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Euro 2016


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There is a very good upside to the increase in tournament size. It will mean that good players from the middle tiers have a great chance of playing major tournament football 2 to 3 times in there careers whereas now its 1 or 2. So for Belgium, Switzerland etc this will be good. Maybe Norway will finally get over the hump.

Group A: Netherlands and Czech Republic/Turkey, strong candidate for best 3rd place team

Group B: one of the most interesting. Belgium is the favourite but any of Belgium, Israel, Wales and Bosnia could qualify out of this group.

Group C: Spain with Ukraine/Slovakia fighting for 2nd.

Group D: Germany with Ireland/Poland and maybe Scotland going for 2nd.

Group E: England and Switzerland are the favourites with Slovenia being a challenge

Group F: Another fairly open group, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Finland all could qualify.

Group G: Russia and Sweden are favourites. Austria has some talent (well Alaba) and could challenge.

Group H: Italy is the clear favourite, Croatia next. Norway and Bulgaria the challengers.

Group I: Portugal is the favourite with Denmark and Serbia as challengers.

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his is my Prediction for the UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying Groups:

Group E: (I put Group E first, because it contains my Country England).

1) England (Qualifies) 30 Points
2) Switzerland (Qualifies) 22 Points
3) Slovenia (Play-Offs) 19 Points
4) Estonia 12 Points
5) Lithuania 6 Points
6) San Marino 0 Points

Group A:

1) Holland (Qualifies) (30 Points)
2) Czech Republic (Qualifies) (24 Points)
3) Turkey (Play-Offs) (16 Points)
4) Iceland (13 Points)
5) Kazakhstan (4 Points)
6) Latvia (1 Point)

Group B:

1) Belgium (Qualifies) (30 Points)
2) Bosnia and Herzegovina (Qualifies) (24 Points)
3) Israel (Play-Offs) (18 Points)
4) Wales (12 Points)
5) Cyprus (6 Points)
6) Andorra (0 Points)

Group C:

1) Spain (Qualifies) (30 Points)
2) Ukraine (Qualifies) (24 Points)
3) Slovakia (Play-Offs) (16 Points)
4) Belarus (13 Points)
5) Macedonia FYR (6 Points)
6) Luxembourg (0 Points)

Group D:

1) Germany (Qualifies) (30 Points)
2) Poland (Qualifies) (24 Points)
3) Republic Of Ireland (Play-Offs) (18 Points)
4) Scotland (10 Points)
5) Gibraltar (5 Points)
6) Georgia (1 Point)

Group F:

1) Greece (Qualifies) (28 Points)
2) Hungary (Qualifies) (25 Points)
3) Romania (Play-Offs) (18 Points)
4) Northern Ireland (8 Points)
5) Finland (8 Points)
6) Faroe Islands (0 Points)

Group G:

1) Sweden (Qualifies) (30 Points)
2) Russia (Qualifies) (24 Points)
3) Montenegro (Play-Offs) (18 Points)
4) Austria (12 Points)
5) Moldova (6 Points)
6) Liechtenstein (0 Points)

Group H:

1) Italy (Qualifies) (30 Points)
2) Croatia (Qualifies) (22 Points)
3) Norway (Qualifies (Best 3rd-Place Team)) (19 Points)
4) Azerbaijan (12 Points)
5) Bulgaria (4 Points)
6) Malta (1 Point)

Group I:

1) Portugal (Qualifies) (22 Points)
2) Denmark (Qualifies) (19 Points)
3) Serbia (Play-Offs) (12 Points)
4) Armenia (6 Points)
5) Albania (0 Points)

Qualified Teams Predictions:

- England
- Switzerland
- Holland
- Germany
- Czech Republic
- Hungary
- Belgium
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Spain
- Ukraine
- Poland
- Greece
- Sweden
- Russia
- Italy
- Croatia
- Norway
- Portugal
- Denmark

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I agree with Rob... Thats is VERY VERY unlikely to happen that so many teams win all matches! Will never happen. In the last qualification in Europa, for World cup in brazil no one made maximum point... And now you think 7 out of 9 will one team have maximum? If you really believe that you should play at a bookie, im sure it would pay of big time, if you are right...

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What other European Countries could become UEFA Members? The reason I ask is because, for the UEFA Euro Qualifying, one of the European Teams Qualify Automatically. So there is an odd number, with 1 Group having 1 less Team.

- Falkland Islands?

- Jersey?

Both British Territories like Gibraltar.

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What other European Countries could become UEFA Members? The reason I ask is because, for the UEFA Euro Qualifying, one of the European Teams Qualify Automatically. So there is an odd number, with 1 Group having 1 less Team.

- Falkland Islands?

- Jersey?

Both British Territories like Gibraltar.

British Antarctic Territory. FIFA will add an Antarctic qualifier for 2018.

Seriously, UEFA put a rule in place some years ago that only independent countries could join in the future. I read that this rule was introduced because of Spanish pressure precisely to avoid accepting Gibraltar.

Problem was: Gibraltar's membership application was filed before the rule became effective and after several years and a CAS verdict, UEFA had to accept them because of that. Given that neither Jersey, Isle of Man, Guernsey, etc. had made such an application, it's unlikely they'll ever join UEFA (unless they'd become independent, which they won't).

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Does that mean that during the 2018 Fifa World Cup Qualifying, Russia will play Friendlies against Group I Teams?

First of all, there will most likely be less groups because of less available UEFA places, and secondly, it's still some time before the 2018 qualifying mode will be decided. So Russia might find a different solution to keep their team busy.

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First of all, there will most likely be less groups because of less available UEFA places, and secondly, it's still some time before the 2018 qualifying mode will be decided. So Russia might find a different solution to keep their team busy.

Not necessarily. For the 2014 Fifa World Cup Qualifying, there was 9 Groups (A-I), the same as the UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying. So the number of Groups will most probably stay the same. 13 European Countries (Well 14 because Russia is the Host Nation), will Qualify for the 2018 Fifa World Cup. The 9 Group Winners will Qualify. The 8 Best Runners-Up will Qualify for the Play-Offs and compete for the Final 4 Places.

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Adidas Euro 2016 Qualifier Ball Released

Adidas Euro 2016 Qualifier Ball unveiled - for the first time in the history of competition there will be an official match ball to be used in all qualifying matches ahead of Euro 2016 starting in September, as announced by UEFA in February.

Official Adidas Euro 2016 Qualifier Ball

This is the new official Euro 2016 Qualifier Ball from Adidas.


Based on the panel design of the Adidas Brazuca, the new Adidas Euro 2016 Qualifier Football is mostly white with black and red details. Although using the same shape as the Brazuca, the upper design is completely new, mainly featuring a black shape resembling an 8 with red and silver accents around it.

The new Euro 2016 Qualifier Ball has an Adidas logo on it as well as the new European Qualifiers logo, featuring a football shirt placed inside a heart shape inspired by the new motto 'Play with heart'.

Through the Adidas Brazuca technology, the Adidas Euro 2016 Qualifier Ball offers great flight stability and acceleration thanks to its temperature regulating, seamless upper material.

Adidas will also supply an official match ball for the European 2018 World Cup Qualifiers later on.

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UEFA postpones Israel's Euro 2016 home opener

NYON, Switzerland (AP) — UEFA has postponed Israel's opening 2016 European Championship qualifying match against Belgium for security reasons.

Israel was scheduled to host Belgium in Jerusalem on Sept. 9. UEFA says it switched the game to March 31, at a venue to be confirmed later.

A UEFA ruling last month stopped any of its matches from being played in Israel during the conflict with Hamas militants in Gaza.

Israeli clubs have played Champions League and Europa League matches in Cyprus.

Israel's Euro 2016 qualifying group also includes Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus and Wales.



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UEFA EURO 2016 draw pots take shape

Published: Wednesday 14 October 2015, 11.55CET
Germany, England, Portugal and Belgium will join holders Spain in Pot 1 of the finals draw on 12 December after the coefficients were confirmed following the qualifying group stage.

The 20 teams that have qualified for UEFA EURO 2016 can start to think about the finals draw in Paris on 12 December after the UEFA national team coefficient rankings, that will determined the seedings, were announced.


The rankings published today after the end of the nine qualifying groups decided seedings for the play-off draw on 18 October. The positions following those ties in November will determine the pots for the finals draw.

• Hosts France take position one in Group A and holders Spain were also guaranteed a place in the highest seeding tier regardless of ranking.

• Joining Spain in Pot 1 are Germany, England, Portugal and Belgium, who all topped their qualifying groups.

• Definitely in Pot 2 are Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Austria and Croatia.

• If Bosnia and Herzegovina win their play-off, they will also be in Pot 2. If they lose, Ukraine can enter that pot by winning their play-off. If both teams lose, the Czech Republic will be the sixth team in Pot 2.

• Definitely in Pot 4 are Iceland, Wales, Albania and Northern Ireland.

• The Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey must wait until the play-offs are completed to discover which pots they will be in.

Overall, compared with the rankings at the time of the UEFA EURO 2016 qualifying draw, Austria have leapt 15 places to 11th, Iceland rose 11 to 27th while Belgium and Poland both went up ten positions. Like Iceland, Northern Ireland and Albania were both in Pot 5 when the qualifying draw was made; eliminated pair the Netherlands and Greece were in Pot 1.

*The national team coefficients are calculated on a country's recent results. In the current rankings, 20% weighting is given to UEFA EURO 2012 results (qualifying/final tournament), and 40% each to the 2014 FIFA World Cup (qualifying/final tournament) and UEFA EURO 2016 (qualifying).

Coefficients of teams qualified for the final tournament

France (46.416) – guaranteed in Group A, position 1 as hosts

Spain (37.962) – guaranteed in Pot 1 as holders

Germany (40.236) – Pot 1

England (35.963) – Pot 1

Portugal (35.138) – Pot 1

Belgium (34.442) – Pot 1

Italy (34.345) – Pot 2

Russia (31.345) – Pot 2

Switzerland (31.254) – Pot 2

Austria (30.932) – Pot 2

Croatia (30.642) – Pot 2

Czech Republic (29.403) – tbc

Poland (28.306) – tbc

Romania (28.038) – tbc

Slovakia (27.171) – tbc

Turkey (27.033) – tbc

Iceland (25.388) – Pot 4

Wales (24.531) – Pot 4

Albania (23.216) – Pot 4

Northern Ireland (22.61) – Pot 4

Coefficients of teams in play-offs

Bosnia and Herzegovina (30.367) – seeded

Ukraine (30.313) – seeded

Sweden (29.028) – seeded

Hungary (27.142) – seeded

Denmark (27.140) – unseeded

Republic of Ireland (26.902) – unseeded

Norway (26.439) – unseeded

Slovenia (25.441) – unseeded


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UEFA EURO 2016 finals draw made in Paris

Hosts France will play Romania, Albania and Switzerland in the group stage of UEFA EURO 2016, with holders Spain starting their bid for a third successive European crown against the Czech Republic before taking on Turkey and Croatia in Group D.

The draw

Group A: France (hosts), Romania, Albania, Switzerland

Group B: England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia

Group C: Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Northern Ireland

Group D: Spain (holders), Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia

Group E: Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Sweden

Group F: Portugal, Iceland, Austria, Hungary

Draw facts

  • Albania got the better of France in their two centralised friendlies played in conjunction with the UEFA EURO 2016 qualifying competition, drawing 1-1 in Rennes before winning 1-0 at home in Elbasan with a goal from Ergys Kaçe.
  • France and Romania drew 0-0 at UEFA EURO 2008; France beat Switzerland 3-1 in Coimbra to qualify for the UEFA EURO 2004 quarter-finals and eliminate the Swiss.
  • England and Wales, both members of the United Kingdom, have met on 101 occasions, England winning 66 matches and Wales 14.
  • Poland finally ended their 18-game winless run against Germany when they defeated the world champions 2-0 in Warsaw during the UEFA EURO 2016 qualifying campaign, Arkadiusz Milik and Sebastian Mila scoring. The return fixture in Frankfurt finished 3-1 to Joachim Löw's side, who went on to top the group.
  • Poland and Ukraine co-hosted UEFA EURO 2012.
  • Spain overcame Croatia 1-0 in their final group match at UEFA EURO 2012 thanks to Jesús Navas's 88th-minute strike to advance at their opponents' expense.
  • Belgium beat Italy in a Brussels friendly in November 2015, coming from behind to win 3-1. Jan Vertonghen, Kevin De Bruyne and Michy Batshuayi netted for the hosts in reply to Antonio Candreva's early goal.
  • Iceland and Portugal had never met until they were drawn together in qualifying for UEFA EURO 2012. Portugal won both games, Cristiano Ronaldo leading the way in a 3-1 victory in Reykjavik and Nani scoring twice in a 5-3 success in the Porto return.

Knockout system:

Round of 16 (all times CET)

Match 1: Runner-up Group A v Runner-up C (15.00, 25 June, St-Etienne)

Match 2: Winner D v Third-place B/E/F (21.00, 25 June, Lens)

Match 3: Winner B v Third-place A/C/D (18.00, 25 June, Paris)

Match 4: Winner F v Runner-up E (21.00, 26 June, Toulouse)

Match 5: Winner C v Third-place A/B/F (18.00, 26 June, Lille)

Match 6: Winner E v Runner-up D (18.00, 27 June, St-Denis)

Match 7: Winner A v Third-place C/D/E (15.00, 26 June, Lyon)

Match 8: Runner-up B v Runner-up F (21.00, 27 June, Nice)

• For which third place team will play in each tie, see Article 17.03 of the Official Regulations


1: Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 2 (21.00, 30 June, Marseille)

2: Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 4 (21.00, 1 July, Lille)

3: Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 6 (21.00, 2 July, Bordeaux)

4: Winner Match 7 v Winner Match 8 (21.00, 3 July, St-Denis)


1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (21.00, 6 July, Lyon)

2: Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (21.00, 7 July, Marseille)


Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (21.00, 10 July, St-Denis)



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The base camps for UEFA EURO 2016


The 24 teams have confirmed the base camps in France from which they will launch their bid for UEFA EURO 2016 glory.

England, Romania, Portugal, Russia, Republic of Ireland and France have all stuck close to Paris, with the hosts in particularly familiar surroundings at their usual base in Clairefontaine.

The rest, though, have spread out the length and breadth of 'L'Hexagone', from Croatia's near Le Havre in the north to Turkey's temporary home just outside Marseille in the south.

World champions Germany have opted for Evian-Les-Bains, right on the border with Switzerland.

Holders Spain, meanwhile, are in UNESCO-listed Saint Martin de Re, a small village on the Atlantic coast.



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