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Suomalainen sauna in Vancouver

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Well, CAF, there's a little to celebrate at the moment for Finland, don't you think so... :P

Congrat's for Team Germany, so brilliant so far (as always)!

About the Xmarket, what on Earth do they sell there?

you are right Suomi isn't that good this time, but that will change again - I am sure Suomi will be better next time!!

Well, I have to admit that I am a huge fan of x-mas markets - Suomi, Sverige, Norge and Danmark built churches for their sailors in Hamburg - every year the churches invite the inhabitants of Hamburg to visit their christmas markets - every country is offering their specialities in food, handycrafts etc. etc. - you can't imagine how many people go there - it is fantastic you can eat e.g. : "Pyttipannu" or "Muikku" - but the most exciting is the wonderful atmosphere in the different churches!!

Hampurin merimieskirkko

Svenska Kyrkan


Danske Sømandskirke

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