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Chile-Argentina 2014 WC?

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Source: Terra.cl

DOETINCHEM, july 11.- The president of FIFA, Joseph Blatter, said there is a possibility for Chile and Argentina to host together the FIFA World Cup 2014.

According to the leader of the football organization, Southamerica is the prefered continent for hosting the World Cup of this year.

"Somebody said the place will be Brazil, but other federations have the possibility of present some propositions or offers.", said the swiss.

"We have played –said Blatter- the 2002 with two organizers, why shouldn't we repeat it in 2014?"

Japan and South Korea celebrated together the cup in 2002, and Netherlands and Belgium have plans of hosting the 2018 World Cup.

"The last time that the World Cup was played in Southamerica was in the year 78, and we can't forget that in this region we have a pentachampion, as Brasil, and two bichampions, Argentina and Uruguay", concluded.

Chile wanted to host the WC in 2010 with Argentina but FIFA said this year will be reserved to Africa, so Chile tried for 2014 but Argentina retracted and Chile forgot the idea...

Why Blatter said this now in Holland? Of course the idea is about Chile/Argentina... Maybe Blatter have problems with a possible Brazil WC?

What do U think?

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The format would work fine.  However does Chile and or Argentina really want the '14 WC, especially with such a Football superpower in the region also mulling over the idea of hosting as well.

The cost of lobbying for this event is nearly, if not equal to, the Olympic games, which is what this region is trying to host within that decade bloc of the Teens.

Can South America cope, even if Brazil goes for the 2016 SOGs as well?

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that´s what I was thinking some months ago !

Many people are certain that the 2014 WC would be in Brazil... but I thought that this wouldn´t be that easy. I mean, Brazil wouldn´t be chosen without competition from another bid.

I don´t see a co-hosted Chi-Arg WC as a good idea... I think it would be better Chile hosting it alone. Everybody knows that Chile can do it just fine,with some improvements in the existing stadia, and constructing 3 or 4 more, I believe that Chile alone would be a better option.

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1) OK...., so where would the opening and closing matches  be?

2) Possible venues in Chile could be: Arica, Antofagasta, La Serena, Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, Rancagua, Talca, Temuco and why not Osorno, Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas?

3) There are several common animals for the mascots...

4) Transport between these two countries should be more fluent and faster that usual.

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I think if is Chile-Argentina:

*Santiago (Est. Nacional or maybe a new Olympic Stadium  :blush: )

*Viña del Mar (Est. Sausalito totally new)

*Puerto Montt (I heard the new field of Chinquihue is perfect... but we need more seats)


*Calama (yeah! let's kill all the european teams at 2.500 meters over the sea level  :cool: )

*Mendoza (but I don't think England will play in the Malvinas Argentinas [Argentinian Falklands] Stadium)


*Mar del Plata

*Buenos Aires (La Bombonera and Monumental de River)

If Chile is solo:

*Santiago (two stadiums: Nacional and Monumental)

*Arica (totally new Carlos Dittborn Stadium)

*Antofagasta (new stadium)

*Calama (I heard Cobreloa is planning a new stadium)

*Viña del Mar

*Rancagua (to remember 1962)



*Puerto Montt

*Punta Arenas (It would be awesome!!!! The southest venue of any International Games (WC, SOG and WOG))

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It would hard to snatch the games from Brazil, especially with the power that they seem to hold inside the same FIFA. After all, winning 5 WC gives you some privileges out there.
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Of courtse it will be very hard to win if Brazil really wants the cup and begin with the lobby... but I don't feel that Brazil is really interested in the WC because they have the problems with the PanAms and then they want 2016 OG... so maybe (and I said MAYYYYBE) they should prefer Chile to host 2014... so, whatever, they will win the World Cup in Brazil, Chile or Adjaria.
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CONMEBOL said that its candidate is Brazil... but ALL the FIFA Executive Congress must select the host country, so another member of CONMEBOL can put its bid without the support of Conmebol and possible win... difficult, but possible.

And, of course, from 2004 to 2008, a lot of things could happen..

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