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Hobart 2020

Sir Rols

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We wish to commend the bright minds and organizers who will lead the efforts to bring the Olympic Games to Tulsa and Bentonville. Inspired by Atlanta’s 1996 bid, they have sailed on the reed of “Tulsa has the same number of people as Atlanta,” which is a fine argument. If you ignore the 2 million people who were living in Atlanta’s suburbs in 1989, the presence of three major league teams, the busiest airport in the world, an international network, and the headquarters of ten of the world’s 100 largest corporations including Delta, Coke, and RJR, yeah, Tulsa is just like Atlanta.

Zing! Couldn't have said it better myself. Eat it Tulsa!

Also, I love how the first story on that page was about steroids. I'm sure that falls neatly in line with the IOC's campaign against doping. ;)

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Was just watching a DVD of "Gruen Sweat", an Aussie marketing humour/criticism show in it's London Olympics edition. Each week they invite an ad agency to prepare an add pitch to "sell the unsellable", and in its final eps they asked for ads to sell Hobart, and Darwin, as host cities.

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