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Official Ceremony Album

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my top three:

1. Bang the drum - very celebratory although there is a palpable feeling of cheese. beautiful nonetheless

2. Aboriginal Welcome - i really like this track, it has a nice fusion of chanting and classical music.

3. Fire in the mountain - great track to open the ceremonies although what was actually happening even in the stadium and video was forgettable.

Hmm, am not really digging the classical version of "Bang the drum" in the Canadian Athletes track.

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Hi There,

Will CTV ship these to the US?

When I tried to buy it they will only ship within Canada...SIGH!

NBC is terrible, would like a CTV version of everything, any advice?


Try HMV, it seems to be the only store currently that has the albums. I checked the official VANOC store site and couldn't find them on there. Not sure if the US HMV has it listed on their site, but it is on the Canadian HMV site.

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Finally decided to download the album using ITunes...Bang the Drum does what I never thought possible. Makes me actually enjoy a Bryan Adams song. So two thumbs up there VANOC. But as for 'O Canada'...oh dear....

Also went for the 'Hallelujah' version by k.d. lang off her EP, which has the version recorded for the OC.

On a slightly deviated track, I wonder if our friends from the Islamic Republic of Iran enjoyed listening to a lesbian singing a song using an archetypal Christian word of joy :P:P

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Ok just finished listening to everything. This has to be, with Sydney 2000 and Barcelona 92 my fave musical score for an opening ceremony ever :D truly breathaking ( The Olympic Flame, Peaks of Endeavour and Parade of Athletes are my fave trio on the whole album).

I absolutely agree. I just downloaded the album (legally, via Amazon ;)) and listened to it -- and I just love that music! If you listen to the songs and compositions alone, you hear things you didn't notice at first while watching the ceremony (probably because one was distracted by the visual performances). This is really outstanding, inspiring and very modern ceremonial music. It just abounds in emotion -- and that is exactly what is needed for an Olympic ceremony. So future Olympic hosts should listen and learn from that.

What I love most is Sarah McLachlan's "Ordinary Miracles" blending into an instrumental, orchestral version for the ballet and then, as a contemplative or even sad contrast, into Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings.

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Oops, sorry -- I should have looked better. Here's the list of composers or arrangers as stated in my MP3s:

1 - Fire On The Mountain - Dave Pierce

2 - Canadian Athletes - Bryan Adams

3 - Bang The Drum - Jim Vallance

4 - O Canada - Calixa Lavallee

5 - Singers & Drummers of the Four Host First Nations - Sandy Scofiels

6 - Hymn To The North - Dave Pierce

7 - Sacred Grove - Dave Pierce

8 - Ordinary Miracle & Fantasy Ballet - Samuel Barber (well, they mean the composer of the "Adagio For Strings" only)

9 - Rhythms Of The Fall - Dave Pierce

10 - Who Has Seen The Wind - Joni Mitchell

11 - Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell

12 - Storm - Donovan Seidle

13 - Peaks Of Endeavour - Gavin Greenaway

14 - Raising Of The Olympic Flag - Donovan Seidle

(15 - Poem "We Are More" by Shane Koyczan)

16 - Olympic Anthem - Spyros Samaras

17 - Parade of Athletes - Dave Pierce

18 - The Olympic Flame - Gavin Greenaway

Sandy Scofield, not Scofiels

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For anyone that's interested, on the newly released k.d. land album Recollection, there's two versions of Hallelujah. I'd have to see the opening ceremony again, but I think the new version on the second disc is the one that was performed at the opening ceremony. I was just having a listen to it and it might be the one. So for you completists, this is where you can probably get it.

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