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The Book Of Secrets...

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Will roll out launch details in a few days...

With logos that will knock the air outta that wimpy .ru twat and the cutesy "Annorexiancy" one!!

The Book that will change your life....

THE GREATEST One since Genesis and the most revealing since the Kamasutra!

114 years in the MAKING!! (since 1896!!)


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how much will be it?

US$34.95; Can$35.95.

Unfortunately, it's not free to print it either. :(

Treat yourself to it. It's a high-quality book...if you're really into the subject.

Or once it goes into Books in Print (and Bowker) by January, have your local library buy a copy.

Will be having a year-end launch promo.

Watch for more details in a few days.

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Baron, will the book also be available for mail order -- also from outside the United States and Canada?

If yes: For all my European "compatriots" who, like me, have lost track how the dollar is right now: As of this hour, US$ 34,95 are € 23,18.

And will it be hardcover or paperback?

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OK..ta...ran...Drum roll please!!


At last, it’s here –just in time for the 2010 New Year and Vancouver 2010!

All you ever wanted to know about Olympic Ceremonies and its many mysteries!!

Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies

by Myles A. Garcia

Soft cover, 210 pages. US$34.95; Can$35.95 (+ Shipping, Handling & Postage)

For North American orders, please order directly from https://www.createspace.com/estore/3396522. As such, I am offering a Limited 2009 Introductory Promotion (10% off list price; good only until Dec 31, 2009) only on CreateSpace. Use code: H7Q2T4BA .

IMPORTANT: Am hoping that the direct order from CreateSpace will be active by Wednesday, 9 December 2009!

Will also be available on amazon.com (estimate) come Jan 2010. Order thru the GamesBids link, so GB can also get some credit. But sorry, no discount promo offered on amazon orders.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Special offer for GB friends and posters outside North America: Since CreateSpace will only take credit card orders (and I don’t know how they are going to ship outside North America—some Customs forms involved), I can offer you 5%* off but you get your personally autographed copy + a flat Global Priority shipping rate of US$12.50 ($11.00 for Canada) on the first two dozen orders or December 24, 2009, I receive…whichever comes first. I will personally post and mail those out myself. Let’s do this thru PayPal and I’ve arranged to receive payment in various non-US$ currencies: So, the book + shipping & handling, if ordered directly thru my PayPal account (razor323@gmail.com) will cost:

28£ (UK); €30 (Europe); Can$46; Aus$49.00; and Phil-2000pesos* (I think I was able to set it up on those 5 currencies...)

*Those prices include S&H; and Global Priority shipping (with a guaranteed delivery date of 6-10 business days). Please include ALL and correct shipping details. All sales final. Because of the holidays, I’d factor in a few extra days as well. Postal rates go up Jan 04, 2010.) ETA: if I get payment by X’mas, I can probably ship the order out Jan 1-8 (est); shipping days (6-10 business days); so your ETA would be around Jan 20, 2010 – a good 3 weeks before Vancouver opens!!

Thank you and looking forward to your orders. I believe this is a book you will greatly enjoy as much I did writing and putting it together for myself and kindred spirits like you!! Have tried to cover all logistical shipping details as much as I could...but this is all new to me as well. Let me know of any glitches you encounter in order to get them fixed ASAP!!

Happy Holidays!

Myles ;)

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$30 for a softcover?! are you out of your tree?

you're not michael chrichton.

No; and he's NOT me either. (Do I detect a little jealousy?)

I would've wanted to price it lower...but CreateSpace (an Amazon subsidiary), Amazon and the production threshold sort of set the price...and determined that (initially) this is in the US$35 range.* So it is quality AND quantity.

It is what it is.

*And which is why I am also offering promos of one sort or another. :)

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