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With so many interesting and exciting international sports events being held this year and in the future, I thought it will be a good idea to inform everybody that there is a useful website that can be used to see the various times around the various parts of the world for a certain specific given date and time at a specific place in the world.

The website is http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html  

For example, if one wants to know the time in the other parts of the world when it is Friday June 30th 2006 1pm in Sydney, Australia, then the website can show what is the date and time in another part of the world, in this case it would be Thursday June 29th 2006 8pm in Los Angeles.

This will help anyone who wants to know the time at their current location when there is an event on in another part of the world, especially when it is taking place at a distant place. This will also help anyone to know what time the particular event will be shown live on television when the event is taking place in another world time zone.

In this way there will be no more scratching of heads when trying to figure out what time local TV will be showing an event which is happening in another time zone and furiously trying to calculate the time difference between 2 different places in the world to figure out what time it will be on TV. Of course closer to the date of the event there will be TV times given in the local TV listings but this is to help those who would like to make advance preparations to catch the games on TV, The Net and/or any other medium, example taking leave from work and planning school class times!

Hope this website link has been helpful to everyone!  


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Thanks for that, Col!

I've seen a numerous versions of these, but the format works a lot better when trying to work out what time, say an event on TV begins, especially when taking daylight savings into account for a future date.

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