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Bidding For An Ioc Session


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Hi all.. it's been quite some time since I last post anything around here..

About the KL bid for the 2013 host session, it even came as a surprise to me when I saw reports on that in the local media. Looking at the venues that the IOC evaluation team visited, no doubt that we have the best facilities for the event. The 2 main hotels, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, and Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur are two hotels sandwiching the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Great venues. I've attended meetings, dinners and seminars in all these venues before.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is actually right next to the Petronas Twin Towers, and have hosted an IOC meeting sometime in 2005 or so (can't recall the exact year).

The Malaysian bid team who will be presenting features the Olympic Council of Malaysia President, The Minister of Youth & Sports,

Link 1: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Link 2: Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Link 3: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Will KL win? By just looking at the venues and what we can offer, no doubt. Other than that, it's as good as a 5-year old's guess.

So it's Kuala Lumpur vs Buenos Aires... good luck!

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Some info about the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre:

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) is a component of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) and is managed and operated by Convex Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a joint-venture company between KLCC (Holdings) Sdn Bhd and AEG Ogden Pty Ltd, Australia.

A winner of numerous awards including the TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2007 and 2008 and CEI Industry Award 2009 for best convention and exhibition centre in Asia, the Centre is a wholly-owned facility of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Sdn Bhd which in turn, is owned by KLCC (Holdings) Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS).

The Centre has ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and OHSAS 18001 certifications and achieved Green Globe Benchmarked status (environment) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Certification (HACCP) recognition, the international food safety system for international convention facilities and five-star hotels.

The Centre, comprising of two auditoria (seating 3,000 and 500 respectively), 9,710 sq metres of Exhibition Halls, a Grand Ballroom which seats 2,000 diners, a Banquet Hall for 500, a Conference Hall for 1,800 and 20 other meeting rooms, providing 20,059 sq metres of function space in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

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I thought they might win it. Simple logic is that it's the most neutral of neutral grounds considering South America is about the only definite no-go site for the 2020 games.

Poor BA...first they lose out to Melbourne by 1 vote for the 56 games, then get a godawful Andrew Lloyd Weber musical set there, and now the plague of IOC locusts sweep in. :P

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The IOC chose the Argentina capital for the Session over Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by a 58 to 31 vote.

Figures from the IOC show that the cost to the IOC for airfare and accommodations in Buenos Aires will reach $3.9 million, while the costs for Kuala Lumpur were estimated at $3.4 million.

An analysis of security for the two candidates indicated a low risk for Buenos Aires and a medium risk for Kuala Lumpur.


congrats BA!



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I thought they might win it. Simple logic is that it's the most neutral of neutral grounds considering South America is about the only definite no-go site for the 2020 games.

Not only that, but was the IOC really going to give both decisions yesterday to Asia? Nanjing & KL? Going by just the session voting results, apparently not.

Glad to see it was BA though, since I always thought that the first South American city to get the Games would've been them. But they won't see it anytime soon thanks to Rio. But this could be the next best thing, I guess.

Although, I'm a bit disappointed that Gamesbids didn't have the article posted on their front page line-up instead of reading about it here by an article posted by another forumer. The decision was last night, & as of this afternoon, still nothing on their main page about it.

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127th---Plovdiv or Vilnius would be a good choice?

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Uhul! Congratulations, fellow porteños!

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Milan poised to host 2019 IOC Session


Italian city Milan is set to be named as host of the 2019 International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in September after being confirmed as the only contender today. 

This comes despite other "expressions of interest" from up to five other cities.

Only the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) ultimately filed a bid before the deadline, however.

An IOC-appointed Evaluation Commission is now set to inspect the city on May 23 and 24 to decide upon an appropriate venue.

A full proposal will then be submitted to the IOC Executive Board for approval before rubber-stamping at this year's Session in Lima to be held between September 13 and 17.

"The IOC can confirm that the Italian Olympic Committee submitted an application to host the 132nd IOC session in 2019 in the city of Milan," a spokesperson told insidethegames today. 

"The IOC received many expressions of interest through a reviewed and more consultative candidature procedure. 

"The IOC Session Evaluation Commission will now enter into discussion with the Italian NOC to determine which is the best choice to be proposed by the Executive Board to the next IOC Session."

The Indian Sports Ministry announced earlier this month that they would support a potential proposal from New Delhi.

According to a statement distributed by the Federation International Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS), interest had also been expressed by Budapest, Kraków, Brussels and Istanbul.

Budapest withdrew from the race for the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games late last month, while the Polish city of Kraków pulled out of the 2022 Winter Olympic race in 2014. 

The IOC did not respond specifically to questions about any of these potential bidders.

Their statement, however, suggests that none were ultimately formally put forward.

Hosting the Session in Milan is a way for Italy to rebuild bridges with the IOC after Rome also withdrew from the 2024 race last year amid political opposition from the city's Mayor, Virginia Raggi.

Milan's Mayor, Giuseppe Sala, is thought to be a supporter of the plan.

The 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games are due to be awarded at the 2019 Session.





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18 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

So if  NO City comes forward to host a particular IOC session, there will be NO Olympics after 7 years??  :blink:

I'm guessing it would just take place in IOC HQ, which is Laussane. Do they even own a building capable of hosting an olympic bid session?

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6 hours ago, LatinXTC said:

I'm guessing it would just take place in IOC HQ, which is Laussane. Do they even own a building capable of hosting an olympic bid session?

I think they rent a hotel downtown or in 1986 when there were like SEVEN candidate cities, they rented the main railroad hall of Lausanne.  

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