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Pro-Olympic Rally planned for Friday, Feb. 12 at 3 pm

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Show the world that MOST of this CITY is PROUD to host the Olympics!


Bring your flags, bring your hearts, bring your kids.

Rally and walk 6 blocks to the opening ceremonies!

Come join the PARTY!

Dueling Olympic demonstrations


Gord MacDonald | Email news tips to gmacdonald@cknw.com


There could be dueling Olympic demonstrations on Friday afternoon, just ahead of the opening ceremonies at BC Place.

While opponents have previously said they will be out to demonstrate against the games, there is now a pro-Olympic rally being planned for three o'clock at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Organizer Jason Dussault of a local clothing company says it started with a newspaper article about the opponents.

He says a lot of people love Vancouver; they want to come together and show the world what an amazing city we have.

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It's gonna be a lot harder "to protest" when the hippies are outnumbered 100 to 1 by people who want to have a good time...

That's what a logical person would think, but protesters are anything but logical and if they don't get your attention they will be violent and disruptive.

Three years ago during the 3 year countdown and when the countdown clock at the Vancouver Art Gallery was unveiled, these same leftist/hippy/anarchic protesters crashed the party. There were about maybe 2,000 people at the plaza watching the countdown ceremony and clock unveiling, and there were maybe 100 protesters behind the pro-Games crowd.

They brought rocks, eggs, and filled balloons with paint. They also brought megaphones and chanted throughout the event to disrupt it, so VANOC organizers had to turn up the volume. But that wasn't enough, so their leader rushed up to the stage pushing away the MC that was talking and yelled out "f@ck 2010" on the mic and a few seconds later police tackled him. Only after that did the police start getting rough on the protesters and started arresting a few.

Then there was the raising of the Olympic flag at city hall. Protesters used the same methods, chanting so loud that you couldn't even hear a CHILDREN'S CHOIR performing.

And about a year ago, they disrupted an Olympic Train performance where many families and their children were trying watch a concert. They used megaphones and everything again (the performer tried to turn up the volume)....and then, they rushed up to the stage (which was on a train) and unravelled a banner so that nobody could see the performance. A few mins later, a protester intentionally hit a child on the head with her protest sign and the kid started crying...and before you knew it the mother started to fight with the protester, and the protester said it was her fault that she brought her kids to a "protest zone" :rolleyes: ...several protesters were later arrested.

These events were why Vancouver didn't have a public one-year countdown celebration last year...instead, organizers did the one-year countdown at Whistler.

Olympic Train Protest



The mom with her kids


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Today BC Place team leaders gave volunteers and contractors a short pep talk on protesters. Pretty much just took 10 seconds to say to ignore them and tell police if they try to do anything to you or if they appear to have any kind of weaponry. They didn't make any official predictions, but so far everybody is cautiously optimistic that things will go smoother than expected.

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