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Platini for UEFA president


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Platini has more time to do the job as Beckenbauer should look at his children and family after all the hustle during WorldCup 2006. That´s why Platini is the right one for the job.

That's the most ridiculous reason I;'ve ever seen. First you were against anybody over, what was it?, 40 or 50 ever being in a management position for anything, now you don't want anybody who is married with kids to have any position of responsibility. Talk about clutching at straws to justify your wishes.

Honestly, Zenica, your arguments would get more respect if you didn't try to couch them in some pseudo-intellectual reasoning. Why don't you just say "I want Platini tio win because I like him more than Beckenbauer" _ there, easy, simple, acceptable and hard to argue against. And you wouldn't need to take 21 pages to say it (not that there is much actually said in the past 21 pages anyway)

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You won´t be happy about my answer: Platini is 10 years younger and is not so engaged in a huge number of projects like Beckenbauer (WorldCup is only one of his numerous events). By the way: Johansson thinks about another 4 years of presidency. Does he want to top Avery Brundage as oldest international president?
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