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National Anthems and those who sing them


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Maybe this is being discussed elsewhere, but I haven't seen it.

Cudos to VANOC for the versions of national anthems that I have heard. I thought Beijing's version of the Star Spangled Banner sounded like a dirge and no one could find a way this sing it. This version has strength and passion. I like it a lot.

Cudos to all Canadians who belt out "O Canada" with joy. Special marks go to Virtue/Moir who sang with gusto after winning the Ice Dance competition. What fun to see it.

Cudos to those athletes who tried to sing even though they did it through their tears. Xue Shen and Yu Na Kim come to mind.

Note to Olympic athletes - If you are lucky enough to hear your National Anthem at the Olympics - SING IT. This is one time that no one cares whether you can sing or not. Belt it out - through tears or not. Shannon Bahrke is a great example.

Final Note - I loved hearing Tenley Albright's story about winning the Gold in Cortina Italy in 1956. When she stood on the podium they played "My Country 'tis of Thee". and not the National Anthem. Oops.

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