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Germany 2006 Fifa World Cup

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I've discovered that the european teams have never won the trophy out of Europe.. this shouldn't be a simple conicidence..

what about a final between England and Italy.. we've had an anticipation recently in Istanbul..

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One thing is almost a guarantee here: since Germany is hosting in 2006, it is surely going to be in the second round of the tournament. From what I read, the host nation has always gone past the first round.
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Now... write from down to up, next to the years of the first list, the champions from 1982 to 2002. Here is the coincidence.

*Uruguay - 1930

*Italy - 1934

*Italy - 1938

*Uruguay - 1950

*Germany - 1954

*Brazil - 1958 -- 2006 Brazil?

*Brazil - 1962 -- 2002 Brazil

*England - 1966 -- 1998 France

*Brazil - 1970 -- 1994 Brazil

*Germany - 1974 -- 1990 Germany

*Argentina - 1978 -- 1986 Argentina

*Italy - 1982 -- 1982 - Italy

KRATK, verrry interrresting.  I like that.  

Also, 13 nations participated in the 1st World Cup in Uruguay in 1930, but 14 nations played in Athens (1896).  Were it not for that one dumb Australian clerk, this other amazing historical coincidence would've stood up as such in history.

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It almost looks like, for the CONCACAF region, that the USA and Mexico will go to Germany. It is only the matter of which third national team from the region will go as well.
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Um...not exactly hochkunst...the first poster has a semi-70s Op art feel, the second last one is a pretty neat homage of Indonesian/Thai/Japanese art, but the rest are very ordinary. And the Chinese kid poster is a freaking disaster!

Looks like the country that gave us Nolde, Dix, Ernst etc etc can only find fourth rate design graduates to produce art for the 2006 WMs. Schade...

At least the tournament should be well organised and patronised.

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