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Masters Games

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I was catching a bus into the city earlier today ... I was already annoyed that it was going so slow because it was school holidays ... when it pulled up to a stop and a nice orderly queue of about 20 people were there to get on. I was a more annoyed now, I was already late for my lunch date, the bus was already pretty full, and this group of, well, middle agers, all seemed to struggle to find change. I'd already noticed they all wore identical casual gear, parkers and slacks, but as they filled upo the bus, I noticed they all had lanyards on, with a Sydney logo (Opera House slashes, similar to the Sydney 2000 bid logo). One woman sat next to me so I started peering and saw they were lanyard accreditations for the Masters Games. It seemed I was seated midst a large contingent from the Canadian team!

I must admit, I hadn't realised the masters were on, or imminent, now in Sydney.

I only had two more stops to go after they got on, but I made a point of saying hello to the woman sitting next to me, and wishing her a good time in Sydney. My bit of local PR for the day!

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The 8th edition of the World Masters Games to be held in Turin
the official beginning on Friday 2 August and the opening ceremony to be held on Saturday 3 August

The closing ceremony will be on Sunday 11 August 2013

The II Winter Masters Games to be held also in Turin in 2015.









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