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Why Madrid Lost...straight From Samaranch Himself

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Possible to an extent. What do you think of Gilbert Felli?

He's like their Evaluation expert/consultant, is he not? I guess he must be an expert in the field, and being multilingual, probably communicates very well with the IOC mucky-mucks. OK, he is able to co-head a team with Moutakawel...but in the end, what do they produce? Very gentle, diplomatic palaver that sways the general votership 00 - a big FAT ZERO.

So I think Felli is well-connected, probably does his job well...could be a possible future IOC member (but is he rich and independent enough? Or are there already too many Swiss and Italians on board?) but in the end, his findings are just pure B/S to the majority of the IOC'ers---just like yesterday's newspaper, ready to be thrown away after a first glance.

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