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Lighting The Flame

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Question to baron pierre (I'm pretty sure you have the answer)

I dont know if it's was in my dream since I cannot find any source leading with what I think remember. For me the most amazing torch lighting was in Lillehammer when the torch was lit with somebody going toward the cauldron =with a downhill in skis... Am I crazy? So wonderful I cannot even describe this moment! But I cannot see any source saying it really did happen. I'm so confuse! please somebody light me up!

I guess as you saw in the clip, the LEAD-UP to the Crown Prince was the most gravity-defying m.o. ever...but unfortuantely, it was only a lead-up. Had that skier lit the cauldron; then it would've matched the singular drama of the Barcelonian arrow!! I really think Towerguy should've volunteered himself as a human torch for Vancouver 2010!!

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Thanks everybody.... It was a journey troughtout my first olympic ceremony I could witness... I was too young for Calgary'88

Lillehammer also open of Feb 12th? Maybe it's a good sign for vancouver!

What should we do in a close stadium to match the best lighting ever? We have big shoes to fill in!

You're right baron it's a shame he wasnt the final torch bearer but still and amazing moment... so powerful like I remembered. thanks for the clip.

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I cannot know because in Québec this hockey player is forgotten.... the reason is simple the quebeckers. (older 50) still remeber DEEPLY Maurice Richard, then Guy Lafleur, then Mario Lemieux/gretzky are the greatest hockey player. We all hear bobby orr at the television selling chips (this is how I remember him)... but I dont know one person in my crew of friends, family etc... who talk about bobby orr... with the passions in his eyes like the others players I list peoples because we cheer for quebeckes in general, wayne is the only exception. But you are right it's probably a question of generation in the ROC.

For me, I'm so sure it will be Wayne Gretzky it's so obvious, that I dont think anymore it will be him... Too easy to "pin". Since the Vancouver bid I had a feeling it will be gretzky.... and since vanoc want to make a surprises... all door are opens now to others contestants. One more thing. Atkins said they want a "mohammed ali moment" what kind of olympian in canada do we have that can fit "this mohammed ali" moment? Hurricane carter? (since he lives now in toronto, just joking LOL). I that sense Betty Fox is probably the closest I know from a muhammed ali. I'm just curious? Any taught?

By the way, I'm not against Gretzky

The jersey I will wear every time I will go to GM Place is the 98 Nagano Canada jersey with the number 99 and his name in the back.

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Lillehammer 1994 - Best torch entrance ever (personaly i liked the music i tought it was really epic)

I would put Athens 2004 as my second fave entrance ever, and i also liked the torch didnt entered through the same way athletes do, but at the north tribune (as well for Atlanta, altough the lightning was horrible IMO)

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Guys, guys -- this isn't the thread "my favourite cauldron lighting". Please, stick a little bit more to the original topic. I always think there's a new development or opinion about the final torchbearer in Vancouver when I see that a new posting has been made.

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For me, one of the most spectacular lighting is the one from the 1992 Barcelona Games

Following this lighting in barcelona....maybe vancouver 2010 should find a way to lightout the flame with a "shot, score and the flame is lit" Could be so epic..... Canada is hockey- Hockey is Canada

I also heard many peoples who want gaetan boucher to light the flamme (including Clara Hughes torch bearer) since he is one of the most decorated canadian athlete at the olympic

"Boucher held the Canadian record for most medals won at a single Olympics, winning three at the 1984 Winter Olympics. This was surpassed by Cindy Klassen at the 2006 Winter Olympics, who won five. He was World Sprint Champion in 1984, as well as runner-up four times." source: Wikipedia

His career inspired many skaters now on the canadian team. But he is a long shot.... not well known in Canada. He is a little bit like nancy greene who arent really well known in the east (unleast proven wrong). Also, I really dont believe it will be a quebecker might be too controversial. We need somebody well known in all canada.

Canada's Athletes of the 20th Century

as voted on in a 1999 survey of newspaper editors and broadcasters conducted by the Canadian Press and Broadcast News:

Top 10 Female Athletes

Nancy Greene (born 1943), skier

Silken Laumann (born 1964), rower

Barbara Ann Scott (born 1928), figure skater

Myriam Bédard (born 1969), biathlon

Marnie McBean (born 1968), rower

Fanny "Bobbie" Rosenfeld (1904-1969), track-and-field (voted female athlete of the first half of the century)

Catriona Le May Doan (born 1970), speed skater

Sandra Post (born 1948), golfer

Marilyn Bell (born 1937), long distance swimmer

Elaine Tanner (born 1951), swimmer

Top 10 Male Athletes

Wayne Gretzky (born 1961), ice hockey player

Gordie Howe (born 1928), ice hockey player

Bobby Orr (born 1948), ice hockey player

Lionel Conacher (1901–-1954), multi-sport athlete (voted male athlete of the first half of the century)

Maurice Richard (1921–-2000), ice hockey player

Donovan Bailey (born 1967), track-and-field

Ferguson Jenkins (born 1943), baseball player

Mario Lemieux (born 1965), ice hockey player

Larry Walker (born 1966), baseball player

Gaétan Boucher (born 1958), speed skater

Team of the Century

1972 Team Canada in ice hockey — defeated the Soviet Union in the first ever series involving NHL players

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