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U.S. Winter Bid for 2022 or 2026


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Love this. It's fun being chastised for a point of view that you don't even hold, isn't it?

I don't think it's chastising, but I know better than than to start an argument over semantics around here. Again, it is interesting though that you've replied to 2 of my posts now and neither of FYI's post (perhaps you hit the ignore button for him). I find that very curious, that's all

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But they were still capatalizing on the Games being in town.

Yeah, but ambush marketing is when a company tries to capitalise on the games when they have not signed up for any rights to do so. That wasn't the case for the Atlanta flea market - the IOC had no legal means to move the Atlanta hawkers away as they were in their rights to set up as they did. There was nothing "ambush" about it - apart from some of them selling unlicensed t-shirts and trinkets.

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