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New Zealand v British and Irish Lions

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:( Like the weather here, a sad and morbid atmosphere has descended over Auckland, a deflated Balmy Army and Lions Supporters really now can't wait for the final act to be played out tomorrow night so they can get home.

I don't blame them, and yes this series (possibly the last) will soon be forgotten, both in the UK and here in NZ.   What a shame... :sniffle:

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I don't blame them, and yes this series (possibly the last) will soon be forgotten, both in the UK and here in NZ.   What a shame... :sniffle:

I don't think we Kiwis will forget this series in a loooooooooooooooooooooong time.  :D

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:D Hey nzolympic...

I Dare You To STREAK Accross The Ground Tonight At The Game!!!.

Good Luck AB's


Only if Gavin Henson tackles me to the ground  :;):

No love for Daniel Carter?

Oh well, he can tackle me then  :P

On a serious note, I have to say that i've really gotten into this All Blacks-Lions tournament here since I arrived in New Zealand! Rugby is freakin awesome!

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It would be better if it had been more of a contest.

Yeah it would have.

I was listening to a welsh rugby commentator on the radio last night and he said “there are two reasons why the All Blacks have obliterated the Lions. 1. This is one of the worst prepared Lions Teams ever and 2. This is one of the best All Blacks teams ever.”  

I want to see the lions give it a good go tonight, I say the All Blacks will win by 10 or less.

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:) I hope the Lions fans pick themselves up for the last hurrah.

It has been a real pleasure having these tourists here.

Everyone, get in behind your respective teams as this maybe the last NZ verses Lions game for a VERY long time, if not, ever.

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:) The now very overhyped 2005 B & I Lions tour is over.

Lions 18

All blacks 38

A clean sweep for the New Zealand International sides.

As is always the tour has ended on a sour note, this time by, now proven, overated Lions Coach Clive Woodward.  Comments about the ABs world cup abilities have ruinned any hope of respect for him by NZers.

Balataint sour grapes, as he is consigned to history as the worst Lions coach ever.  Imagin what would have happened if Iain McGeecahn was head coach.

At least it's goodbye to that worthless PR spin Dr Alistar Campbell, his obnoxious, rude and disrespectfull behavour over here has left him with no friends, Tony Blair was right in sacking him.

If there is going to be a future Lions NZ tour, it wont be untill 2017 unless they, the IRB, can find a better way to schedual a more compact tour, even taking in australia and a Pacific Is nation.

I hope some positives come out of this tour, although it wont be much.


Arwebb, better start saving now so you can come out, although I'd say the 2012 Olympics are noew your goal.

Thanks for starting this thread. :)

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I wish I could say it had been a pleasure.

My inquest has well and truly started. I've noticed one or two players saying the squad didn't get the preparation that Sir Clive wanted and I'm not quite sure what they're alluding to. Certainly our Test team did not have anything like the game time they needed to get used to playing together and that is down to the coach.

I wish he wouldn't insult people's intelligence by claiming the tour has been a success when it clearly hasn't been.

It's interesting that the midweek side coached by Ian McGeechan has gone through the tour undefeated. McGeechan has great experience of coaching Lions tours. I wouldn't like to speculate on how much his input was sought by Woodward, but one might be tempted to conclude that he wasn't used enough.

Nonetheless, the players have underperformed for me. The squad we took down there is equal of the ability of the All Blacks and we should have done better than what we have.

Ah well, the World Cup remains the ultimate test. Let's see where we are in 2007.

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