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Beijing 2008

Sir Rols

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What if you saw 50 women run up and down the Sambodromo in nothing but two-piece swimsuits?

What is wrong with that?

A gold-medal winning marathon runner commits suicide and I apologise for being driven off-topic in this forum. I also apologise for his death occurring.

So you should - it has absolutely nothing to do with Rio, beyond you seeing an opportunity to start your pet niggle off again.

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But the apology couldn't be any better than being forced to kiss the pedicured feet of a Rio carnaval/samba queen. Like, say... Luma de Oliveira?

Wouldn't bother me - I've kissed a drag queen or two over the years - and slightly higher than the toes. And anyway, it would be part of the sexy fun and vibe of Rio!

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I'm going to have to stand back here and admire this from a safe distance. I'm not sure I can interact with it being a mere mortal. This is clearly intelligence on a higher plane, of a different dimension, floating through the cosmos like some great unloved God, seeing connections between events in history which us humans cannot possibly ever conceive of!

Do not question him I say! Do not stare directly into his eyes because we cannot know what terrible wisdom is found within!

I bow down to you Oh Great Jim, master of the coliseums, keeper of the roads we travel upon, guardian of the flame, nemisis of all evil that follows us on our journey. It seems you know much more than I ever could! I promise not to question you, ask where you come from, or scoff at what you try to teach us. And I apologise whole-heartedly in the face of your terrible benelovent wrath if nobody else in this realm understands your teachings.



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From now on, the intentional use of the word "seem" is banned. I am afraid of the word, and it gets annoying when used excessively. You won't hear it coming out of my mouth anymore.

Jeezus you seem to be are childish.

I think you better tell Oxford University Press, Websters, Macquarie Press etc know you have decreed it banned from the english language. And start a new campaign that it is now decreed by you as profanity.

What's your position on f uck, c unt, sh!t, arsewipe, twat etc?

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Beijing Olympics Bill Due as Record Bonds Mature

By Bloomberg News - Aug 24, 2011 1:00 PM GMT-0300

Beijing’s state-owned infrastructure companies face a record amount of bonds maturing next year as China’s capital city pays the bills for the $70 billion 2008 Olympic Games.

Fifteen local government financing units based in Beijing must pay 16.2 billion yuan ($2.5 billion) next year plus interest to investors, breaking last year’s record 12 billion yuan, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. A further 11.6 billion yuan matures in 2013 and 37.6 billion yuan in 2014.

The debt is coming due as government efforts to control inflation cause corporate borrowing costs in China to rise to a three-year high of 5.92 percent this month, double the rate in the U.S. How Beijing deals with the bill, which dwarfs the estimated $15.3 billion budget for next year’s London Games, may set a pattern for more than 10,000 local-government financing vehicles across China with about 10 trillion yuan of debt.

“The Olympics was a spectacular event for China, but now Beijing has to deal with the hangover because of high borrowing to finance the event,” said Victor Shih, a professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois who analyzes China’s local government finances. “Bond yields are heading up, so refinancing will be much more costly.”

The yield top-rated companies must pay on 10-year bonds has risen 74 basis points, or 0.74 percentage point, this year to 5.88 percent and touched 5.92 percent on Aug. 4, according to Chinabond data. Borrowing costs for similarly ranked U.S. companies have dropped 105 basis points to 2.9 percent in the same period, Bloomberg data show.

Bad Loans

Concerns are increasing that local government financing units across China will struggle to pay their debts that total 10.7 trillion yuan, with 80 percent coming from banks, according to National Audit Office data published on June 27.

Standard & Poor’s estimates that as much as 30 percent of China’s lending to local governments may go sour, after a two- year lending boom that drove the nation’s economic-stimulus program by pumping money into roads, highways and railways. Standard Charted Plc said in July 18 report that the lending may end in a wave of bad debts and prompt the nation’s third banking bailout in less than two decades.

Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., a state-owned company that helped build the city’s subway system including a line to the Olympic area, paid a coupon of 3.78 percent on 2 billion yuan of one-year notes in June 2007, Bloomberg data show. The company paid 4.35 percent on 4 billion yuan of similar-maturity bonds in March.


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