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More Problems With Bc Place Roof

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More problems with BC Place Roof:


Cypress Mountain isn’t the only Olympic venue where rain wreaked havoc with VANOC last week.

24 hours has learned that a large quantity of water cascaded through drainage holes on B.C. Place Stadium’s roof and crashed to the floor around 8 p.m. Thursday night.

A panel of the air-supported fabric roof inverted when water accumulated during a rainstorm.

The roof is under stress from the weight of light and speaker trusses hung for the 2010 Winter Olympics’ Feb. 12 opening ceremony.

“It appeared like a waterfall,” said a source who declined to be named.

VANOC, stadium management and roof maintenance contractor Riggit Services met Friday.

A third person was added to Riggit’s crew, which is on-call around the clock at the Olympic ceremonies stadium.

VANOC and stadium

officials did not respond to interview requests on Sunday.

“I can’t comment on that,” said Riggit president Rick Smith. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve got contracts, I can’t speak to any reporters.”

A tent and blue hoses were visible on the roof Sunday.

Last Wednesday, VANOC closed snowboarding and freestyle skiing venue Cypress because rain and high temperatures wiped snow off the slopes.

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No big deal. The roof of Frankfurt's World Cup Stadium (yes, exactly the same stadium from which BC Place borrows the concept for its new roof) leaked, too, when heavy rain came down during the 2005 Confederations Cup final. And nevertheless, nobody doubted the roof's security -- and there were no problems with it when the "big event", the World Cup, took place one year later.

And now in BC Place's case, not even the roof itself leaked but only the drainage holes which are intended to leak. And only one of the panels inverted (and didn't even burst). So, once again: No big deal.

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Not sure where to post condition info so I'm droppin' in here.

Sounds like conditions suck at Cypress, it was a little harder than usual getting info on the park since it closed early, and their site seemed to be editing info for a bit but now it's all about rain again. Oh....and of course we all know they piled snow under tarps for later...if needed.....let's hope it gets COLDER, it could still dump at the drop of a hat, and there's lots of time.

The season pass holder seem to be getting a little impatient, though they must have known this was going to be a hassle through the games. Even 2 years ago and last year there were major closures on the hill at Whistler.

Here's a note form the Cypress web-site


To preserve and protect the integrity of the Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing courses at Cypress Mountain for the 2010 Winter Games, the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (VANOC) and Cypress Mountain have agreed to close the Alpine Ski Area to the public.

This difficult decision to close the Alpine Area to the public two and a half weeks earlier than planned follows days of unseasonably warm and wet weather in the Vancouver area. The course building crews are now actively working to preserve snow on ski trails which could be needed to supplement the snow on the courses.

We appreciate the support and understanding of all our regular skiers and riders in making this decision in support of VANOC's commitment to the successful staging of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

We will be providing additional information over the coming days to Season Passholders and others affected by the closure. We plan to re-open as scheduled on March 9th with as much terrain as possible for the Spring session and we hope to then be basking in the sun and the glow of home team Gold Medals.

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It's a shame the trolls aren't banned like they should be.

Yes, especially since I asked the moderator for the second time now within a couple of months to at least sanction YellowVest respectively towerguy3. It's already outrageous that that guy is allowed to maintain a double account here.

I don't know: Do we have to threaten the moderator to leave the forum collectively before he does something against that guy?

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