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The Excellent Olympic Adventure

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My Opening Ceremonies

Well then, here we are…the start.

I suppose the best way to kick things off would be a bit of an introduction. My ‘actual’ name is Scott..and I’m from Toronto, ON. I’ve always been big into sports, especially those of the winter variety. Growing up I played just about everything, but eventually I settled on my two primary passions: Hockey and Curling. I still curl two-three times a week, and play a little shinny whenever I get a chance. I suppose you can’t get much more Canadian than that!

Given my love for these two sports, my interest in the Olympics is just a natural extension. There is no grander stage for any sport than the Olympic Games; I love the drama, the worldwide attention and the chance to see the best play against the best.

With all this in mind, when Vancouver won the games, it was almost a certainty that I would at least try to get out to Vancouver. Back in 2003, the path on how that would happen wasn’t all that clear. I was still in my 2nd year of university, and clearly lacking in finances. But over 7 years, that ‘want’ has slowly progressed from just a random thought into full-fledge planning to make it a reality. This will be my first Games, and I couldn’t be more excited for the chance to see Canada at a home Olympics.

Fro the Games, I’ll be travelling with 5 other friends in total. Two of us will be there the full time, two for the first week only and two for the second week only.

We will be based in Vancouver for the pretty much the entire Games, save a 36 hour trip up to Whistler, and attending more events that we probably should be. During every ticketing Phase, I simply couldn’t say ‘no’…if something good was available, and I had the time free, I picked it up. For myself, I’ll be attending:

Day 2 – IH002 - Women's Hockey - Canada v. Slovakia

Day 3 - FR002 – Men’s Moguls

Day 4 - SB001 – Men’s Snowboard Cross

Day 5 - IH007 – Men's Hockey – USA v. Switzerland

Day 5 - IH009 – Men's Hockey – Canada v. Norway

Day 6 - IH013 – Women's Hockey – Canada v. Sweden

Day 7 - IH017 – Men's Hockey – USA v. Norway

Day 7 - IH019 – Men's Hockey – Canada v. Switzerland

Day 8 - CU012 – Women’s Curling Qualification

Day 9 - ST003 – Short Track W1500m/M1000m

Day 10 - IH030 – Men's Hockey – Russia v. Czech Republic

Day 10 - IH031 – Men's Hockey – Canada v. USA

Day 10 - VC008 – Day 10 Victory Ceremony

Day 11 - CU019 – Men’s Curling Qualification

Day 11 - CU020 – Women’s Curling Qualification

Day 12 - BS003 – Women’s Bobsled Qualification

Day 14 - IH046 – Women’s Hockey Gold Medal

Day 15 - CU031 – Women’s Curling Gold Medal

Day 16 - SS012 – Team Pursuit Speed Skating Finals

Day 16 - CU033 – Men’s Curling Gold Medal

It will be a lot, probably too much, but I’m going to try to cram every bit of the Olympic experience in that I can!

Anyways, that what is in store. I will be trying to post as much original content as I can in this space, but I also don’t want to spend the entire Olympics sitting in front of a computer writing, so on occation I will be linking to my primary blog at http://theexcellentolympicadventure.blogspot.com. I’ve been writing there for almost a year and a half, so if you get a chance, wander on over and check it out.

I fly out in 68 hours! Not that I’m counting…GO CANADA GO!


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