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Rugby WC 2011 Mascot

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:) Let's move away from the serious topics of the 2001 RWC and focus on something that will eppitomise the tournament.  As it does in ALL sports tournaments...The Offical Mascot!!

I'm going to break with tradition and suggest "Dog" Footrot as RWC11 mascot.

As with his master, Wallace Footrot, best represents the grass roots level of Rugby in NZ.  

For those of you who know the Footrot Flats cartoon strips that ran an the 70's 80's and now regular almanacs, will agree that Dog, Wal, and the entire Footrot Flats cast would make better mascots than the boring old traditional kiwi

Bring on The Dog!


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Yes yes yes, I totally agree.

As much as I love the beloved Kiwi, there is only so many variations of the little battler that one can produce for official mascot purposes.

It is hard not to move too far away from good old Goldie, who will always be a living legend. The FIFA u-17 World Cup attempt at a Kiwi was scary at best.

I *heart* Dog very muchly, infact, I believe it is (or at least was... perhaps) my avatar on this very forum.

If not Dog, then I like the idea of another Sheep-dog of some description.

Other options could be Hemi the Hardcase Hori, Shazza the Sheep, the options are endless really.

Does the RWC have mascots?

Their *look* program must be the most uninspiring in major events, even though the official logo is a good one, it would be nice if they let hosts use their own logo, using the existing rugby ball logo much like the Olympic rings.

I am pretty sure South Africa had a mascot in 95, dunno about Australia in 2003, or Cymru 4 years prior.

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I don't think Australia 2003 did have a mascot. Surprising to neglect another source of possible revenue.

:) I vaguely remember during the OC of WC2003, thousands of children making a huge "mascot" of sorts and co-ordinating in a way that "he" walked accross the pitch at Telstra Stadium.  Problem is that I've forgotten "his" name as he was never seen after that.

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Keeping on the theme of all of the puffy bits of a sporting event.

I'd say, make Michael Mizrahi the artistic director of the opening ceremony - the guy who did a somewhat underwhelming effort for the U-17 World Cup, but who did an amazing job with the America's Cup Parties in Auckland. With the 2003 event including the flooding of a drydock.

World in Union 2011, well, hard to say who will be around then to perform the new version of this anthem.

I am not sure, someone that isnt operatic I'd like to think though.

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