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Group C is difficult but Netherlands should be ok with Argentina.

US will be lucky to survive Group E - Italy, Czech Rep.

Not bad for England, France or Germany.

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Oh well, it's sure an interesting group for Australia!

Croatia _ a big bulk of the Aussie team are of Croation descent

Japan _ Probably our best friend is Asia


The World Champ and Favourite ..... groan!

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Italy's group is the group of death...Wow, that's going to be some stiff competition for them/

Italy, Ghan, USA, Czech Republic

Argentina's group seems tough as well with Serbia & Montenegro, Netherlands and the Ivory Coast

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My predictions:

Group A: Germany, Poland, Costa Rica, Ecuador

Group B: England, Sweden, Paraguay, Trinidad&T

Group C: Netherlands, Argentina, Serbia and M. and Cote d'Ivoire

Group D: Portugal, Mexico, Iran, Angola

Group E: Czech Republic, Holland, Ghana, United States

Group F: Brazil, Australia, Croatia, Japan

Group G: France, Switzerland, Togo, South Korea

Group H: Ukraine, Spain, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia.

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I think Croatia stand a better chance than Australia, to honest they may even come last in that group.

Mexico may even fall at the first hurdle if they are unlucky.

I believe that England will play poland in the second round!

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Group A

Germany vs. Costa Rica - Munich

Poland vs. Ecuador - Gelsenkirchen

Germany vs. Poland - Dortmund

Ecuador vs. Costa Rica - Hamburg

Ecuador vs. Germany - Berlin

Costa Rica vs. Poland - Hannover

Group B

England vs. Paraguay - Frankfurt

Trinidad and Tobago vs Sweden - Dortmund

Sweden vs. Parguay - Berlin

England vs. Trinidad and Tobago - Nuremberg

Sweden vs. England - Cologne

Paraguay vs. Trinidad and Tobago - Kaiserslautern

Group C

Argentina vs. Cote d'Ivoire - Hamburg

Serbia and Montenegro vs. Netherlands - Leipzig

Netherlands vs. Cote d'Ivoire - Stuttgart

Argentina vs. Serbia and Montenegro - Gelsenkirchen

Netherlands vs. Argentina - Frankfurt

Cote d'Ivoire vs. Serbia and Montenegro - Munich

Group D

Angola vs. Portugal - Cologne

Mexico vs. Iran - Nuremberg

Mexico vs. Angola - Hannover

Portugal vs. Iran - Frankfurt

Iran vs. Angola - Leipzig

Portugal vs. Mexico - Gelsenkirchen

Group E

Italy vs. Ghana - Hannover

USA vs. Czech Rep. - Gelsenkirchen

Czech Rep. vs. Ghana - Cologne

Italy vs. USA - Kaiserslautern

Czech Rep. vs. Italy - Hamburg

Ghana vs. USA - Nuremberg

Group F

Australia vs. Japan - Kaiserslautern

Brazil vs. Croatia - Berlin

Brazil vs. Australia - Munich

Japan vs. Croatia - Nuremberg

Croatia vs. Australia - Stuttgart

Japan vs. Brazil - Dortmund

Group G

France vs. Switzerland - Stuttgart

Korea vs. Togo - Frankfurt

France vs. Korea - Leipzig

Togo vs. Switzerland - Dortmund

Switzerland vs. Korea - Hannover

Togo vs. France - Cologne

Group H

Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia - Munich

Spain vs. Ukraine - Leipzig

Spain vs. Tunisia - Stuttgart

Saudi Arabia vs. Ukraine - Hamburg

Ukraine vs. Tunisia - Berlin

Saudi Arabia vs. Spain - Kaiserslautern

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