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UEFA Champions League.

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I don't know if there is another thread about this (couldn't be bothered to look) but it's been a night of football in Europe.

Bayern Munich 1-1 AC Milan

Benfica 1-0 Liverpool

PSV 0-1 Lyon

Real Madrid 0-1 Arsenal

First British team to defeat Madrid at the Bernabeu.

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Another night of top tier football.

Ajax 2-2 Inter Milan

Chelsea 1-2 Barcelona

Glasgow Rangers 2-2 Villarreal

Werder Bremen 3-2 Juventus

The Chelsea - Barca match was on here in the States.  That was a great match; two own goals and some cards were being thrown around, despite the fact that the foul on Messi didn't warrant a red.

Can't wait for the return leg in Barcelona.

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i think that Real Madrid lost because their Coach, Lopez Caro doesnt have the experience of interconintal tournaments like the Champions League.

I think Real Madrid lost because of their bad players  :suspect: Ronaldo didn't do ANYTHING!!! The Real Madrid only played with one player: Casillas... :rolleyes:

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I hope Madrid will win at Highbury,

and Barcelona will lose at CampNou..

Over my dead body Real will win , muhhaaaaa !!!!!!!!  :devil:

COME ON MADRID! (I bet you never thought I'd say those three words on this board eh Mikel!?)

If Arse*** fail to qualify for the Champion's League (more than likely, they're now sixth and their domestic form is awful) but win the Champion's League then whoever finishes 4th in the League will have to relinquish their Champion's League place to them.

Since my team, Spurs have more than a good chance of finishing 4th this season (we're 4th at the momet) I'm supporting whoever plays Arse***.

As for the Chav$ki match - I don't mind who wins as long as there is some good football and maybe a bit of controversy!

The only team I'm really supporting are Liverpool, but they need to overturn the 1-0 defeat against Benfica to get through.


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I have to say I thought Arsenal were tremendous in Madrid (Sorry, Rob). They thoroughly deserved to win the game and should have scored plenty more. Madrid were awful. Beckham was probably their best player and even he didn't do much.

I wasn't too bothered about Chelsea v Barcelona, except for the fact that Barcelona finally won me my bet. The sending off was extremely harsh and I can't see Chelsea turning it round.

I do expect Liverpool to turn it round, though. They were in control of much of that game from what I saw and if they play properly in the second leg, they will win comfortably.

Sadly, I can't see Rangers having any chance in the second leg against Villareal.

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Despite the scoreline, I think Barcelona v Chelsea is still a fascinating game in which the first goal is crucial. If Chelsea get it, they've got a great chance. If they don't it's all over.

I can't see Rangers or Werder Bremen doing enough to get through their ties.

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I have to say Markus Merk didn't really cover himself in glory during the Barcelona-Chelsea game, particularly when he gave Chelsea an absurd penalty in stoppage time. He was also a bit too keen to flash the cards for my liking.

As for the tie, I wouldn't go as far as to say Barcelona outplayed Chelsea. They were certainly the more dangerous team going forward, but Chelsea defended superbly and if it hadn't been for more than one last-ditch tackle in the first leg, tonight's game would have been a mere formality. Despite a poor decision to send del Horno off in the first leg, Chelsea managed to at least keep themselves in the tie, but that moment was probably decisive.

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