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Past Results: Discrepancies

Québec libre

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There are some discrepancies between the "Past Results" section of GamesBids and other sources.

1920: the info I have is that Antwerp, Amsterdam and Lyon did bid for the 1920 Games. GamesBids add Budapest, Havana and three U.S. cities.

1936: my data is that only Berlin and Barcelona were in the race (confirmed by the Wikipedia page on the 1936 SOG). According to GamesBids, there were no less than 13 cities, Rio de Janeiro, Dublin and Alexandria (Egypt) among them !

1952: 10 cities were in the race; Games Bids say 13, adding three cities (Athens, Lausanne, Stockholm)

1956: 9 cities, 10 according to GamesBids (Montréal !!!).

What is the explanation for these discrepancies ?

Maybe GamesBids include in its list of "Past Results" cities that withdrew their bid before the vote, or some explanation like that ???

My info comes from the former IOC website.

Thanks for your help. I would like to understand.

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I guess it's a little hard, particularly with the older bids, to really pin details down, and also distinguish between applicants, vague expressions of interest, and final candidates.

After your post I went to consult my sources (chiefly David Miller "Athens to Athens" - he's usually good with bid info, but you do have to watch him at times - he also makes some clangers).

I couldn't get any more light on 2020 - I guess there might have been lots of various proposals during WWI.

For 1936, I had a bit more luck. While it was Berlin versus Barcelona at the time of the final vote, apparently a lot of European cities who had missed out for 1932 against LA automatically had registered interest very early on, and Budapest, Buenos Aires, Lausanne and Rome had made some serious campaigns for it during the late 20s.

For 1952, Miller mentions Athens and Lausanne, but not Stockholm. Maybe because Sweden's Sigrid Edstrom was IOC president at the time, and some of the IOC meetings during World War II were in neutral Sweden, Stockholm had been floated at some stage?

For 1956, Miller really stuffs up his facts. In Athens to Athens he claims Melbourne won by one vote over Detroit, when I'm sure most GamesBidders could tell you off-the-top-of-their-heads it was Buenos Airies that just missed out. And he gives not much info apart from that.

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More on the 1956 vote.

According to Harry Gordon, Australia's highest profile Olympic historian, at the IOC session in London in 1948, Buenos Aires, Detroit, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Mexico City registered their candidatures. By the session next year in Rome, Philedelphia and Menneapolis had joined, and San Francisco and Chicago had sent in at the last moment "strange nominations".

So that's nine, and no mention of Montreal. You'd probably be better placed to check that one than me.

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