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Yog 2010 Modern Pentathlon Qualification (oceania/asia)

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Hi Guys,

I had enrolled in YOG volunteering job. I will take part in Modern Pentathlon event. Currently already assigned as Deputy Starter for Combined Event, but not sure whether got chance to be Swimming Referee or not (believe me, it is easy task to be swimming referee in Modern Pentathlon).

Here are the photos taken on 19 & 20 Dec 2009, in Singapore Sport School (Venue for YOG 2010 - Swimming, Modern Pentathlon & Shooting). Enjoy!


Inauguration of Singapore Sport School as Official Youth Olympic Games Venue (1)


CEO of Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee (SYOCOG) and the President of Union International de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM)


Olympic Corridor in Singapore Sport School - 205 NOC flags hanging along the corridor.

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Event 1 - Fencing (View from Fencing hall)

The volunteers, UIPM coordinators and result teams awaiting the start of the 1st event of Modern Pentathlon.


Event 1 - Fencing (Fencing piste)

As 1st day (19/Dec/2009) only have 10 girl athletes took part in YOG qualification, only 2 fencing piste were used.


Event 1 - Fencing

Briefing to the scorers before start of event.


Me! Me! Me! Hehe....

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Event 1 - Fencing (Warming Up of Pentathletes)


Event 1 - Fencing (Introduction of Pentathletes)


Event 1 - Fencing (Fencing in action)

Each of the Pentathlete will need to fence with the rest of the opponents. As the number of participants are low, they need to fence 3 bouts with each opponent.

70% of victories will gain 1000 MP (Modern Pentathlon points)

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Event 1 - Fencing (Volunteers in charge of fencing scorer job)


Event 2 - Swimming (Only able to take this picture for swimming event, as we all in duty later)

This will be the swimming pool used for YOG 2010.



Event 3 - Combined Events (Shooting and Running)

Photo taken while pentathletes were warming up

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