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Canada Code

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Canada CODE is an online public art project that is part of the Cultural Olympiad and the 2010 Winter Games. We’re launching a global social media initiative that the participants of this forum might be interested in. This is your invitation to take part in the Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremony through a project designed to unite fans from around the world. Once you sign up at Canada Code you’ll receive an official Digital Souvenir live from the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremony. Essentially we’re creating a living work of art, which will be unveiled during the 2010 Games.

You can sign up at Canada Code now and while you’re there explore the online portrait Canadians have already created to welcome the world. Then watch our event unfold from February 12 to 28. You can follow the event on Twitter (www.twitter.com/fanswanted) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/fanswanted) for developments and updates. As the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games brings athletes together, we’re bringing the fans together.

Canada Code website: http://bit.ly/cs85f9

Feel free to link to the promotional video: http://bit.ly/2010_US

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