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Jon Montgomery in Kelowna

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A couple of hours ago I went to meet Jon at the local Brick store where he was signing autographs:



Me and Jon and his gold medal:



He had 8x11 pics of his own he was signing, but I also got him to sign my Official 2010 Program;


When I left the store, I spotted a lady heading in with a torch to get signed. B)

This evening Jon's going to be doing an auction for charity at an event being held at the Grand Hotel downtown. I was hoping to get him to sign a beer pitcher, but I went to a bunch of the local stores and couldn't find one. Cool guy, one of our new national hereos. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

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pretty cool....but a Brick store?

I thought that was wierd too, but it's possible Brick sponsored him. (like McDonald's was sponsoring Cindy Klassen, so she had to do the ads for them, same with Clara Hughes for Cold FX)

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