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Munichs' Mini Bid Book online

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i don't believe in continental rotation at all. if the best bidder is in the same continent as let's say next host award it to them. its all about mertocracy. you cannot pay for the atmosphere that vancouver has created. germany and munich i believe can equal that. no amount of new venues can substitute for the spirit of the people and the nation. this should go to munich and not any other city. they can get their shot in 2022 unless another bid is better than them.

its should say meritocracy

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I'd pull out of the 2020 race if I were Tulsa

*waiting for "Tulsa" to jump on this sentence*

Well there you go!

But seriously, 3 bids makes it at least interesting, a mere 2 won't have that 3rd wheel trying to split the vote.

Sure, Annecy may come in 3rd, but hey, they would have at least tried, got some legacy venues regardless of the games and would have gotten the IOC committee voters to think twice on who they should award the games to.

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I'd pull out of the race if I were Annecy

It's a Joke, Annecy is more logical than munich to host Winter games... Annecy is a mountains city, Munich no... I' sure Munich lose bid for this games. Moreover I think lot of people are arrogant against Annecy. Why? We have all venues and place to host Games and we have the most important potential of 3 bids...

Lots of people on games bids don't know really each city, you talking about munich just because you know this name... But nobody had allready travel in Munich (garmish), Annecy (and hautes savoie) or Peyongchang. When i talking about Munich or Annecy, I know what I said because I know the 2 cities... And Munich isn't winter city... ANd maybe they have a good bid, but Annecy.

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I just read Munich Applicant File from the 1st page to the end (and did the same a few days ago with the 2 others).

Somes would say i am partial... supporting Annecy.... but here are my comments...

As all of the 3 bids it's a good one (No way that any of the bid could be drop out from the candidate phase... all 3 bids have the potential... so let's see the Bid Book and how everyone manage to deal with the lobbying...).

But, it's hard to see clearly the technical informations... as they put so much extra comments (off topics), extra info (off topics) for all questions... So the answer to a question is lost in the middle of a lot of bla bla....

That's the kind of things we were used to see in bid books... but traditionnaly Applicant files were factual...

Would love to see, what IOC experts are thinking about that and if they would manage to put the data easily in there magic software....

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I actually there is very little bla bla in Munich's file. Very well balance and presented.

The one cluster is well used, an existing public space with tons of visitors, and tons of surrounding accommodation and transport, the snow cluster, again very well used, good accommodation options....even koenigsee...well used, tons of experience.

Its very hard to get lose given the clear weight and "meat" of the Munich bid.

Not sure which file you are reading.

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