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How Do You Rate Your Local Broadcaster's Coverage of Vancouver 2010

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Well, the networks in Canada can do this easier, since even though they have structures similar to U.S. networks, Canadian networks lately have evolved into the British style "Private affiliates? What the hell is that?" sort of vibe where the network's owner pretty much owns all the affiliates too, and reduce their amount of regional output to just about zero (except for news of course).

It does look like the USA is unique with the TV structures as opposed to many others, though some nations do have some local distinctions like Canada with TV Ontario and national news programs in Australia customized for either Sydney or Melbourne. Even local Canadian TV channels for the most part don't have the channel's number as part of the logo with the networks as far as I can remember. Guess it's part of the vastness of the American nation where everything cannot and should not be done from the gravitas of the major markets for us.

I've seen bits and pieces of the CTV Olympics graphics when televising little bits online. Not in full due to territorial restrictions. And I gotta say that I like them a lot--you see it on the CTV Olympics website. Does the CTV-Rogers Media Olympic Consortium utilize them as opposed or in conjunction with the standard Olympic (OBSV in this case) graphics for broadcasts? I know NBC had specific ones just for its Atlanta broadcast. Are there any French and multilingual ones like this in existence? We'll see them again for London for sure.

Has anyone up in Canada been watching the APTN, OMNI, and ATN multilingual Vancouver coverage? If so, what are your thoughts? Wish I could see it!

Oh yeah, CTV should inform viewers whether an Olympic event is live or not more often.

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Anti-discrimination board to investigate Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy

Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy's allegedly homophobic mocking of male ice skaters during the Nine Network's coverage of the Winter Olympics will be investigated by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB).

This follows a complaint made against the presenters by Sydney gay rights activist Gary Burns.

While discussing the figure skating competitors' costumes as part of last Thursday's Winter Olympics coverage, Molloy said: "They don't leave anything in the locker room, these blokes, do they?"

McGuire replied: "They don't leave anything in the closet either, do they?"

McGuire then described one competitor's costume as "a bit of a Brokeback", referencing Ang Lee's film about gay cowboys.

"A bit of Brokeback Mountain exercises - you can't wear that," Molloy responded.

Mr Burns said people in powerful positions should be aware that they have responsibilities as presenters.

"They should publicly apologise for their unlawful rant to the homosexual community of Australia," he said in a statement.

Mr Burns said McGuire and Molloy incited hatred against homosexual males.

"These hired goons were not down at the pub drinking flat beer with their mates, they were on national television being viewed by millions of Australians.

"On Mardi Gras eve, the board's decision to accept this complaint is a timely reminder to homophobes like McGuire and Molloy they won't get away with vilifying homosexuals."

Mr Burns has previously brought legal action against the Nine Network over a controversial skit on the NRL Footy Show.

He has also brought legal action against radio presenter John Laws and former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett.


Poor Eddie; it's bad enough that he's an A-grade twit when it comes to hosting anything beyond a prawn and porn night at his local bowlo club, let alone Australia's free to air Vancouver 2010 coverage. Now he and Mick Molloy are being called homophobes and being taken to court by a gay activist who doesn't realise that no matter how bad Eddie and Mick were at bringing gays into disrepute, its actually the whole tenor of McGuire that offends almost all Australians.

Whereas Alisa Camplin was on song during the women's aerial's final...as China's last gold medal chance ended and Lydia won the 2002 champ was asked what happened. Her reply...

"She ate snow!" :P

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