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The Commonwealth Games 2022 Competition Final Round And Report

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To get today's proceedings under way - here are the seven applicants for you to look over...


Gold Coast Bid Book


Halifax Bid Book Volume 01

Halifax Bid Book Volume 02


Liverpool Bid Book


Perth Bid Book


Singapore Bid Book


Toronto Bid Book


Valletta Bid Book


2022 Commonwealth Games Applicant Report

A million thanks to Mo Rush for his assistance - we came to pretty much the same exact conclusions.

Furthermore congrats to all the bidders and the finalists.

I will post the voting arrangements shortly.

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damn it, Valetta is out...


It's Valletta, not Valetta! We had a decent bid, proposing a smaller scale Commonwealth Games, it would have been fun and enjoyable. We have the best Health Care in the region and perhaps even the whole of Europe. To deny us the games is only denying yourselves. Shame on you. ;)

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We welcome Toronto's inclusion in the shortlist. And will work hard to improve our bid.

We would like to stress however that the bid book was presented out of sync, hence did not look as it did when presented

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The Liverpool 2022 bid delegation would like to express it's warmest thanks to the Commonwealth Games Federation for their support in short-listing Liverpool as a candidate for the potential hosting of the games.

We would also like to say well done to all the other cities who made the short-list. You have all presented outstanding bids.

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The Toronto 2022 Bid Committe would like to congratulate all shortlisted cities, and to our neighbours in Halifax, although not successful, a congratulations on a very impressive bid, and we hope that you will lend your support to bring the games to Canada

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Liverpool won me almost over, just want to know about the Athlets-village

Liverpool's athletes village will be centralized along the city waterfront and allow athletes to get to their venues within 15 minutes. It is designed with the athletes in mind.

The final designs for the athletes village will be revealed shortly and are being designed by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The cost of the athletes village is financially covered by the consortium of the city council. After the games, the accommodation will become residential.

Thank you for your interest in the Liverpool2022 bid.

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