retractable roof. Could it host in a similar way.

Obviously there needs to be venue foe the water polo and diving. While I am not sure where the warm up pool was in Melbourne. They do currently have more than one court with a roof unlike NYC.

Is there anywhere else they could do adapt venues temporarily and give value for money?

Dates would also be an issue. Arthur Ashe is needed for tennis in a few weeks

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On 5/8/2015 at 6:43 PM, LatinXTC said:

Wait, these events have Olympic-like opening ceremonies??? Or is this just another example of Russia stupidly wasting money they really don't have?

Let's see if the Hungarians did the same thing... Which reminds me, is there another thread for the official competition by next week?

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On ‎8‎/‎5‎/‎2015 at 3:06 PM, rogerdown said:

Is there anywhere else they could do adapt venues temporarily and give value for money?

There many cities in the USA that could host. For example Seattle Center could use temporary pools at Key Arena and Memorial Stadium. And the city could renovate the old Aqua Theatre on Green Lake for diving and high diving. (see here) Seattle also has an aquatics center from the 1990 Goodwill Games to use as a training base. I am sure that Minneapolis, San Francisco, etc have similar venues.

But this still requires finding $100m in public funding just for the event itself, and it is illegal for the national government to provide any of the money.

Also, does anyone in the rest of the world really want the USA to host? My home state is trying to sue Trump's administration to halt its anti-Muslim policies, but no one in the rest of the world cares about that. And for an American city to host there will have to be heavy commercialization to provide the money to fund the event; Seattle would only be able to host if Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon paid for it.

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11 hours ago, Roger87 said:

Let's see if the Hungarians did the same thing... Which reminds me, is there another thread for the official competition by next week?

Apparently they are indeed going to do a huge show on a temporary stage at the Danube River. Not sure if its going to have a lower tone than Kazan though.



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