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Luge crash report at Vancouver Olympics due next week

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Luge crash report at Vancouver Olympics due next week

By: The Associated Press

Date: Monday Apr. 12, 2010 11:10 AM PT

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The IOC says an official report into the accident that killed luger Nodar Kumaritashvili at the Vancouver Olympics will be published next Monday.

International Luge Federation leaders delivered their findings to Olympic officials on Monday.

The International Olympic Committee said the investigation "covers the immediate circumstances of the accident and the response by the concerned authorities."

The IOC said the report will be shown to Kumaritashvili's family before being made public.

Report writer Svein Romstad has said no single reason explains how and why Kumaritashvili crashed at Whistler on Feb. 12.

The 21-year-old Georgian was flung from the track and struck an exposed steel pole after losing control.

Article: CTV BC: Luge crash report at Vancouver Olympics due next week

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the official report:


The FIL, based on its investigation, believes the accident of Nodar Kumaritashvili to have

been the result of him leaving the track due to the reaction of the sled as it hit the wall at

the exit of curve 16 causing a “catapult” effect. This bowing of the sled has not been seen

before and was therefore not predictable by technical and safety experts. No athlete would

have control in dealing with this type of “catapult” effect. The existing safety wall, which

had already been lengthened and raised in the area of the accident, was deemed to have

been correctly calculated and constructed to handle a crash in this area and to prevent the

departure from the track by an athlete (under normal crash situations). Additionally, the

construction in this area was designed to allow for the necessary egress out of the track (by

an athlete after a crash) and the necessary access to the track by rescue personnel following

a crash in this area. With the unknown and unpredictable dynamics of this crash, the

calculation and construction of the walls in that section of the track did not serve to prevent

the tragedy that happened.

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