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2030 Commonwealth Games


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Hamilton City Council is debating about Hamilton 100's bid for the 2030 Commonwealth Games. It appears council will give unanimous support to proceed to the next step of the bidding process.

Hamilton 100 envision $1.425 billion will be the cost of the Games. $600M from Feds, $350M from the province, $250M from the City (which will use Hamilton's Future Fund, the money is already there) and $225M from money generated by the games revenue.

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Hamilton takes another step toward bidding to host the Commonwealth Games
The city will endorse the second phase of Hamilton 100's bid, despite concerns about what it would cost


Hamilton city councillors will take the next step in encouraging a bid to host the 100th anniversary Commonwealth Games.

City council's general issues committee voted 10-3 Wednesday to give an endorsement letter to Hamilton 100, a local group of volunteers and business people who want the city to host the games in 2030.

There are still several steps to go. Hamilton 100 will submit the second phase of its bid, along with the city's letter of endorsement, by March 9 to  Commonwealth Games Canada. That group will select its preferred Canadian city by March 31, and if that's Hamilton, negotiations would start with the provincial and federal governments.

Both would have to contribute some significant money to the $1.425 billion effort. So would Hamilton, which city staff estimate will need to pitch in $300 million through private and city money.

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Now Hamilton has been offered the 2026 Games. Ugh, tough decision to make, take 2026 or bid for 2030?


Should Hamilton apply for the Commonwealth Games in 2026? Or gamble on 2030?


Commonwealth Sport Canada — which oversees all aspects of the Commonwealth Games in this country — says the 2026 Games are Hamilton’s if the city and relevant stakeholders want them.

But if Hamilton does successfully arrange for the 2026 Games, it could not also stage the 2030 Games, for which Hamilton100, the corporation set up to plan and make Hamilton’s bid, has already submitted a strong two-part application as host committee. 

Brian MacPherson, CEO of Commonwealth Sport Canada told The Spectator Thursday afternoon that the Commonwealth Games Federation, the Games’ international governing body, has given Hamilton “first and sole” status for 2026, meaning it has the Games if it chooses to apply. 

If Hamilton doesn’t apply — or does apply but for some reason can’t come to all the necessary agreements to make it work — Hamilton would still be Canada’s only bid city for the 2030 Games but would face substantial competition from other cities around the world. 

Because of the pandemic, there are no other current bids for 2026, from any country. In the second stage of bids for 2026 and 2030 to the Canadian association on March 9, Calgary’s bid for 2026 was eliminated because it did not meet all the bidding criteria. 

The national and international bodies have requested a meeting by the end of April with all potential stakeholders in a Hamilton bid because it needs to award the 2026 Games by the end of this year, or at the very latest, in early 2021.

In a development that has been brewing for over a week, those stakeholders met by conference call Wednesday night and heard the 2026 offer from the Commonwealth Games Federation. Those on the call included the national and international Games organizations, Hamilton100, the city, and representatives of the federal and provincial governments.

“All we’re being asked right now is if we are open-minded to a conversation about it. We’re not being asked to make a decision, ” Lou Frapporti of Hamilton100, said earlier in the day.
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Hamilton could host the 2026 Commonwealth Games — but does the city want them?



The mayor added that at this time, he prefers 2030 and is hearing the same from councillors because it offers them a longer timeline. The city isn't planning to make a decision until June or later, though their understanding is that the Commonwealth's international body wants to know by end of May. 

The bid group has until the end of April to express interest in pursuing the 2026 games. Should they choose to move forward, the group will start having discussions with all stakeholders, including the different levels of government, Frapporti said. 

To be officially awarded the gig, the bid group will need to satisfy all requirements and receive multi-party agreement. 


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There’s maybe an argument at this point to say give Birmingham 2026 & cancel 2022. Would give the World Athletics Championships & their athletes the space they need, 2022 is a very cramped summer. Although obviously it’d be best of all if they can find a host for 2026 & keep Brum - I like the Commonwealth Games, it’s very sad to see them in so much trouble :( 

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Singapore would be a great candidate city. It has the facilities, they have a stable economy, they've proved they can host mid tier multi-sport events, it's a safe country etc.

I would personally like to see the games held in Africa. Imagine the Commonwealth Games in Lagos or Nairobi (I would mention South Africa, but after the Durban fiasco... :unsure:)

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Agree with the logic of postponing Birmingham for 4 years.   Hamilton hosting in 2026 instead of 2030 would just be annoying (I feel the same about LA 2028 and kind of hope if Tokyo doesn't happen they'll rejig things so LA happens in 2032!) .

Is a real shame Singapore has yet to host the Commonwealth Games - they would be a great host city.

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Hamilton Commonwealth Games committee abandons any bid for 2026 Games, looks to 2030


Back to the future: it’s Hamilton100 again.

That’s 100 as in the year 2030, the 100th anniversary of the Commonwealth Games.

The local bid for the 2026 Games has been abandoned.

The Spectator has learned that the private consortium hoping to bring the Games to Hamilton, where they started in 1930, will concentrate solely on bidding for the 2030 Games after shifting — at the request of the Games’ national and international governing bodies — last year to bid for first, 2026, and later 2027.

Lou Frapporti of Hamilton100 Commonwealth Games Bid Corporation confirmed Tuesday night that “we had been asked to pivot (last fall, to a plan for a possible year-delayed Games for 2027) and worked hard on it, but the process has been aborted.

“Having deliberated on it, we are not interested in attempting to pivot to 2027 and resolve to focus back on, and win, 2030.”

Frapporti told The Spectator that the renewed bid for 2030 will be an amalgam of elements from the original 2030 concept — approved by the province and City Council in 2019 — and the restructured bid for a cheaper, more-regionalized 2026 Games, which would have significantly reduced the number of events and athletes.

The 2026 bid was repositioned as a post-pandemic economic recovery strategy. Because COVID-19 had silenced all other potential bidders, Hamilton was essentially guaranteed to host if the local committee could get the necessary agreements from all three levels of government.

Frapporti isn’t releasing any specific details of the restructured 2030 bid other than that “affordable housing will remain from the 2026 plan as the central legacy and impact strategy for 2030. It wasn’t part of the original 2030 bid.

“I’m disappointed we couldn’t get 2026 delivered but having said that, I’m excited. We are now back to a full centenary Games and we can do it to the nines. We have enough time.”

The provincial government announced last October it would support funding for Commonwealth Games in Hamilton “in 2027 and beyond” but not for 2026. The local committee was then asked to consider planning for a potential 2027 Games, which it did.

But the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), headquartered in London, England, is doggedly determined to try to keep on cycle with a 2026 Games. So when the provincial government, through Commonwealth Sport Canada, recently reaffirmed that it would support a Hamilton bid only for 2027 or later, the writing was on the wall for Hamilton.

The CGF has received new and varying degrees of international interest in 2026, including a suggestion from influential publisher David Black that Victoria, B.C. could host the Games then.

On Tuesday morning, Brian MacPherson CEO of Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC) confirmed that, other than to help with questions about 2030, the international federation is no longer involved in what had been months of frequent meetings via video conference or by phone with representatives of the bid committee, the city, and the CSC.

And the CSC is also meeting less often with the local group, and then only to work on 2030.

“We won’t talk about 2027 unless the CGF gives some kind of sign that they’ll entertain that,” MacPherson told The Spectator. “And at this point they’re not. They’ve made it clear they want Games in 2026 and I agree with it.”

There has been reported new interest in hosting 2026 from several areas, including Australia, India and Sri Lanka. But Australian cities are now in the running for the 2032 Summer Olympics, so that would likely eliminate that country.

“Exploring is probably the best word for it,” MacPherson said of the inquiries around 2026. Like the international body works in advance with potential host bidders — before, rather than after, their formal bids are presented — the national body has been advising Victoria interests and stressing how much commitment is needed from municipalities, provincial governments, citizens, community and sports leaders.

“Our stance is that we’ll empower any group out there with the information they need so they can make informed decisions,” he said. “We’re not out to hurt anybody’s aspirations but aspirations have to be backed up by solid, facts, figures and work.”

He suggested that Hamilton’s rejuvenated 2030 bid — it is still the one that the CSC officially backs for the centenary Games — is well down all those roads.

Of course if Victoria can assemble a workable bid quickly enough to convince the international federation to go there for 2026, that would ruin Hamilton’s chance at 2030.

Frapporti agrees and his committee is aiming to finalize its 2030 bid by early next year. The CGF could award the 2030 Games sometime in 2023.

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So even after the pivot to 2030 and rebranding it as a regional games, there's still concern about whether or not the city council will give a green light for Hamilton in 2030? If that falls through, then maybe the CWF should just be content to rotate the CWGs every four years between Australia and the UK.

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