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Four Hills Tournament 05/06


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Every year from Dec, 29th to Jan, 6th the traditional Four Hills Tournament takes place at - how the name tells - Four German and Austrian skijumping hills. It´s the most important competition for the skijumpers beside Olympic Games and World Championships.

Yesterday, the Tournament started in Oberstdorf/Germany. It´s the southest commune of Germany. In February Oberstdorf organized Nordic World Championships.

For the second time, Oberstdorf hold a night-event at "Schattenbergschanze"



With his first win in this season, the winner of last year´s Four Hills Tournament Janne Ahonen (FIN) made a perfect start in Oberstdorf. Second: Roar Ljoekelsoey (NOR) and third the favorite Jakub Janda (CZE). The German and Austrian jumpers weren´t good at all. The winner of the qualification Andreas Widhölzl (AUT) made the only Top 10 place for Austria. Georg Späth (7,) was the best German one.

Since this year on the way to the top Andreas Küttel (SUI).


Janne Ahonen


Results (FIS)

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The Four Hills in Comparison

Oberstdorf/GER (Dec, 29th; since 2004: NIGHTevent):


K-point: 120 metres

Hill size: 137 metres

Jump record: 143,5 metres (2003)

Capacity of the stadium: 27 000 people

Last Worldchampionships: Nordic WC 2005



Garmisch-Partenkirchen/GER (Jan, 1st):

"Große Olympiaschanze"

K-point: 115 metres

Hill size: 125 metres

Jump record: 129,5 metres (2001)

Capacity of the stadium: 28 000

Olympic Wintergames: 1936



Innsbruck/AUT (Jan, 4th):

"Bergisel Schanze"

K-point: 120 metres

Hill size: 130 metres

Jump record:134,5 metres (2002)

Capacity of the stadium: 26 000

Olympic Wintergames: 1964, 1976

Nordic Worldchampionships (with Seefeld): 1985



Bischofshofen/AUT (Jan, 6th; since 2005: NIGHTevent):

"Paul Außerleitner Schanze"

K-point: 125 metres

Hill size: 140 metres

Jump record: 143 metres (2005)

Capacity of the Stadium: 30 000

Nordic Worldchampionships (with Ramsau): 1999

Skijumping venue for the Salzburg 2014 bid



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With Jakub Janda a Czech won a Four Hills Tournament competition first time since 1990. So, after Garmisch-Partenkirchen´s New Years competition one thing is sure: Sven Hannawald/GER will stay the only one, who made a Grand Slam and won all four competitions in one tournament.

Second in Garmisch was Janne Ahonen (FIN), third Matti Hautamaeki (FIN). After the German competitions Janne Ahonen leads the Tournament in front of Jakub Janda and Matti Hautamaeki. Today there´s a break, tomorrow the qualification in Innsbruck.





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Surprise about the stong Norwegians in Innsbruck. Lars Bystoel - until now never in the top 5 in a 4HillsTournament jumping - on the competition at Bergisel hill.


Jakub Janda as second of today, goes to Bischofshofen as Tournament leader. Third one, another Norwegian with Bjoern Einar Romoeren.


At least hope for an Austrian top 3 result, after Thomas Morgenstern´s fourth place in Innsbruck.

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You could say that. According to what I heard from the BBC, the Finns could be a strong contender to grab a large share of the Olympic medals in this sport.
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Hm, the skijumping favorites for Torino are for sure Janne Ahonen, Jakub Janda and Andreas Küttel (SUI), who dominated the World Cup up to now. The Norwegian Team and some other Fins are very strong.

We are waiting for success for the German Team, the Austrian Team and Adam Malysz (POL) this year.

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Wow, a Final couldn´t be more thrilling! With 2 points more, Jakub Janda lead, before the showdown began in Bischofshofen. In the first round Janda and Ahonen, both, jumped 141 metres - with better style-marks, Janda had one more point. But Ahonen had a perfect second one - 141,5 metres, should be the best jump of today. Jakub Janda landed at 139 metres. So, Janne Ahonen won after Oberstdorf also the second "Nightevent" in Bischofshofen. But the Tournament-result??

It´s nearly impossible - first time after 54 Four Hill Tournaments, two skijumper are ex aequo winners after eight jumps!!! Janne Ahonen and Jakub Janda had 1081,5 points after the four competitions.

So, the 54th Tournament will write history:

First time two winners and

Janne Ahonen won his 4th Tournament after 1998/99, 02/03 and 04/05 - only Jens Weißflog/GER could win the Tournament 4 times before.

For the Czech Republic Jakub Janda is the first Tournament winner. 1971 Jiri Raska won for Czechoslowakia.

The other positions:

Roar Ljoekelsoey/NOR made a third place in Bischofshofen and in the Tournament. Andreas Küttel/SUI, who won his first World Cup competition in Bischofshofen this summer, was 4th (today and Tournament).

Although Germans and Austrians had the baddest result since years, the visitors were great! Of course there were not the 40 000 as in the years of Austrian and German triumphs. But many fans, traditionally from Austria, Germany and Slovenia, but also from Finland, Norway, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Japan,....

Results Bischofshofen

Results Tournament

Hills title shared for first time (CNN)

Ahonen and Janda in historic Four Hills Tie (Eurosport)





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It´s nearly impossible - first time after 54 Four Hill Tournaments, two skijumper are ex aequo winners after eight jumps!!! Janne Ahonen and Jakub Janda had 1081,5 points after the four competitions.

... yes that is nearly unbelievable - it is a pitty, but I hadn't seen one of the four events this year due the lack of time...

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