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2017 World Games

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So i see this event got forgotten here ;p as you may (not) know it already started

I wanted to post my review of opening ceremony and overall atmosphere as it not only happens in my country but also my city. In short, opening ceremony was huge disappointment for me, and it was not just because budget which is understable, but thematically. As pole i expect a just a bit of Polish history and traditions. insted whole event was turn in to promotion of city and only historical things was showcase of old films taken in city from varius events which because Wrocław was in most time of it's existance not polish it only includes 20th century, other then that there was city promotional songs how there is "no war" and how Wrocław is city of "various people without hate", typical left propaganda which i eye rolled. To make things more funny about it, aside of fact that all flags was rised at same time (which in world games, is flag of world games, olympic flag and host country flag) which was very odd. it included 4th flag which was flag of city, which i never seen something like that even in local events.

Decoration was very sporadic and i can count in fingers in single had, it was 1. 3x scenes center, main stage and orchestra stage 2. 2x posters with some World games graphics which was rolled out in beginning of event and sit there to end of event 3. ton of people (volontiers) in dwarfs hats which is icon of our city. Thats it! nothing more. 

Now lack of decorations hint major disappointment of this event, i can live without any tradition and history stuff, but there was practically 0 theatrical typical for this kind of event and something you expect, insted whole event concetrated on music (and in city this event was adrvitised as music event which very odd for me too, so i guess i should expect that)..... and this not main disappointment about it, but most music there was not original and by that i mean it was not music of people that sing there and most of them was not even Polish, to makes things more more funny, the event started with "musical oleastra" which insted to play something Polish, they play mix of modern international music... including hiphop.

Polsat Sport commentator in one moment described this event perfectly, this looksed morel like closing ceremony then opening ceremony, and imo even if you consider it closing ceremony it still was lacklaster. I seen a lot better opening ceremonies in Poland then this which suppose to have more Olympic feeling (and only there was Bach, olympic flag and atletes parade which Polsat went all NBC and cut it with astronomicaly long advertisements, i seen more adverts then parade), insted it it was not much different from typical Polish new year concert, minus disco polo music (thank god). I was considering buying tickets for this as i'm Olympics fan and this was life time chance to see this kind of event live.... now i'm really happy i didn't wasted money for this, something i can see for free multiple times a year, i would rether see Euro 2012 opening ceremony live.

As for atmosphere, you need go to city center to see any signs of event, other events even less spectacular had a lot more city coverage. Only thing which i actully feel happy about it fact you can see athletes and treners normally walking around you even in neiberhood around home buildings, i was presently suppriced about that.

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@Shadowriver I was at the Opening Ceremony as well as  I am one of the Games volunteers. It's kind a music concert to me and I didn't remember if they had cultural performance like normally the Opening Ceremony in Olympics.

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On 7/27/2017 at 10:04 PM, budse said:

@Shadowriver I was at the Opening Ceremony as well as  I am one of the Games volunteers. It's kind a music concert to me and I didn't remember if they had cultural performance like normally the Opening Ceremony in Olympics.

Oh, i do heard there was some international volunteers. You got some dedication to come volunteer from Singapore to lesser multisport event like this, i hope you enjoying stay in our city :)

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