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YOG Medal Design Competition - Winning Design

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IOC Jury had just announced YOG Medal Design Competition Winning design...


Gold Medal


Silver Medal


Bronze Medal

Designer : Setsuko FUKUZAWA

Theme : Yes Youth Can

Design Background

“Y”: 1- body shape like goddess Nike 2- the Youth.

“Rings”: empower athletes to participate, celebrate.

“Flames/waves”: 1 -cheering wave of supporters 2- the flame, which is in all athlete’s spirit.

YOG Medal Design Competition website


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The backgound wave pattern reminds me of Vancouver. And not in a nice "Look! It's a homage" kinda way.

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Yes, in the realm of Olympic design, Vancouver has a monopoly on wavy lines. So wavy lines are off-limits to anyone but Vancouver.

Anyway, this design isn't horrible. But what I don't like is the constant use of that same figure to represent "youth" in general. It's soooo tried.

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lol, that fist gave the medal a communist feel.

I don't like the chosen medal. Pretentious, uncreative, unimaginative, unispiring.

The culmination of a truly non-descript graphics program for a non-descript olympic games for the youth.

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My design came 23rd (belgium)

And a friend of mine came 24th (turkey)

here are the designs


I also made a youtube video to promote my medal design just a year ago.


Fatih, Interesting video. Good try but question: after 1924, why did you put the SOGs first and THEN the WOGs (of the same year)? Chronologically, the WOGs occurred first in those Olympic/leap years BEFORE the SOGs. Something like that lessnes the credibility of your work. Maybe next time.

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