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The 2014 YOG Decision

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First orientation seminar in Nanjing for second summer edition of the Youth Olympic Games

A delegation from the IOC travelled to Nanjing for the first time since the election in Vancouver last February of the host city for the 2nd Youth Olympic Games. The purpose of the visit from 3 to 5 June 2010 was to meet the newly formed Organising Committee (NYOGOC) and hold an Orientation Seminar to introduce the Youth Olympic Games product and the framework of the working relationship between the IOC and NYOGOC to all the parties involved in the preparation of the Games.

Led by IOC Coordination Commission Chairman, IOC Athletes’ Commission member and multi-Olympic champion and medallist Alexander Popov, the group from the IOC administration shared a number of key principles and functional information with the Nanjing 2014 Organising Committee as well as the experience gained from the first edition of the Youth Olympic Games, which will be held in Singapore this August.

During the seminar, the IOC also had the opportunity to visit a number of competition venues included in Nanjing’s project to host the Youth Olympic Games.

Speaking after the seminar, Popov said, “The Youth Olympic Games project is still in a development phase and needs a strong and experienced team to ensure the successful delivery of the second summer edition. We have had very fruitful meetings here in Nanjing and are confident that the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games are in very good hands. We were also impressed by the quality of the competition venues proposed in Nanjing’s project, which are a legacy of the Chinese National Games that were held in Nanjing in 2005, and we believe these will constitute a solid foundation for the preparation of the Youth Olympic Games. NYOGOC will also benefit tremendously from the experience of hosting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.



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Nanjing organisers insist YOG will be even bigger and even better in 2014

SINGAPORE, Aug 25: With just one day to go before the inaugural Youth Olympic Games concludes in Singapore, the Nanjing organising committee unveiled its plans to deliver a larger scale YOG in 2014.

On the same day that IOC president Jacques Rogge declared that he wanted to expand future editions, Nanjing officials promised they would deliver a "thrifty and effective" YOG, building on the foundations laid in Singapore.

Ding Ming, director of the culture and education department for the Nanjing YOG, said that 95 per cent of residents supported the Games. His update on preparations hinted that the second YOG would be an even bigger event, utilising 15 sports venues and recruiting more than double the volunteers used in Singapore.

He said: "We will recruit 30,000 Chinese and international volunteers. In addition to these YOG volunteers, there will be another 10,000 locals at volunteers' service booths to help those in need of information, language and other forms of assistance.

"No new venues need to be build for the 2014 YOG. In fact, most of the venues have been used for large-scale national and international sports events such as the 10th National Games of China in 2005."

Between 70 and 80 members of the Nanjing organising committee have been in Singapore to study operations at the first ever YOG, and Ming said that they "were making full use of the learning opportunity."



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China to go cheap on 2014 Youth Olympics

Chinese officials have promised there will be no extravagant, Beijing-like splurging of finances when Nanjing hosts the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

Rather than spending a fortune on producing the Games, as Beijing did for the 2008 Olympics, Nanjing is set to follow the frugal lead of London.

The eastern Chinese city will emulate London's use of temporary buildings, Nanjing Party chief and Games organising committee president Yang Weize told the China Daily.

He also insisted the city would keep a close eye on spending when it constructs new competition and training venues.

"No new venues will be built if old ones can be renovated," said Yang, facing criticism from city residents complaining that costs are already spiralling.

"No new facilities will be purchased if old ones can be repaired, no equipment will be bought if (it) can be rented, and they won't be rented if they can be borrowed."

Yang was in London to study how the most 'temporary' Olympics ever could help signal an end to lavish over-spending and the subsequent decaying of unused venues.

Beijing claimed to have spent around $15 billion on the Chinese capital's spectacular 2008 Olympics, roughly the same as London's budget and that of Athens in 2004.

Some reports estimated, however, that the total cost of the Beijing Games was in fact in excess of $40 billion.

Beijing has since struggled to generate revenue from such iconic structures as the Bird's Nest main stadium after spending $423 million to build it.

In stark contrast, Nanjing officials cheerfully said they were accepting donated machinery from Singapore, which hosted the inaugural Youth Olympics in 2010.

"Singapore has given its ticket-checking machines to Nanjing," said Liu Yi'an, the deputy secretary general of the organising committee.

"We may also give our facilities to other host cities of major sporting events for re-use."

Nanjing has set a Games-related budget of $315 million, according to the China Daily.

Li added that 25 of the 34 competition and training venues will be renovated, five temporary venues would be taken down after the games and the four new ones open to the public.

"Nanjing will spend no more than Singapore," insisted Nanjing's public relations director Ding Ming.


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Strong progress for Nanjing 2014 as IOC Coordination Commission concludes third visit

The IOC Coordination Commission for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games concluded its third visit to the Chinese city today, with the Commission members praising the strong progress made across all areas of the organisation with just under two years to go to the second edition of the summer Games.

The Coordination Commission, headed by IOC member Lambis Nikolaou, was particularly satisfied with the development of the Youth Olympic Village (YOV) as a stand-out project well ahead of schedule. A visit was also made to the YOV site, which is part of a major city development plan that will become a housing facility, school and kindergarten after the Games. In addition, the Nanjing Organising Committee (NYOGOC) underlined its commitment to delivering “green Games” with the integration of solar energy and rainwater harvesting in the Village construction.

Since the last visit of the Coordination Commission in October 2011, several milestones have been reached as the local organisers transition from the strategic to operational planning phase. Construction of the Youth Olympic Sports Park, one of the only sports venues to be built from scratch for the Games, began in February 2012. The Park will be home to hockey, BMX, rugby and beach volleyball during the Games and afterwards be transformed into a community sports facility.

After validating the qualification system this summer, the Coordination Commission approved the first version of the sports competition schedule, which will be fully integrated with the Culture and Education Programme to ensure that athletes can balance their experiences both on and off the field of play.

NYOGOC continues to benefit from the support of the Chinese Olympic Committee and regional and central governments, and has made great strides with national partners, having secured contracts in the categories of banking, apparel, mobile telecoms and legal services. In addition, NYOGOC continues to engage with regional representatives from the IOC’s TOP Partners. To support the organisers’ communication efforts, Xinhua has been signed as Nanjing 2014’s host news and photo agency.

Nanjing 2014’s work force has also been strengthened with the addition of new, multilingual talent from a range of sporting backgrounds and the support of international consultants. The volunteer recruitment process is well under way and an estimated 20,000 volunteers will offer support during Games time.

The venue master plan is close to finalisation, with 26 competition venues confirmed. In addition, 20 of the 28 International Federations have already visited Nanjing, with the remaining federations scheduled to visit over the course of 2012/13.

“We are delighted to see the progress made by NYOGOC with just under two years to go. The operational planning stage is a critical phase in which they start to turn their vision into reality,” Nikolaou said. “The support from both central and regional governments and local partners is very positive and together they are on the right track to delivering a successful second Youth Olympic Games.”


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I found some interesting news in Nanjing 2014 chinese website ( thanks to Google chrome translate )

Nanjing 2014 official mascot will be unveiled tomorrow !

Youth Olympic mascot Thursday announced the IPO ceremony staged on Saturday

[Published :2012-11-27 08:49]

2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic mascots whether Findler? 7:00 the evening of November 29, the long-awaited Youth Olympic mascot penetrate the veil in the Olympic Sports Center. The morning of December 1, the Youth Olympic mascot IPO ceremony will be held in the Xinjiekou shopping, bring more surprises and discoveries.

According to reports, the mascot of the Youth Olympic nurtured in the rich cultural heritage of Nanjing, epitomizes the local characteristics of Nanjing in Nanjing, a new "business card", the future is bound to become.

The listing ceremony on December 1, there will be a "voice" popular students specially came for the Youth Olympic song at the mascot cheers. 10 to buy the site mascot licensed merchandise consumers will have a photo opportunity with the mystery guests, and additionally receive a Youth Olympic souvenirs. In addition, the volunteers who will be accompanied by a mascot of the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing major landmarks parade, the public close contact, posed for pictures with the mascot.

It is worth mentioning that the evening of November 29, 8:00 mascot licensed merchandise will be the first global network in Green Mall ( www.qingbuy.com ). If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to snap up the first batch mascot special signature edition.

Members of the public can also interact microblogging "mascot" in the the microblogging upload Youth Olympic mascot photo or photographs Youth Olympic mascot, mainly inscribed "in Nanjing, to meet you" myself met mascot "to meet body" mood, @ Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (Tencent microblogging), @ least 5 friends, have the opportunity to receive the Youth Olympic mascot plush doll.

[source: Nanjing Daily: Cang Shu Jun]

note: Google chrome translate

here is the link:


unfortunately they did not mentioned about it in the English and French versions of their website.

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Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Mascot Unveiled



The Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (NYOGOC) today unveiled its official mascot: “NANJINGLELE”.

NANJINGLELE is inspired by a unique natural feature of the host city known as the “Rain-Flower Pebble” (also translated as “Riverstone”). The design of the mascot takes the typical shape and appearance of this stone but in a creative and artistic way, highlighting the colours from the emblem’s palette. The word ‘lele’ represents the sound of stones colliding together and is pronounced like the Chinese word meaning happiness or joy.

NYOGOC unveiled the official mascot at a grand ceremony held at the Nanjing Olympic Centre, one of the main competition venues for the upcoming Games. More than 4,000 people, including students, locals, government officials and sponsor representatives, attended the ceremony. The mascot was co-unveiled by Olympic Chinese champions Sun Yang (swimming), Huang Xu (artistic gymnastics) and Wu Jingyu (taekwondo), official dignitaries and a group of young people who are working with NYOGOC as advisors.

NANJINGLELE was chosen following a nationwide mascot design competition launched by NYOGOC earlier this year. More than 1.2 million students from more than 900 colleges across China participated in the competition.

In a congratulatory letter sent to NYOGOC and read out during the ceremony, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said: “The design of NANJINGLELE is truly inspiring and will certainly capture the attention of the world’s youth and older generations alike. Not only does it incorporate aspects of the host city’s majestic local stone, the Riverstone, but it is bright and vibrant and sets the tone for a fun, colourful and energetic Youth Olympic Games.”

The 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games will take place in Nanjing in August 2014 and will bring together more than 3,800 young athletes from more than 200 countries and regions. Competing in the 28 sports on the Olympic programme, athletes will take part in high-level competition and off the field of play will be able to take part in a series of cultural and educational activities.


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too childish,too easy to design,i dont like the colour...why not make it look glossy with nature texture,like a real pebble stone.


too childish,too easy to design,i dont like the colour...why not make it look glossy with nature texture,like a real pebble stone.


that's what they want..... a childish mascot is good for the YOG because it is a childish games if it's not childish you can't call it as youth olympic games besides in nanjing they paint those stones into these 3_121129224816_1.jpg anyway... maybe this one is better check out what nanjing have for their warm-up games4-121031201005G8.jpgwell.... this is yuanyuan it looks like a monkey maybe but i'm not sure what kind of that creature....

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IOC President Jacques Rogge visits Nanjing ahead of the second Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014


The International Olympic Committee President, Jacques Rogge, welcomed the “impressive progress” made with preparations for the second Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014, following his official visit to Chinese host city Nanjing.

During his visit, President Rogge met Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (NYOGOC) staff, volunteers and junior consultants. In addition, President Rogge held meetings with senior executives of NYOGOC, including Mr Luo Zhijun, General Secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Honorary President of NYOGOC, and Mr Li Xueyong, President of NYOGOC and Governor of Jiangsu Province.

A tour was also arranged for President Rogge to the Youth Olympic Village, where he saw a model of one of the rooms where more than 4,000 athletes and visiting team officials will stay during the Games. The construction of the Youth Olympic Village (YOV), which is currently well ahead of schedule, will be conducted in an environmentally friendly way. After the YOG, it will become a neighbourhood which will include apartments, a school and a kindergarten.

After his official visit, President Rogge, who held a press conference with NYOGOC Executive President Mr Yang Weitze, said: “Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the talented NYOGOC team, impressive progress has been made. I am in absolutely no doubt that the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be a great success and inspire young people from the city, nation and around the world to become more active in sport.”


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Nanjing 2014 News
Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games “on track for success” with detailed planning underway



The Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (NYOGOC) is well on track to deliver successful Games next summer, according to the IOC Coordination Commission, which concluded its fourth visit to the Chinese city today.

With 15 months to go to the second edition of the summer Youth Olympic Games, the Coordination Commission, chaired by Alexander Popov, congratulated NYOGOC on its continued dedication and commitment, and was particularly pleased to see the level of detailed preparation presented as the organisers look ahead to the operational readiness phase.

The IOC also welcomed NYOGOC’s proposals to use the upcoming Asian Youth Games as an occasion to test a number of functional areas and validate key milestones, including the Event Schedule and the Operation Plans - first versions of which have been completed on time.

Since the last visit of the Coordination Commission in September 2012, other important milestones have been met, including the submission and approval of the final Venue Master Plan, and the successful launch of both the official YOG mascot and a new improved website.

In addition, NYOGOC continues to actively discuss domestic sponsorship opportunities, and is engaged with a number of the TOP partners to prepare marketing activations in support of the Games.

Moving forward, the Coordination Commission encouraged NYOGOC to build on the steps it has already taken in working together across the different functional areas to ensure a joined-up approach to hosting the Games. This includes a committed effort to the final detailing and delivery of a successful Culture and Education Programme that will engage, educate and inspire the young athletes off the field of play.

The Coordination Commission also recommended that, as a top priority, Nanjing should now share with all stakeholders, including NOCs, IFs, public and media, that it will be ready to host memorable Games next year, and that a warm welcome awaits them in this beautiful Chinese city.

Speaking after the close of the three-day meeting, Alexander Popov said: “NYOGOC’s vision for the second Summer Youth Olympic Games is now really taking shape, and the Coordination Commission congratulates it on its progress. As we start climbing the hill toward the final countdown, the coming months will be crucial for YOG preparation, and will present NYOGOC with key opportunities to let the youth of the world know that the YOG spirit is coming to Nanjing and that all are welcome.”


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Yelena Isinbaeva announced as Youth Olympic Games Ambassador for Nanjing 2014


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced today that two-time Olympic champion Yelena Isinbaeva will be an official Ambassador of the Nanjing (China) 2014 Youth Olympic Games (YOG).
The Russian pole vaulter will reprise her role as a YOG Ambassador, following her support and attendance of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, which saw over 3,600 elite young athletes from 205 National Olympic Committees compete while also taking part in a unique Culture and Education Programme off the field of play. The Youth Olympic Games also encourage young people around the world to get involved in sport and embrace and live by the Olympic values.
Speaking at an event held in Nanjing, where Yelena Isinbaeva enjoyed a tour of the Athletics Stadium and gave a masterclass to young athletes, the YOG Ambassador said: “I am very happy and honoured to continue in my role as a YOG Ambassador for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. The Youth Olympic Games are a great platform for young athletes, which I experienced first-hand at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games."
"As well as these Games preparing them for their future sports careers by exposing them to all that comes with a high-level international multi-sports event, such as living in a village and the media interest, I saw for myself how the athletes made the most of the opportunities to make friends with different athletes from different countries, to experience different cultures and to really live the YOG spirit.”
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400 days to go to Nanjing 2014!
©IOC / Yang Xi
The countdown is on! In just 400 days, all eyes will be on Nanjing, China, for the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games.
Over 3,600 top athletes, 28 Olympic sports - including golf and rugby sevens, both new to the YOG programme – 10 days of exciting sporting action and 1 awesome event!
Helping Nanjing get ready for this incredible competition are 12 teenage consultants who come from all over the world and who are feeding the organising team with their creative ideas and feedback.
The Teenage Consultants Project, which features young people from 11 different countries, including United States, Germany, Australia and Singapore, also saw the group visit Nanjing for a cultural exchange during which they enjoyed Nanjing’s famous sites such as the Temple of Confucius and the Qinhuai River and were left with unforgettable memories of the city.
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Stay tuned for your chance to design the YOG medal!

Next month, the International Olympic Committee will be giving you the chance to be part of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing next year. You don’t have to be an athlete, a referee or even a YOG Ambassador, all you need to do is take part in our awesome medal design competition.
Yes, on 2 September we will be inviting young and not-so-young people from around the world to take part in this unique opportunity to let their creativity flow and submit a design for the front side of the official medals to be awarded at Nanjing 2014.
Further details regarding the website, procedure, guidelines and awesome prizes will follow soon.
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IOC launches Nanjing 2014 Medal Design Competition

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today launched a competition offering fans and young designers the opportunity to make Olympic history by designing the medal for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.
People all over the world will be able to submit their entries via the website www.medaldesigncompetition.com until 30 November 2013. An IOC judging panel featuring the world-renowned designer, Thomas Heatherwick, and sports names such as Olympic short track speed skating champion Yang Yang and Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games 400m hurdles champion Aurélie Chaboudez, will select a winning design and two runners-up in December. The winning design will then feature on the face of the gold, silver and bronze medals awarded in Nanjing from 16 to 28 August 2014.
The winning designer will win a trip to Nanjing 2014 which includes tickets to the Opening Ceremony, as well as a full collection of medals featuring their design.
Key dates:
• Design submissions will be accepted from 2 September to 30 November 2013.
• The jury will meet in Lausanne to select a winner and two runners-up on 11 December 2013.
• The winner will be announced in December 2013.
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Medal Design Competition now closed for entries


It is that nerve-wracking time… the Youth Olympic Games 2014 Medal Design Competition is now closed and the hundreds of fantastic entries are now in the hands of the IOC judging panel!

The judges, who include Olympic cauldron designer Thomas Heatherwick and Olympic medallists Yang Yang (China), Claudia Bokel (Germany) and Yelena Isinbaeva (Russia) will meet at the IOC headquarters in December to deliberate over the many designs entered from over 50 countries.

Check out the gallery of entries on www.medaldesigncompetition.com

The winning design will be announced later this month.


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IOC announces winner of the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Medal Design Competition



A young sports fan from Slovakia was today announced by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the winner of the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Medal Design Competition.

The winning concept, entitled “Track of Winners”, was chosen from a pool of over 300 entries from 50 plus countries by a prestigious IOC jury who described it as “modern, fresh and dynamic” when they were brought together from across the globe to deliberate the decision earlier this month.

Speaking about his win, 23-year-old Matej Čička said: “It was our school task to join this competition and design a medal. So I drew a lot of sketches and spoke with a teacher to choose the best one. I was inspired by the athletes’ track which, to me, means the base of the Youth Olympic Games. So I put it into my concept and used different shapes to represent the winning athletes and the podium. And finally I called it The Track of Winners.”

The judging panel comprised world-renowned designer Thomas Heatherwick, the man behind the iconic Olympic cauldron at the London 2012 Olympic Games; Youth Olympic Games 400m hurdles gold medallist Aurélie Chaboudez (FRA); Olympic short-track speed skating champion Yang Yang (CHN); Youth Olympic Games Ambassador Yelena Isinbaeva (RUS); Olympic fencer and IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair Claudia Bokel (GER); and IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli.

The panel also selected two runner-up designs that were placed in second and third place behind the winner. They were ‘A Hug From Lele!’ by Hugo Fernández, 29, from Spain; and ‘Stripes of Victory’ by Csaba Szitas, 28, from Slovakia.



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Torch of Nanjing YOG named ‘Door to Happiness’


The torch of Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was unveiled on the opening ceremony of the 4th YOG Cultural Festival on March 21.

The torch was named “Door to Happiness” which will head to Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece, to bring back the Olympic flame for Nanjing.

The total length of “Door to Happiness” is over 50 centimeters, the main body of which is covered in the metallic luster. And the torch is extremely light. The silver-colored part is designed into the shape of letter “n”, which is the initial of the city’s name, Nanjing, and is also in the shape of the city gate of the Ming Dynasty, symbolizing Nanjing’s hope to present its grandeur and brilliance to the world through the games. The blue part represents the Yangtze River, the water of which passes through the gate. The gray strips at the bottom of the torch are the symbol of ripples, rendering the torch more dynamic.

The sign of the torch relay was released on the same day. The sign, which carries the name of “Mei” (Chinese character for “plum”), was designed by Ji Ziyi, a student of Ninghai High School in Nanjing. The sign of torch relay is the extended design of the YOG emblem. Plum blossom is the city flower of Nanjing. Plum blossom was the source of this design, which is colored in five hues – plum blossom red, philanthropist blue, tree green, glazed glass yellow and excellence gold, representing Nanjing’s ethos, spirits, culture, inclusiveness and achievements.

The YOG organizing committee intends to hold the YOG tinder collection at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens as well as the launching ceremony of the online torch relay. The online torch relay will be carried out at the same time by presenting the whole process of tinder collection, international relay and the lighting of the main torch tower. The YOG organizing committee will organize a brief torch relay ceremony in Nanjing.

We have new look for Nanjing 2014 website with more details, information and news :

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Looking back now, Poznan should of won this, seeing as though Asia hosted the 2010 edition (Singapore 2010). I'm confident though that Nanjing will deliver.

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