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Olympic Hockey Tournament

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Predicting this is hard because of the format, all 12 teams go into the playoffs and its based on ranking and all sorts of nonsense. But I think the final will be Canada vs Sweden. Canada has the greatest scoring and defensive depth in the tournament and the best goaltender in history, and the other two not being slouches either. Sweden has an excellent goaltender in Lundqvist, a balanced attack and defense and a lot of experience. The Swedes also tend to come together as a team quicker than other teams. The Russians and Americans will be playing for bronze (unless Canada and Sweden meet in semi-finals), the Russians have an imbalanced team, too much high end scoring talent, not enough depth and very weak defense and goaltending. If they do get into the final it will be because they got the other team to play a run-and-gun shoot-out style of play. The Americans have strong goaltending and a very balanced team. Inexperience and lack of pure scorers will mean a bronze medal is likely their best result.

The Finns are too old and don't have the pure goal scoring, but honestly no one thought they would be in the final last time, they have the goaltending to make things difficult for other teams.

The Czechs are the Czechs, they are what the English in football were a couple years ago, have the talent but completely dysfunctional.

Slovakia, Switzerland and Germany would be happy getting to 6th, and Belarus, Norway and Latvia are just happy to be there.

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looking at the format, the top 4 teams get a pass to the qf. As this will be determined by points in the pool and then goal differentials. (my prediction:1. Sweden 2. Canada 3. Russia 4. Finland)

then in the qualification 5 v 12, 6 v 11, 7 v 10, and 8 v 9 my prediction: US v Norway, Czech v Germany, Slovakia v Belarus, Latvia v Switzerland

qf: 1 plays 8/9, 2 plays 7/10, 3 plays 6/11, and 4 plays 5/12 (prediction: Sweden v Swiss, Canada v Czech, Russia v Slovakia, Finland v US

sf: 1 v 8/9 winner plays 4 v 5/12 winner, and 2 v 7/10 winner plays 3 v 6/11 winner (prediction: Sweden v Finland, and Canada v Russia

gold medal: semifinal winners

bronze: semifinal losers

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There's always surprise in those tournaments.

And the surprise this year will be maybe Slovakia because of one guy : Jaroslav Halak

He's so hot since few weeks.


The guy who wrote that few weeks ago seems to know hockey very well ;)

Halak just beated team Russia

He was the star of the game

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