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Euro 2016


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Euro 2016 bid deadline

France, Italy and Turkey will spend this week finalizing their bid dossiers due for submission to UEFA on Feb. 15. The European championships expands from 16 to 24 teams, and Platini dismissed suggestions of any drop in the quality of football at the tournament. “A Euro with 24 teams can provide plenty of good teams without the level of technical quality falling," Platini said after hte UEFA executive meeting. "We are also going to have a fabulous knockout round with 16 teams, which we didn't have before. This is going to give the competition more quality in technical terms." UEFA decides the 2016 host on May 28. Meanwhile, UEFA's national associations director Theodore Theodoridis has been appointed its deputy general secretary.


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Yea, right.. let's wait that the economy of the third UE's net giver collapse.. :huh::rolleyes:

of course they wont led it collapse but... iceland ireland greece and after these spain and prtugal.... and the same bells ringing for italy.. and it can be very hard to host such a big org. in a collapsed economy

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France, Italy and Turkey Submit Euro 2016 Bids

On Monday, bid delegations from France, Italy and Turkey handed over their bid books in a presentation ceremony at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. Each of the dossiers run to nearly 1,000 pages.

Jacques Lambert, director general of the French FA, said: “We looked at what happened to the 2012 Olympics [awarded to London in 2005], the campaign that had been conducted, what was said after.

"We pick here the strengths and we try to avoid mistakes.”


Gilberto Madaíl, a member of the UEFA Executive Committee, and chairman of the national team competitions committee received the bid dossiers from the three football association presidents – Jean-Pierre Escalettes (France), Giancarlo Abete (Italy) and Mahmut Özgener (Turkey).

UEFA president Michel Platini did not attend the ceremony to avoid any accusation that he might favour the French bid.


Italy’s presentation team was led by Abete, who emphasized "traditional Italian hospitality” – the Italian bid slogan is "you'll feel at home".

The bid from Italy is keen to present the country in a fresh light following its failure to land the Euro 2012 tournament, a loss partly blamed on the scourge of football hooliganism and poor stadia infrastructure.


Turkey is seeking to stage a major international football competition for the first time.

The Turkish delegation to Nyon was led by Mahmut Özgener, president of the Turkish Football Federation, and included sports minister Faruk Nafiz Özak.

In his presentation to UEFA on Monday, Özgener said the foundation of the bid stretched back almost 10

UEFA's Madaíl receives the Turkish bid book from Mahmut Özgener, president of the Turkish FA (Getty Images)

years, when Turkey and Greece shared the dream of hosting Euro 2008, which was eventually awarded to Austria and Switzerland.


UEFA will now begin to scrutinize every aspect of the bid dossiers and notify the three candidates on any issues requiring clarification from 19 March. More than 100 technical criteria will be evaluated, including stadiums and accommodation. Technical workshops will take place in early April.

A UEFA panel of experts will carry out inspection visits to the bidding countries in March and April to assess government support, venues and infrastructure.

Evaluation reports will be sent to France, Italy and Turkey by April 29, allowing the bid teams to prepare for a meeting with the UEFA National Team Competitions Committee on May 6. They will be able to comment on their evaluation report before its public release on UEFA.com on May 14.

The UEFA National Team Competitions Committee will make recommendations to the UEFA executive will present to its members on May 27.

The UEFA executive will announce the host nation in Geneva at 13.00 CET on May 28.


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Italians angry at whispers of German backing for France in Euro 2016 bid

ROME, Mar 01: Italian football officials are upset about suggestions that Germany has already decided it will be casting its vote in favour of France when the European federation decides in May on the host for the 2016 European Championship finals.

Outsider Turkey is the other nation challenging for the right to the first re-expanded finals of the modern era.

However reports from Berlin have claimed that Theo Zwangizer, president of the German federation the DFB, has already committed his support to the French - which supported Germany's bid to host the Women's World Cup in 2011.

The temperature of Italian conspiracy fever has been raised further by the fact that Wolfgang Niersbach, general secretary of the DFB, is a member of the committee charged with studying the three dossiers.


Wolfgang Niersbach leaves 2016 evaluation process

UEFA has today announced that Wolfgang Niersbach from Germany, a member of the UEFA National Team Competitions Committee, will not be one of the selected delegates from the committee involved in the evaluation process relating to the bid procedure for UEFA EURO 2016.

As a delegate of the UEFA National Team Competitions Committee, Mr Niersbach would have had a role in preparing the evaluation report on the three bidding countries. However, he has proposed not to participate in the preparation of this report.

"Mr Niersbach's contribution to the National Team Competitions Committee has always been extremely valuable and professional, and we have absolutely no doubt that it will remain so," said UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino. "We have reached this decision together. The most important matter is that the neutrality of the bid compliance evaluation carried out by the committee remains above any possible doubts," concluded the general secretary.

The role of the National Team Competitions Committee in the bidding process of UEFA EURO 2016 is, together with the UEFA administration, to offer technical advice to the UEFA Executive Committee with respect to the compliance of the hosts of UEFA EURO 2016 with the bidding requirements. As Mr Niersbach will not be replaced, three delegates will supervise the work undertaken by experts helping to prepare the report.

The National Team Competitions Committee will make technical recommendations to the Executive Committee, and the key aspects of the bid and technical evaluations will be presented by National Team Competitions Committee delegates to the Executive Committee on 27 May, before a final decision on the hosts is made on 28 May.

The bidders will receive their respective section of the qualitative evaluation report by 29 April, to be able to prepare for a meeting with National Team Competitions Committee representatives and UEFA on 6 May. Here, they will be able to comment on their report before its public release. The final report will also be sent to the bidders, the Executive Committee and National Team Competitions Committee members on 14 May, and will be made public on UEFA.com and therefore accessible to media and public alike.


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UEFA visits EURO 2016 bidders

With the decision on the hosts of UEFA EURO 2016 fast approaching, UEFA is visiting the three candidates – Turkey (8/9 April), Italy (12/13 April) and France (14/15 April) – as part of the technical analysis of the three bids.

UEFA has analysed the written bid dossiers and sent a list of open points to the bidders. During the coming week, technical workshops will take place in each of the bidding countries to clarify any open points. The visiting officials will also gain an insight into the political feeling of support from central government and the cities.

Following the technical workshops in each country, an evaluation report will be produced. It will be made public on UEFA.com on 14 May, and sent to the bidders, the UEFA National Team Competitions Committee and the UEFA Executive Committee.


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UEFA Delegation Begins Reviewing Turkey's Candidacy File For Euro 2016

Thursday, 8 April 2010

A 13-member delegation from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) began Thursday reviewing Turkey's candidacy file for Euro 2016 in Istanbul.

The meeting between the UEFA delegation and officials from the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) began at 0900 hours on Thursday and is taking place at Istanbul's Ciragan Palace.

TFF officials are responding to questions from UEFA experts.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will hold a meeting with the UEFA delegation on Friday, April 9 at the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul.


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Italians positive following Euro 2016 meeting

(AFP) – 6 hours ago

ROME — Italian authorities on Tuesday expressed their satisfaction following a meeting with UEFA delegates to discuss the country's candidature to host the 2016 European Football Championships.

Gianni Letta, the undersecretary to the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, praised the country for its togetherness.

"Italy's candidature is serious, harmonious and unique. We also think that the archaeology, landscape and climate adds extra value," he said.

"All this, added to our sporting merits, can show the country in a good light."

UEFA are currently studying the Italian dossier and will give their assessment in mid May, but Italian Football Federation president Giancarlo Abete insisted that he was feeling positive.

Italy last hosted a major tournament in 1990 when the World Cup came to the country, with the hosts finishing third.

However, Italian stadiums, many of which were built for that competition, have fallen into a state of disrepair and are considered out-dated and uncomfortable.


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UEFA delegates has concluded the 2016 candidates visit today in France

Euro 2016: la FFF satisfaite après la visite de l'UEFA

PARIS (AP) — Jean-Pierre Escalettes estime que la candidature de la France à l'organisation de l'Euro 2016 de football est sortie renforcée de la visite mercredi et jeudi de la commission d'évaluation de l'UEFA.

"Ils (les membres de la commission) sont repartis satisfaits, contents du soutien de l'Etat, enthousiastes", a déclaré jeudi le président de la Fédération française de football (FFF) lors d'une conférence de presse.

Le comité exécutif de l'Union européenne de football (UEFA) désignera le 28 mai prochain le pays organisateur de ce championnat d'Europe des nations, choisi entre la France, l'Italie et la Turquie, les trois candidats en lice.

"Les infrastructures de haute qualité qui ne demanderont pas d'investissement supplémentaires avant 2016 sont l'un des points forts du dossier", a ajouté Jean-Pierre Escalettes, qui estime que la question de la sécurité, essentielle, pourrait faire pencher la balance en faveur du candidat présentant les meilleures garanties dans ce domaine.


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EURO 2016 bid evaluation reports published

UEFA.com has published the evaluation reports that have been drawn up on the three candidates – Turkey, Italy and France – bidding to stage the UEFA EURO 2016 final round in six years' time.

The reports follow UEFA's analysis of the bid dossiers that were submitted to European football's governing body in February.

More than 100 technical criteria have been examined, including stadiums, accommodation, transport infrastructure and legal matters. Final technical workshops were held to clarify open points identified by UEFA, and official visits took place to assess government support for the 2016 final round from the country and cities.

The bidders received their respective section of the evaluation report at the end of April and met with UEFA and UEFA National Team Competitions Committee delegates at the start of May. The report published today is also sent to the bidders, the UEFA Executive Committee and National Team Competitions Committee members.

UEFA Euro 2016 Bid Evaluation Report


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France favored in 3-nation race to host Euro 2016

GENEVA — France appears favored to host football's European Championship in 2016 after UEFA published evaluations of the three bidding nations.

UEFA praised France on Friday for creating a "very good long-term legacy" plan in its bid dossier, which detailed plans for spending euro1.7 billion ($2.1 billion) on stadiums.

France is competing with Italy and Turkey for Euro 2016 hosting rights in a vote scheduled May 28.

UEFA marked down Italy because Rome's Olympic Stadium does not meet standards to host the final, and said the bid offered too few five-star hotels for teams and had unrealistic hopes for ticket sales.

Turkey offered "access to new and interesting markets" for European football, but faced challenges transporting and accommodating fans, UEFA said.


All three would spend heavily on stadiums, with at least nine venues needed to stage the 51-match, monthlong tournament.

France's bid needs public and private investment, and has euro662 million ($819 million) in government guarantees plus euro501 million ($620 million) of secured private funding.

UEFA said France had a "professional" stadium plan. Four new arenas would be built in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and Nice, and seven are due for renovation to complement the Stade de France in Paris.

The upgraded stadiums most city-owned would help their home clubs raise more money by attracting corporate guests and families, the report said.

UEFA noted that France's history of worker strikes "remains a concern," and could affect preparations.

Italy intends spending euro745 million on new stadiums for Cagliari, Palermo and Turin plus eight renovation projects.

The Olympic Stadium, which staged the 2009 Champions League final, doesn't have enough secure space for a hospitality village, broadcasters and parking, UEFA said.

UEFA said Italy has proved it could host big sports events, such as the 2006 Turin Olympics and Giro d'Italia cycle race.


UEFA said Turkey, which has never hosted a major football tournament, would benefit from a strong "first-time effect."

The Turkish government has guaranteed the euro920 million budget for building seven new stadiums and renovating the other two proposed venues.

UEFA praised a "realistic" spending target, though questioned if the venues were too big for clubs which would use them.

The report expressed concern about Turkey's airport capacity and transport links outside the main cities of Istanbul and Ankara.

Without new high-speed rail links, UEFA said, "the ability of Bursa, Eskisehir, Konya and Kayseri to host Euro 2016 would be at great risk."


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Of course the Olympic Stadium has enough space for all the hospitality, sponsors areas etc. They have a huge park around the stadium.

Yeah, questionable point.. like that of the Alps being an obstacle to connections. Seriously UEFA? :huh:

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Italy were eliminated in the first ballot of UEFA Executive Committee members, meaning France and Turkey entered a second ballot where a simple majority was required to earn the right to stage the tournament in six summers' time. France won by a majority of one from the 13 votes cast.


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