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National Flag Bearers

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Exactly. The bobsledders have enough time until their competitions, so they could easily take "the heavy burden" of going to the opening ceremony. So I would still not rule out André Lange.

Furthermore, the athletes in Torino had exactly the same "problem" (the snow cluster was about equally as far away from the opening ceremony venue as it's now in Vancouver), and nevertheless many German athletes from the snow cluster went to the ceremony as well (remember, biathlete Kati Wilhelm was the flag bearer).

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Haven't heard anything about the Brazilian Flagbearer as of yet, but the safest bet would be Isabel Clark. She had the honor to do so in Torino and, having the best finish in the history of Brazilian Winter Olympians, a 9th place in Women's Snowboarding, she's the likely choice.

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About the National Flag Bearers of China, it will be normally announced on the eve of the opening ceremony as New Zealand.

i guess that the candidates are Wang Meng(middle) and Han Xiao-Peng(the second from the right).


Wang Meng:Olympic Champion of women's 500m speed skating Turin 2006.


Han Xiao-Peng:Olympic Champion of free skiing Turin 2006.

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It's official. Isabel Clark will carry the Brazilian flag into the stadium.


If you're curious about why she's holding a 2006 Swiss Olympic Team Jersey, that's because she traded it with some guy in the Turin games.

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Won't be announced until a couple of days before - but I'd be astonished if it isn't Shelly Rudman, our only medallist from Torino. She deserves it.

Shelley's local paper down in Wiltshire is campaigning for her to get the nod, but I certainly wouldn't be putting any money on her getting the nod.

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Okay, here we go. Official flag bearers:

BELARUS: Oleg Antonenko, Icehockey


CZECH REPUBLIC: Jaromir Jagr, Icehockey


NORWAY: Tommy Jakobsen, Icehockey


RUSSIA: Alexei Morozov, Icehockey


FINLAND: Ville Peltonen, Icehockey


SLOVAKIA: Zigmund Palffy, Icehockey


Hockey is really a great sport. :D

Tomorrow Sweden's flag bearer will be announced. The big favorites are Peter Forsberg(icehockey, what a surprise! :rolleyes: ) and Anette Norberg (curling). I hope for the two time Olympic hockey champion Forsberg. :)

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Still surprised that the Australian flag bearer hasn't been announced - still reckon it will be Torah Bright

Probably later on today, it's usually announced at the Oz Teams's games eve knees-up.

Seems the aerialists are out - they're in camp in Montreal till Monday, and Aussie Dale is an unlikely home town starter. Money seems to be on Torah or skier Craig Branch. In which case I'll guess Branch. Torah's more of a medal hope, and we usually honour one of our medal winners with carrying out the flag in closing ceremony.

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