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Torino06 Olympic Museum


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Four years after the flame extinguished and just few days to Vancouver's Opening, Torino inaugurated its Olympic museum on 3 february at the presence of Valentino Castellani (The ONE who in practice brought the Olympics under the Mole) and Mercedes Bresso, President of Regione Piemonte.

Itinerant and interactive, the space will show the greatness of the Torino Olympics with video screening, PS simulators, customs, gadgets and everything related to these games.

For the time being the museum is housed inside the Natural Science Museum of Torino (pretty close to the ex 2006 Canadian BC Pavillon) and it will stay there for like 2 years to then touring across Piemonte, Italy and also somewhere abroad.

This is also the only and ever existing olypic museum of Italy. (Rome didn't have one! shame on them! :D )

Now, pics time.








Other ones here: http://torino.repubblica.it/multimedia/home/22864221/1

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Great news - although a big shame it doesn't have a permenant home - once it goes on tour and comes back to Torino the enthusiasm may have faded to make it permenant. I hope not though!

Frankly, I don't see this being a problem.

I don't think they would have problems to find a permanent stage after the touring. Torino is plenty of renovated museums and new venues as part of the Olympic Legacy.

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