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Roma 2020 Bid

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??? Venezia 2020 already published its pre applicant file a few days ago ...

oh right thx

still, the Italians seem to be quicker than everyone else at this stage

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Latin-to-latin? This does not seem a serious problem.

Europe in 2018 would be indeed.

Rome project is really fascinating. Although "improvable".

I do have to admit Italy this time is moving really fast...I hope this will be a plus! :)

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Rome chosen as Italy bidder for 2020 Games

ROME (Reuters) - Rome has been picked as Italy's bidder for the 2020 Olympic Games after beating off a bold proposal from Venice, the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) said on Wednesday.

Officials in the Italian capital, which hosted the Games in 1960, are confident of bringing the Olympics to the ancient city because they believe it will be Europe's turn following the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

CONI's board selected Rome with one vote against and one abstention after a report by a special committee dashed Venice's hopes because the bid did not fulfill the necessary criteria.

"Venice would not reach the points threshold laid down by the International Olympic Committee," a CONI report said.


The choice of Italy's bid city has also been tortuous after Palermo and Bari said last year they were interested in hosting the 2020 edition.

CONI president Gianni Petrucci reacted angrily to the uncontrolled rush of intent, saying at the time: "There are as many Italian cities bidding as there are pizzas in Naples."

Bari was excluded from bidding and Palermo's plans never got off the ground so Rome and Venice were left to undergo a rigorous set of appraisals by CONI.

Venice's bid had romantic appeal but very few of the events would have taken place in the world famous canal city.

Bid organizers planned on using the neighboring cities of Treviso and Padua as part of proposals to regenerate the area.

Rome's Olympic Stadium from 1960, with accompanying swimming and tennis facilities, has been renovated and is home to soccer teams AS Roma and Lazio as well as a major athletics meeting.

Last year the complex successfully hosted soccer's Champions League final, despite worries over street violence, and the world swimming championships which ran vastly over budget.

Italy hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

The International Olympic Committee will decide in 2013 on who will host the 2020 Summer Games.


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This is a strong European rival for Africa. The only thing that could hurt this bid is the proximity of Torino 2006.

Maybe Italy bidding encourages other European cities to take part on this race. 2020 Olympics will be either in Europe or Africa.

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2020 Olympics will be either in Europe or Africa.

...or Asia. Tokyo's very likely to throw their hat in the mix again, too. The only thing that could thwart that of course, is a Pyeong Chang 2018 win. Otherwise, Asia would be another strong contender.

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The US should talk. We have a $13 trillion deficit!

Yeah, but we're not the one's dragging down the global market at the moment. It's the EU.

Don't get me wrong. I'm extremely uncomfortable with the size of the U.S. deficit. But we have enough economic muscle to handle it. There are countries that still think we're a decent investment. The same cannot be said for the likes of Greece. It's not just the size of the deficit that matters here. It's the size of the deficit in proportion to the economic power of the country in question. Italy and the U.S. aren't on the same playing field.

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Not strictly Rome bid related. But not unrelated either ...

Australia and Italy sign Olympic Agreement

21 October 2010

Australia’s Olympic athletes will benefit greatly from a new partnership with the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) which will allow them to be based in Italy and other parts of Europe to train prior to the London Games in 2012.

Under the Co-operation Agreement between the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and the CONI, Australian athletes will also have access to medical and physiotherapy treatment.

The Agreement signed in Acapulco, Mexico, at the Association of National Olympic Committees’ Assembly, stretches to the end of 2016 with an option to renew for a further four years to 2020.

Rome is considering a bid for the 2020 Olympic Games and if successful would make the Co-operation Agreement even more valuable to Australian athletes.

“The Agreement opens the door for our Olympic sports to put in place initiatives they consider will support their pre-London plans and beyond,” AOC President John Coates said.

It is expected that under the Agreement the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) will strike a deal with its equivalent in Italy, the CONI Institute, to exchange sports science, sports medicine, high performance and coaching expertise.

There is the added benefit of the European Training Centre at Varese in northern Italy, which is funded by the Federal Government and controlled by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). The centre is due to commence operations in December.

“Providing our athletes with access to similar levels of sports medicine and science they enjoy in Australia is a critical part of elite athletes’ preparation for international competition,” Coates said.

“When you combine having a base in Europe with access to good competition and sports science, it means Aussie athletes have a viable option to base themselves in Europe.“

By avoiding the expense of flying to and from Australia during the qualification events throughout 2011 and in the key competition months before the London Games it will make a big difference to those sports with heavy European race calendars.

“Reducing the ‘tyranny of distance’ will mean our sports’ limited funding can stretch that much further,” Coates said.

Many Australian athletes will train and compete in the UK and Europe prior to the London Games to acclimatise to the northern hemisphere summer.

Italian athletes will also come to Australia for training camps. It is anticipated they will come during the long European winters when Australia is in the height of summer. This will help engage our athletes in sports in which we are not traditionally strong and will improve from international competition.

Coaching staff from both nations also stand to benefit from a sharing of knowledge.

Similar preparations were supported by the AOC prior to the 2004 Athens Olympics and the 2008 Games in Beijing with great success.


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President of CONI Gianni Petrucci communicated to Rogge the bid intention for Roma 2020, following the decision of CONI National Coucil.

Petrucci a Rogge, Roma candidata 2020

Ad Acapulco incontro con presidente Cio per la corsa ai Giochi

(ANSA) - ACAPULCO (MESSICO), 21 OTT - Il Presidente del Coni Gianni Petrucci, incontrando questa mattina ad Acapulco il Presidente del Cio, Jacques Rogge, ha personalmente comunicato al numero uno dello sport mondiale la decisione di candidare Roma per le Olimpiadi del 2020. E' il primo incontro ufficiale tra i due presidenti dopo la decisione del Consiglio Nazionale del Coni di candidare la Capitale. 'E' stato un doveroso atto di cortesia - ha spiegato all'ANSA il presidente del Coni - che Rogge ha molto gradito'.

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And we have 2020's Madrid!!

NO WAY! 2020's Madrid will be Madrid itself!!

what are you referring to?

If you haven't realized yet, as Madrid's always the worst and does everything wrong <_< it's kind of a "Rome is a strong bid, but it's impossible for it to win".

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NO WAY! 2020's Madrid will be Madrid itself!!

If you haven't realized yet, as Madrid's always the worst and does everything wrong <_< it's kind of a "Rome is a strong bid, but it's impossible for it to win".

at least we were 2nd after Athens------- :cheers:

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