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Great Britain Team for 2012 Olympics


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GB set to pick record team for London 2012 Olympics

Great Britain is set to be represented by at least 500 athletes at the London 2012 Olympics, an increase on the 311 sent to the Beijing games in 2008.

The expansion, which is subject to funding, was agreed at a meeting of the National Olympic Committee which also sets the qualifying criteria.

"We will not be taking any passengers," warned British Olympic Association chairman Colin Moynihan.

"Exacting standards will ensure Team GB are truly the Best of British."

The increased number of athletes representing Britain is dependent on the BOA finding money to support them.

BOA chief executive Andy Hunt revealed in October that the organisation had only half the £8m needed to fund a team of 550 athletes.

As host nation Great Britain has the option of taking up automatic places in the majority of sports, although athletics, swimming and tennis are among the events in which all participants must qualify by right.

The BOA will set the selection criteria for Team GB after the International Olympic Committee and the individual sports' international federations release international qualification standards in the summer.


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BOA to use Loughborough University as base ahead of London Olympics

The British Olympic Association has revealed that Loughborough University will act as Team GB's headquarters, while a series of satellite camps across the UK and overseas will help facilitate preparation for the 26 Olympic sports prior to the home Games.

The individual sports' governing bodies are in the process of finalising plans for their own preparations and it is anticipated that a number will use Loughborough, while it is intended that all members of Team GB will pass through the university for the official kitting out process.

Loughborough was chosen ahead of other potential partners in Aldershot and the University of Bath, which are expected to play a key role as satellite partners.

"Our No1 priority is to ensure that Team GB athletes have the best possible preparation environment immediately before the Games in 2012," said the BOA chief executive Andy Hunt. "As host nation, we face unique opportunities and challenges.

"We've worked with our sports to review the best way to help them prepare for the Games, and it's clear that different sports need different facilities provided at a variety of different locations. So that is what we are focused on delivering."


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Well, if Great Britain decides to play basketball in the 2012 Olympics, there's 24 athletes right there (12 for men, 12 for women).

Not to mention water polo, handball and footbal

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Aren't GB Athletes allocated spots in all olympic events as hosts even if they don't qualify ?

In all the team sports, the host nation is accorded an automatic 'bye.'

So, let's see the summer team sports are: basketball, field hockey, team handball, football, volleyball (indoor & beach), rowing, water polo, synchro swimming. But its athletes must earn their spots in the sports of individual excellence.

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London 2012 Olympics: Ben Ainslie and fellow sailors become first Team GB athletes to be selected for Games

Ainslie was named in the Finn class, with Paul Goodison the Laser sailor, Bryony Shaw and Nick Dempsey the sailboarders, Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson the star class and Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark the 470 class.

The first siblings for the Games were also selected: sisters Kate and Lucy MacGregor, who along with Annie Lush form the women's match racing team in the Elliot 6m.

Selection events for the men's 470, the 49'er and the Laser are still continuing and those crews will be announced later



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Team GB numbers go up

The total number of athletes selected to represent Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic Games looks likely to increase to more than 560.

Team GB chef de mission Andy Hunt said the numbers had crept up from 550 after nearly every sport had satisfied the British Olympic Association requirement that it was able to return a credible performance and show growth in their sport for the automatic host nation spots.

Of the 26 Olympic sports, only the rhythmic gymnastics team, which has to finish in the top 16 at the world championships, has yet to earn an Olympic berth.

The BOA is spending £13 million on the Olympic team, which will include 730 accredited and non-accredited team support personnel.

The total headcount of Team GB including athletes and support personnel will be around 1,300.


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UK Sport confident in Team GB fourth place finish at London 2012

Great Britain are on target for a fourth place finish in the medal table at London 2012 and are expected to break their overall medal haul from Beijing 2008, according to UK Sport's latest Mission 2012 update.

UK Sport has rated 13 Olympic Sports in their 'green' category, showing that progress is going well, and 15 amber, indicating a sport with challenges being addressed, while none were rated red – a sport where help was needed.

Rowing and cycling are likely to provide the highest medal hauls according to this year's World Championships results.


A number of sports have made progress in recent months, with athletics, basketball and synchronised swimming moving from amber to green, and just one sport going backwards – handball.

The Mission 2012 tracker says that athletics is on track to achieve its London medal target after picking up seven medals in Daegu at the World Athletics Championships earlier this year, whilst the basketball teams performed well at this year's European Championships, indicating that good progress was being made in the sport.


Swimming was also praised, with the "depth of talent reflecting at the World Aquatics Championships with 21 semi-finalists, though five medals, such as the 50m backstroke gold won by Liam Tancock (pictured) overall was at the lower end of their target".

Equestrian was also praised, and UK Sport chief executive Liz Nicholl emphasised the positives overall with eight months to go until the Olympic Games.

"The record level of funding into elite sport through the National Lottery, Exchequer and Team 2012 has contributed to the success of British athletes over recent years," she said.

"I am confident that we are in a fantastic position to deliver success not only in London, but also at the Winter Games in Sochi in 2014 and subsequent summer Games in Rio in 2016 and beyond."


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Team GB reprieve: Gymnasts handed pass to London 2012 after qualifying row

Great Britain’s rhythmic gymnasts have won their appeal against British Gymnastics and will now compete at London 2012.

Sport Resolutions’ arbitrator Graeme Mew ruled in favour of the self-funded team, who argued that they had met the qualification standard during January’s test event at North Greenwich arena.

The group had agreed to achieve a self-imposed qualifying target to ensure Britain was not embarrassed at the Games.


Controversy: Team GB's gymnasts performed at the North Greenwich Arena

They fell short on the first two days of competition in Greenwich, prompting tears from some of the gymnasts, but gained it on the third day, which British Gymnastics said was 24 hours after the deadline.

The team of Jade Faulkner, Francesca Fox, Lynne Hutchison, Louisa Pouli, Rachel Smith and Georgina Cassar claimed they had not been told of the cut-off.

Acting for the gymnasts, Michael Beloff QC successfully argued the criteria for satisfying British Gymnastics was unclear and had not been sufficiently communicated to all members of the team.

In a statement Mew said: ‘I am not persuaded either that the appellants and their coaches must have known that selection would be based only on the qualification stage because only that stage would replicate the pressures of Olympic qualification competition (the Olympic qualification of other teams participating was dependent only on the first two days of competition).

'The GB Group, however, was in a different position. They were not competing with the other teams for a place. Rather, they were competing against the benchmark.’

In response, Jane Allen, Chief Executive Officer of British Gymnastics, said: ‘British Gymnastics respects the rights of its athletes to appeal selection procedure.

‘We were confident that we had put in place a transparent, fair and equitable selection policy and associated qualifying score to allow a rhythmic group to self-determine their nomination to the BOA and subsequent participation in the London 2012 Olympic games.’

British Gymnastics will now recommend that the British Olympic Association take up the host nation place for a group to compete in London.

Before the hearing, team captain Rachel Smith told BBC Radio 5: ‘We believed we could achieve it on any of the three days. We did the routine on the Monday and Tuesday and just missed out (scoring 44.950, with the target set at 45.223).

‘After that routine we were told immediately that that was it, that was our last chance. We went through on Wednesday to smash the score by two whole marks (47.200).’

The qualification mark represented needed 82 per cent of last year’s winning World Championship score.

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Team GB athletics squad for London 2012 Olympics announced


Adam Gemili – 100m and 4 x100m (age: 18)

Dwain Chambers – 100m and 4 x100m (age: 34)

James Dasaolu – 100 and 4x100m (age: 24)

Christian Malcolm – 200m and 4x100m (age: 33)

James Ellington – 200m and 4x100m (age: 26)

Martyn Rooney – 400m and 4x400m (age: 25)

Conrad Williams – 400m and 4x400m (age: 30)

Nigel Levine – 400m* and 4x400m (age: 23)

Andrew Osagie – 800m (age: 24)

Michael Rimmer – 800m (age: 26)

Ross Murray – 1500m (age: 22)

Andrew Baddeley – 1500m (age: 30)

Nick McCormick – 5000m (age: 30)

Mo Farah – 5,000 and 10,000 (age: 28)

Chris Thompson – 10,000m (age: 31)

Stuart Stokes – 3000mSC (age: 35)

Lawrence Clarke – 110mh (age: 22)

Andrew Pozzi – 110mh (age: 19)

Andy Turner – 110mh (age: 31)

Dai Greene – 400mh and 4x400m (age: 26)

Jack Green – 400mh and 4x400m (age: 20)

Rhys Williams – 400mh (age: 28)

Robbie Grabarz – high jump (age: 24)

Steve Lewis – pole vault (age: 26)

Greg Rutherford – long jump (age: 24)

Chris Tomlinson – long jump (age: 30)

Philips Idowu – triple jump (age: 33)

Mervyn Luckwell – javelin (age: 27)

Lawrence Okoye – discus (age: 20)

Brett Morse – discus (age: 23)

Abdul Buhari – discus (age: 30)

Carl Myerscough – Shot put (age: 32)

Alex Smith – Hammer (age: 24)

Daniel Awde – Decathlon (age: 24)

Dominic King – 50k Walk (age: 29)

Danny Talbot – 4x100m (age 21)

Simeon Williamson – 4x100m (age: 26)

Mark Lewis-Francis – 4x100m (age: 29)

Richard Buck – 4x400m (age: 25)

Luke Lennon-Ford – 4x400m (age: 23)

Rob Tobin – 4x400m (age: 28)


Abi Oyepitan – 100m and 200m (age: 32)

Anyika Onuora – 100m* and 200m (age: 27)

Margaret Adeoye – 200m (age: 27)

Christine Ohuruogu – 400m and 4x400m (age: 28)

Shana Cox – 400m and 4x400m (age: 27)

Lee McConnell – 400m* and 4x400m (age: 33)

Lynsey Sharp – 800m (age: 21)

Laura Weightman – 1500m (age: 21)

Lisa Dobriskey – 1500m (age: 28)

Hannah England – 1500m (age: 25)

Jo Pavey – 5000m and 10,000m (age: 38)

Julia Bleasdale – 5000m* and 10,000m (age: 30)

Barbara Parker – 5000m and 3000mSC (age: 29)

Eilish McColgan – 3000mSC (age: 21)

Johanna Jackson – 20km walk (age: 27)

Tiffany Porter – 100mh (age: 24)

Perri Shakes-Drayton – 400mh (age: 23)

Eilidh Child – 400mh (age: 25)

Holly Bleasdale – pole vault (age: 20)

Kate Dennison – pole vault (age: 28)

Shara Proctor – long jump (age: 23)

Yamile Aldama – triple jump (age: 39)

Sophie Hitchon – hammer (age: 20)

Goldie Sayers – javelin (age: 29)

Jessica Ennis – heptathlon and 100mh (age: 26)

Katarina Johnson-Thompson – heptathlon (age: 18)

Louise Hazel- heptathlon – heptathlon (age: 26)

Marilyn Okoro – 4x400m (age: 27)

Nicola Sanders – 4x400m (age: 30)

Emily Diamond – 4x400m (age: 21)

*Denotes a Head Coach discretionary selection


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