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How Will The Olympic Rings Be Depicted?

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I really only started paying attention to the Olympics in 1996 but other stuff I have seen on YouTube.

Let's recap:

Seoul 1988

- gymnasts form the Rings on the field

- planes draw smoke Rings in the sky

- skydivers, 6 for each ring form a coloured formation in the air, then land in the stadium and form 5 sort of hexagons in Rings form

Barcelona 1992

- a huge flag the size of the entire field is unfurled atop the athletes

Lillehammer 1994

-kids in coloured outfits form the rings on a snow hill

Atlanta 1996

-actors in coloured outfits representing 5 tribes form the Rings and the number 100 on the floor of the stadium

Sydney 2000

- a parade of horses

- lawnmowers

- projected onto a giant piece of canvas that was carried from the top of the stands

Salt Lake City 2002

- a skater ignites the Rings in flame form over ice

Athens 2004

- flames depict the rings on the floor of the stadium which was transformed into a giant pool of water.

Torino 2006

- The rings are created by 5 metal framed rings suspended from 4 metal framed columns with the help of pyrotechnics and lights

Beijing 2008

- The Rings appear glittering on the floor of the stadium, but to everyone's surprised they are hoisted vertically and fly over the stadium floor

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Calgary 1988

- The Olympic choir, dressed in coloured hooded robes, form the Olympic rings on the north stage.

- Spectators in the stands wear colour-coded ponchos to form various patterns, including the Olympic rings

For Vancouver...the obvious choice is to use the roof in some format.

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I heard of something rather really unique, they were looking into doing it for the ceremony...it's a special effect. Can't say anything about it, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Mr. X.,

I realize you probably can't tell us anything revolving around the ceremonies, but if what you've heard about the OC / CC is true, in your opinion, are we in for something truly unique and jaw dropping? Not just the depiction of the rings, but anything else you may have heard from your trusted sources. Just trying to get a feel for how things will play out.


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I can't say more than what I've already told you. I heard this two years ago, and they were only exploring the usage of this.

But I will say that I don't think David Atkins would associate himself with poor ceremonies.

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