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Istanbul 2020

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I am certain that you know your country far better than I do. The problem is that the IOC doesn't live inside Turkey. That's why you must convince them. As outsiders, they're not going to just take your word for it when you say Istanbul will deliver great Games. They need demonstrable assurances.

the hardest thing is to change someones mind, whom stuck into it and reject to change. What ever i say or my people do to convince about this political issues, people will back with another rejection.

the best way to convince u all to host the games and show who really we are. like Korea did 1988,China did 2008 and Brazil will do 2016...

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So your argument is that the IOC should just trust Istanbul? Why shouldn't they just trust Tokyo? Or Baku, for that matter? After all, the only way they can prove they can handle the Games is by hosting them, right?

This logic is not compelling. I hope the bid team comes up with something more substantial.

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they can choose anyone to host 2020 but if really they want to come here but have some needless questions like u have in your mind only they can do trust us. (altough the NOC will make a bidbook to clear every cloud u have ) and i dont think so IOC members questioning istanbul and turkey about coups. while everyone see the country as a rising star in the region and in all muslim world.

non of the candidates announced their bids with their president with an int. speech to media and non of the these candidates has a full guarantee from their parliaments with full backup from all parties. just tokyo is much more stabil in many terms rather than others but istanbul is presenting st unique. if we can make them believe us 2020 games will be here

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security ok, government stabilty nope..governments come and go, but the laws and rules of the parliaments are permanent. and 2020 biggind is a national thing. everybody in Turkey backs this.

about security its the main question for all candidates to be asked.

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the sports organisations schedule of ıstanbul for 2012 is,

"European capital of Sports 2012"

World Athletics indoor championship 2012

Judo World cup women

THY euroleage final 4

2012 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women

2012 FIVA Olympic Qualifying tournament for Women

FINA 2012 World Short Course Championships

TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships

2012 IWBF Champions Cup in Istanbul ( + paralympics )

Chess olympics


UEFA Congress

2012 FEI General Assembly ( world horseback riding fed.)

could boost Istanbuls bidding IMO...

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Do you know if Turkey is serious wirh bidding for Euro 2020?

yeap.. 2020 will be an amazing year for us.

istanbul 2020

uefa euro 2020

izmir 2020 expo...

if we cant get the olympics we will have euro its certain. if we can gte the olympics Turkey will do a hattrick at 2020:)

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If you get the Olympics do you really think UEFA will give their event to a country which will be in full Olympic Preparation mode in the weeks the Euros are supposed to be going on? :lol:

just give the olympics... and expo will be enough for 2020 :D

at 2024 uefa is welcome:d

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I an shocked! Can this ruin Istanbul's bid (my personal fav.)

Turkish officials allay fears over World Indoor Championships venue

ah yes.. shame on the company that building the arena...

it delayed out of schedule ( they promise to finish the work in december) but cause of the structure of roof delayed all arena waited for it to over.

the minister of sports ceck the the arena and the work in the place without any news, and pointed "if it wont built in time it will be shame for all turkey and arch. companies, also will kill our 2020 campaign."

the first time he visited % 25 of the building over, the second time he did % 75 in december, just the floor will come from italy and decoration left . the arena will finish in 20 january and will be ready for test runs of Turkish athletics champ 22 jan.

here u can check the progress of the building in 1 weeks before and after down...

dont worry... what turks most afraid of is insulting of foreigners especially when they are organizing st .. never see st like tht in my life and im sure there wont be in the future.







the minister of sports and governer of ıstanbul munc. interesting this personally... no worries.will be in schedule

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and end of december



aaand looks like when its over...




+ The IAAF World Indoor Championships in Istanbul which will take place from 9 to 11 March 2012 are shaping up to become the biggest gathering in terms of participating nations in the history of these championships, exceeding the previous record set four years ago in Valencia.Following the deadline for Preliminary Entry Lists last Monday 12 December, no fewer than 160 of the IAAF’s Member Federations have confirmed their intention of sending a team to Istanbul.

In Valencia 2008 147 countries took part in the event with the second best gathering taking place in Doha 2010 with 142 nations competing.

With the Final Entry Lists finalised on 27 February 2012 (midnight Monaco time), Istanbul 2012 is on track to break the record in terms of participating nations.

In term of participating athletes, the previous record belongs to the edition of Paris 1997 where 712 men and women competed followed by Budapest 2004 with a total of 677 athletes.

Again, Istanbul could break more records as no fewer than 847 athletes have been entered in the Preliminary Entry Lists, 450 men and 397 women, figures which are on line to become the highest in the history of the World Indoor Championships.

The World Indoor Championships, which were first contested under the guise of the World Indoor Games in Paris in 1985 when 69 nations took part, attracted 147 nations for their edition in Valencia in 2008. Behind, the numbers that gathered for Doha 2010 were 142 nations, 139 nations for Budapest 2004, 136 for Lisbon 2001 and 133 for Birmingham 2003.

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If Isntabul still makes it good on time, or at least dont quit, they would have a great chance for 2020 SOG. But if the venue isnt ready, tschüss Istanbul olymlics

I really hope Istanbul gets ready with building. Their chances are better than ever. But even if they don't make it, I think the votes of the IOC members hoping for a South African 2024 SOG bid should be sure for Istanbul. It's very unlikely that a continent could be awarded a SOG twice in a row, and since Istanbul lies in Asia and Europe, it would be unlikely to have an Olympics there in 2024.

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no hurry... this week there must be a announcment about the arena. will inform u about the situation.

but im sure cause people living close to there said, the workers having 3 shhifts and working for 24 hours. the building already done just waiting for the pist which will come from Italy. ( if not italians do a favor for rome ) there wont be a prob. for the test runs at the end of january

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yeap its over...

the arena will deliver to Turkish Atletics fed. at 20. january and ready fr the turkish champ. in 26th of january.

and as the ministr of sports said in his speech to press, Its a matter of NATION

18 ministries of the government* ( total we have 25) is working for 2020 Istanbul bid, and more than 100 professionals prepearing the bid book of Istanbul now.

My link

* as i guess these ministries must be Prime Ministery ,Public Works and Settlement,Ministry of Environment,Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sec.of State/Economy,Energy & Natural Sources,Ministry of Interior,Ministry of Culture,Ministry of Finance,Ministry of National Education,Ministry of National Defence,Ministry of Health,Ministry of Forestry,Ministry of Industry and Trade,Agriculture and Rural Affairs,Ministry of Tourism,Ministry of Transportation ..

If PM Erdoğan + President Gül and Foreign Affairs minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is in the game thats st huge...really huge

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Flash news from UEFA and all in turkish press today

the 2020 euro champ claimed to be given to Turkey...

My link

it ifts true. it will change all things can boom Istanbuls bid or totally kills it.

Turkey can show another city instead of Istanbul for euro 2020 so 2 organisations can be held at the same country.

will it be a hattrick as i said for turkey at 2020?

Olympics, Euro Champ, Expo... damn thats good:)

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