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Philippines will host 2005 south east asian games

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And the accusations go on. Thailand's back on the attack:

BANGKOK, Dec 2 (AFP) - Thailand on Friday again criticised the Philippines over its handling of the South East Asian Games and vowed to do a better job when it hosts the event in 2007.

In another dig at the Philippines, which is currently hosting the games and leading the table of event winners, the government took aim at the ``incorrect'' idea that the host of the biennial event should win the most medals.

Spokesman Surapong Suebwonglee told reporters in Bangkok that Thailand wanted to reassure people it would be a fair host for the next South East Asian games competition.

``As the host country, we will be good hosts and guarantee fair play in order to upgrade regional sports into international standards,'' Surapong said.

``The host must extend a good welcome to visitors and have fairness in mind,'' he said.

Phillipines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Thursday announced an investigation into remarks by Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra about fairness in officiating results.

Many Thais have felt discontent because after watching some of the events shown live on television, the events Thais lost had been frequently replayed, allowing mistakes in judging decisions to be seen, Surapong said.

Among the examples he cited were the final of the men's 5,000 meters run which was marred by blocking, and women's taekwondo, where Thailand's Olympic bronze medalist Yawopa Burapolchai was defeated by her Filipina opponent.

Surapong said he wanted games officials to know people across the region were closely watching the Games and that Thai athletes had been affected by ``unfair play.''

Separately, about 40 protestors rallied outside the Thai embassy in Manila on Friday to denounce Thaksin's accusations, a local television network reported.


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Let's see what's going to happen next SEA Games which they will host. I can guarantee you they'll try to break the gold medal record set by Indonesia at 194. My last post will probably give you an idea how will that happen in Thailand.

I hate what President Arroyo did though. She should stand by her countrymen and the judges. She just bending to the pressure, being pushed by the Thais. Add to this fact that the Thais insulted the Philippines by saying the Philippines is not a Top 3 contender in the SEA Games and she still bends over to the Thais.

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The Philippines is pulling away... GO TEAM PHILIPPINES!!!

RP picks up 10 golds, pulls away

By Abac Cordero

The Philippine Star 12/03/2005

Once again, the Philippines kept its strongest rivals at bay in the 23rd Southeast Asian Games.

With only three days remaining in the competition, the Filipino athletes kept their heads high above water, winning nine of the 34 gold medals disputed in 13 sports yesterday.

As of 10:30 p.m.last night, the Philippines had 74 gold, 53 silver and 57 bronze medals. It only needs to hang on, mightily and strong, in the next couple of days to clinch its first overall crown in SEA Games history.

But it won’t be easy.

Thailand finally overtook erstwhile second placer Vietnam with 47-55-73 gold-silver-bronze medals. Vietnam, which won the overall title back home in 2003, dropped to third with 46-48-55. Malaysia closed in on the top 3 with 41-30-36.

Despite the size of the RP lead in the medal standings, Mike Keon, the training director of the Filipino athletes, still sees a three-cornered fight for the overall crown.

The next two days will be the toughest for the Philippines and the Games itself. Forty-five golds will be up for grabs in 14 sports today, and a record 100 golds (based on previous information) tomorrow, the penultimate day.

It’s going to be "Sunday bloody Sunday."

Follow the story here

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I hate what President Arroyo did though. She should stand by her countrymen and the judges. She just bending to the pressure, being pushed by the Thais.

No - you interpret Pres. Arroyo's directive incorrectly.  SHe is doing what she is supposed to do as a fair, unbiased, impartial leader of the host country.  If indeed, there was favoritism and bias on the host Filipinos' part, then that should not be allowed to go uncorrected.  However, if the Thais are just crying wolf, then an honest, unbiased investigation will let that out -- and shame them.  GMA is handling it correctly.

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I hate what President Arroyo did though. She should stand by her countrymen and the judges. She just bending to the pressure, being pushed by the Thais.

No - you interpret Pres. Arroyo's directive incorrectly.  SHe is doing what she is supposed to do as a fair, unbiased, impartial leader of the host country.  If indeed, there was favoritism and bias on the host Filipinos' part, then that should not be allowed to go uncorrected.  However, if the Thais are just crying wolf, then an honest, unbiased investigation will let that out -- and shame them.  GMA is handling it correctly.

Oh I totally understand your point. But look at what happened now. The Thais are still implying, although not directly mentioning the Philippines, that the Philippines is cheating. And the Thai Prime Minister has already discredited the investigation by saying that it's not the hosts who's supposed to investigate the matter and it should be talked about in the next ASEAN Meeting. She should at least stand by the officials as non-Filipino judges are assigned to any match where a Filipino is participating. In fact, some protests have resulted in summons against 2 Thai judges by favoring their own athlete.

Their statements can't correct what they've already said. They can't have it both ways, implying although not directly mentioning, that the Philippines cheated. And at the same time, calling our hosting gracious and hospitable.

Where can you find a competition where boxing is very popular and we still lost some of our bouts? Only in the Philippines. I remember the Thais sweeping all the boxing events in 1995 when they hosted and their taekwondo jins dominating with clear dubious calls. Even other countries are complaining in that edition of the Games. The Thais have won 157 Gold Medals.

One thing is clear in all of this, the Thais are sour-graping. And they're getting ready to break the record with gold medals won (194) set by Indonesia in 1997 when they'll host in 2007.

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Philippine National Training Director fires back...

Keon scores Thai PM's 'unsportsmanlike behavior'


National training director Michael Keon on Saturday slammed Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra for alleging that the Philippines was favoring its athletes to boost its gold medal production in the 23rd Southeast Asian Games.

Speaking at the weekly Kapihan sa Sulo news forum, Keon said Thaksin’s comment was an insult to the Filipino athletes who worked hard to reach the present level of competition.

"It is very unsportsmanlike for him to issue such comment. This the first time a [government] leader commented that way while a sporting event is ongoing. That is why we’re surprised," said Keon, a former Philippine Olympic Committee president and executive director of the successful Project: Gintong Alay.

He challenged the accusers to file an appeal instead of hurling "empty claims."

Follow the story here

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Funny Thing!

The Thais are unashamed to bash my country's hosting of the SEAG when their own set of judges were sanctioned during the last few days for giving biased judging.

Another funny thing!

Its Thaksin and Thais back in their home who are complaining about fairness in the SEAG, when the Thai contingent (athletes and officials) themselves who are standing by the sidelines at the actual venues are saying nothing

The accusations of biased judging and cheating is always present in any international sports events because there are winners and there are some losers, it just so happened that the one who brought this issue up is the hresad of state none the less. (shame!)

On being a better host than the Philippines:

Yes, I personally have no doubt in my mind that you (Thailand) will be better hosts two years from now. Though I consider myself to be a very patriotic Filipino, I would not even dare to connect any positive superlative to our country's organizing and hosting committees. But I do hope that you and our other SEA neighbors appreciate the efforts that have been made. We've provided accomodation for the delegation's lodging and venues for playing, we've likwise provided for the medals. Point: We've provided for the basics!

Creative aspect:

We've created a logo which is by far the best I've seen even in comparison to the Asian Games.

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We're moving closer and closer... 83 Golds for Team Philippines!

Thailand overtakes Vietnam to take 2nd place

Thailand has overtaken Vietnam in the second place at the 23rd Southeast Asian Games during the seventh day of competition.

As of 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Thailand got 52 golds, 57 silvers and 72 bronzes. Vietnam's medal tally stood at 51 golds, 47 silvers and 60 bronzes.

The Philippines, the host country of the games, still leads the competitions with a medal tally of 83 gold, 61 silvers and 60 bronzes.

More than 100 gold medals are up for grabs on Sunday on the penultimate round of the nine-day biennial event that will be capped by a grudge match between Thailand and Vietnam in the football finals.

Malaysia is in the fourth place with 41 golds, 30 silvers and 34 bronzes.

Indonesia is trailing behind Malaysia with 28 golds, 46 silvers and 53 bronzes.

Follow the story here

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1 more day of competitions to go and it's already the best performance by Team Philippines in SEA Games entire history!!!

RP on threshold of SEAG overall crown

By Abac Cordero

The Philippine Star 12/04/2005

The Philippines moved ever closer to the overall crown and would need only to hang on to the next 48 hours to be hailed the new regional sporting power in 23rd Southeast Asian Games.

Behind another display of its great will to win, the Filipino athletes further pulled away from its closest pursuers and will only have to watch their backs during the last two days of the competition.

The Philippines won 16 golds for the day.

With an amazing seven-day haul of 91 gold, 60 silver and 70 bronze medals, the Philippines is almost unreachable heading into today’s big battle where a record 96 gold medals will be on the line.

The Philippines is more than 30 gold medals ahead of Vietnam and Thailand, engaged in a neck-to-neck battle for second. Only a major disaster can make the Philippines yield the overall lead, and the title.

Thailand, as of 11 last night, surged past Vietnam with a 58-63-92 (gold-silver-bronze) count. Vietnam slid to third with 52-51-69. Both countries need a miracle starting today if they are to rob the Philippines of a historic win.

Timor Leste won its first medal in its first SEA Games participation — a bronze in the women’s arnis (individual anyo) courtesy of Francisca Varela. She will be remembered as the country’s first medalist in the SEA Games.

Follow the story here

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It seems like there's something behind the Thai's PM's statements regarding our hosting... You'll find it in the middle of the article

Thai Deputy PM: Our Friendship remains


Politically driven

A pro-administration congressman offered one theory as to why Thaksin was making noises about supposed dubious officiating in the Games.

Thaksin is facing popular discontent at home and he wants to boost his image among Thais even at the expense of his Philippine neighbors, Albay Rep. Joey Salceda, chair of the House economics committee, suggested yesterday.

Salceda, a supporter of Ms Arroyo, urged the Philippine government to insist on a public apology from Thaksin for his remarks, which provoked protests in congressional halls and in the streets.

Salceda said Thaksin's remarks were "clearly politically driven" and the Arroyo administration should show it was not such a pushover that the Thai prime minister could play political football with Philippine dignity.


Follow the article here

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Hi there everyone!

Mr. Baron Pierre, allow me to thank you for the wonderful videos of some Olympic games you've recorded. Those are truly priceless.

Blueview, it's really been a while since we last met. I hope you enjoyed your volunteer stint in the SEA Games.


I am really proud of the performance and vigor shown by all the athletes in this SEA Games. Amidst the political and economic turmoil that doused the entire archipelago for years, hosting this biennial meet and winning the First Over-all Championship is really a great gift to my ailing country. All I can say is that may politicking and corruption be thwarted in our sports program so we could really develop top-caliber athletes and produce optimum performances in all the local and international sporting events. A big kudos to all the volunteers who sacrificed time and money just to support the Philippine campaign and make it truly a memorable success.

To our fellow Southeast Asians, I remember the cheer at the end of the closing cermonies earlier (I was on stage, a little teary-eyed while shouting "ONE BIG HEART" while the host was presenting the "ATHLETES OF SOUTHEAST ASIA!") That was the most nostalgic phrase that will really linger in my thoughts for the rest of my life. We are ONE SOUTHEAST ASIA and WE CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY AND RICH CULTURAL HERITAGE!!!!

Now that the SEA Games is over, I wish everyone the very best and hope to see all of you in Bangkok (I promise I'll be there).

Thank you Filipino Athletes!!!!! Thank you fellow Southeast Asians and Mabuhay!!!


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The para-games is being held now..

I don't expect the jugdging would be as bias as the SEA Games that just concluded..

Oh by the way, the Malaysian Wushu team who were "not good enough" for any gold medal during the SEA Games in the Philippines, won 4 gold medals at the just concluded World Wushu Championships in Hanoi.

Malaysian wushu team prove big point at world meet after Manila flop

The national wushu team returned with a broad smile yesterday after having given spectacular performances in the Eighth World Championships, which ended in Hanoi on Wednesday.  

The four gold medals raked in by the team not only left no doubt as to who are the real masters of the art in the region but they also more than made up for the disappointment of a worst-ever outing in the SEA Games.

In Manila prior to the world championships, Malaysia finished without a gold medal for the first time since the sport was introduced to the biennial Games in 1991.

Malaysia had a two-gold target in Manila but the early sign that this would not be realised came in the very first event when favourite Ho Ro Bin settled for silver behind an unknown Filipino even through he put up a performance worthy of a champion in the eyes of many.

Malaysia eventually ended up with two silvers and three bronzes while the Philippines won 11 of the 18 gold medals at stake in the taolu (weapons and bare hands) categories.

Previously, Malaysia have won no more than one gold medal at the world meet. In fact, the four-gold haul was better than the total of three titles won since Malaysia entered the world stage fray in 1991.

The championships ended on Wednesday evening with the sanshou (sparring) finals and China, as expected, emerged as the overall champions with 18 gold medals.

Vietnam claimed three more gold medals from sanshou to take their tally to five while Malaysia were third on 4-1-5.

The Philippines ended their gold-medal drought with three of their sanshou exponents emerging as the champion. They did not win a single gold medal in the taolu categories.

Macau, Hong Kong, Russia and Iran took two gold medals each. Taiwan, South Korea, Italy and Holland had one each.

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I didn't went through with the volunteer thing, had big conflict with my thesis schedule. did you watch any of the ceremonies live?

on the closing ceremony:

i still love the opening better than the closing though ilove the finale of the "one big heart!" to say that the fireworks was spectacular would be an injustice, it was soo good, there can a point when the ground actually reverberated with the bangs.

the handover segment of the thai contingent worked extremely well as there was an actual stage where they could do a small presentation. If it was held in a full stadium, the turnover presentation usually in the SEAG becomes confined to the track area closest to the main grandstand. the fireworks that accompanied the thai presentation made it so much more appealing.

I did'nt like the documentary-ish video that accompanied the thai presentation. it was a morbid mix of tourism plugs and home videos.

Its so nice that all the athletes (local and foreign) that remained at the stage area for the one-big heart segment were really getting on their groove with all the ati-atihan dancers.


where did you get that news article that you posted?

why do they always imply that any Malaysian champion gets beaten by an "unknown" opponent. Did it ever occur to them that this situation works the same way if the event is held overseas? That a Filipino champion gets beaten by an "unknown" opponent.

"Malaysia had a two-gold target in Manila but the early sign that this would not be realised came in the very first event when favourite Ho Ro Bin settled for silver behind an unknown Filipino even through he put up a performance worthy of a champion in the eyes of many.

Is this sour-graping at its very finest?

In Wushu? I went to the last two days of competiton of the taolu and sanshou events, The Philippines and Vietman both got the lion share of the medals.

Though it was said that the Philippines has the upper-hand in including sports that will favor them particularly local sports, the country only inserted two: dancesport and arnis. But after the dust settles the country only won two golds in dancesport and (the most shocking for me) the country tied in its medal standings in arnbis with Vietnam.

The RP chess team which romped off as the chess champions in Vietnam two years ago have been stomped by Vietnam leaving them not a single gold medal to go home with.

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SEA Para Games update:

From inq7.net (Philippines) Dec 20, 2005 3.02AM

WORLD Para Games medallist Adeline Dumapong shattered her personal record en route to a golden finish in powerlifting even as athletics accounted for four more Philippine golds in the 3rd Asean Para Games yesterday at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex.

The five golden performances, unfortunately, weren’t enough as the Philippines slipped from fifth to sixth place on Day 5 with an 18-32-25 gold-silver-bronze tally.

The Philippines failed to match the gold-medal surge of Indonesia, which posted key wins in athletics and swimming to jump from sixth to fourth place with a 25-16-15 haul.

Unrivaled in almost every sport, Thailand is assured of the overall title with a 103-55-23 record. Still 40 golds behind was Vietnam with a 63-28-18 tally, while Malaysia took the third spot at 61-29-15.

From bernama.com (Malaysia) Dec 20, 2005 9.08AM
MANILA, Dec 20 (Bernama) -- Malaysia fell to third place in the medal tally in the 3rd Asean Paragames Monday after Vietnam collected five golds more than them.

The national contingent today bagged 19 golds to raise their total to 75 gold, 40 silver and 26 bronze medals while the Vietnamese has 80 gold, 36 silver and 22 bronze.

Thailand remain on top with 139 gold, 64 silver and 28 bronze medals.

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Third Asean Paragames Closes On A High Note

MANILA, Dec 20 (Bernama) -- The Third Asean Paragames drew to a close on a high note at the Intra Golf Club here with the participation of about 1,500 people including the athletes.

The organising committee chairman, Michael Barredo in his closing speech said the Games achieved its objective to foster greater goodwill among the competing countries and hoped this would continue in the future.

He then handed over the Games flag to Thailand's Deputy Tourism and Sport Minister, Tawatchai Sadjakul. Thailand will host the Fourth Asean Paragames in 2007.

At this meet, Thailand defended their title as champions, winning 145 gold, 66 silver and 32 bronze.

Malaysia came in third behind Vietnam with 78 gold, 41 silver and 30 bronze. Vietnam's haul was 82 gold, 43 silver and 28 bronze.

For Malaysia it was their best outing yet at these paragames, with a 22-gold increase over their previous achievement in 2003.

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Hi there Blueview!

Yes, you were absolutely right with all your comments. Had the government gave special consideration for the games, it might have been one of the most spectacular SEA Games editions we have seen. Nevertheless, majority of the sports where the Filipino athletes were expected to shine actually delivered.

The opening and closing rites both have their share of opportunities. Let me add that there were also quibbles regarding the success of the games itself.

I think it also left somehow a feeling of attention to all the people concerned knowing that hosting sporting events (major or minor)should really be given enough attention and support. I just heard lately, if rumors were correct, that certain sponsors have been complaining about the lack of exposure they got from sponsoring the games (sports marketers..anyone?).

By the way, are there Filipino forum users here as well? Let your opinions be disclosed here as well.

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